Ace In The Hole in Poker

Ace In The Hole in Poker

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In most card games including poker, “ace” is the most sought-after card because it holds the most value amongst the rest of the cards. In a lot of variants of poker, the first two cards given to the player aren’t revealed, as they are dealt face down and the rest are dealt face up. The face-down cards are also called the Hole cards and go a long way in determining your win percentage. This could make or break the game as the person in possession of the ace card could potentially win the game. The players would usually have to wait until the end of the game to discover others’ hidden cards. Here, we discuss in brief this phenomenon and the term ace in the hole poker.

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What is ace in the hole card game?

In poker, the hole cards are essentially the cards that are dealt face down on the table apart from the ones players choose to play with. Hence, the meaning of ace in the hole in poker is self-explanatory, referring to the ace cards that you get amongst the hole cards. In a general sense, it is also supposed to signify an advantage or resource that is kept concealed until the window of opportunity arises. Usually, getting one ace in the hole in poker is a normal thing but to expect any more than that is a stretch because the odds are 6 to 1 against it.

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Ace in the hole poker

Origin of ace in the hole poker

One of the writers of The Humeston New Era in 1886 quoted this phrase in the newspaper to describe a game of poker - “Thus matters went on until four cards lay in front of each man, face up and one turned down. Not a pair in sight and everyone thought each man had an ace ‘in the hole’.” After this, the phrase of ace in the hole in poker and its usage was widely popularized by Kirk Douglas in a movie he acted in. This led more people to use the phrase of ace in the hole in poker, even outside the poker community.

Ace in the hole card game

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What are pocket aces?

Pocket aces refers to a pair of aces that are concealed from the players. If you start a game with pocket aces, there is a high probability of winning the game and taking the pot money home. However, if more players are allowed to join in on the game, there is a high possibility of someone else outdrawing you. There are situations when your opponent can start with weak hands and lead up to a good position against your pocket aces by the end of the game. There is an infamous saying in the poker world which says that having pocket aces can go either way – it can help you win a small pot or lose you a rather big one, and it is always your choice to play it right away by assessing your hands and forming smart strategies around it.

In conclusion, the ace in the hole in poker is one of the most powerful cards in the game and can win you a huge pot if you know how to play the card in the right way. To truly ace the game using this strategy, you must practice it daily, so register yourself in the GetMega Poker app and switch on your beast mode.


What does in the hole mean in poker?

  • In poker, "in the hole" refers to the two face-down (hole) cards dealt to each player at the beginning of the hand, which are kept hidden from other players until showdown.

What does an ace in the hole mean?

  • In poker, "an ace in the hole" refers to having an ace as one of your two hole cards. It's considered a strong starting hand.

What is another word for ace in the hole?

  • An Ace in the hole is commonly referred to as the ‘trump card’.

What happens if you have an ace in poker?

  • In poker, having an ace as one of your hole cards can be advantageous. It can form strong hands like a top pair with a high kicker or a straight and a flush draw.

Is poker 100% luck?

  • Poker is a blend of both skill and luck, but it leans more toward skill. If you know how to play your cards right, you have a better chance of winning the game.
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