What's A Good Sit N Go Poker Strategy?


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Sit and go Poker tournaments are never short of action. A perfect poker format for casual players, there is minimal time commitment required and a great deal of excitement promised. Read on to learn how to win big in your next SNG game using the sit-n-go strategy mentioned here.

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What Is Sit And Go Poker?

Sit and Go Poker, or SNG is a tournament with no specific period to start and will commence only when the requisite number of players for the tournament register. These are extremely popular and relatively simple to play once mastered. You shouldn't be surprised to find many players playing multiple games in the same session.

Advantages Of SNG Games

  • A dozen or more SNGs can be played in a single session as they are frequently run online and rather simple. There is barely any wait time for a game to begin.
  • It is also easy to plan as one may estimate the length of the session, the minimum number of wins they must secure and the number of losses they can afford beforehand.
  • The sessions are more structured with similar sizes and blind structures.

Sit N Go Strategy

To win consistently, a player may adopt the following sit-n-go strategy –

  • Experts advise playing tight during the early stages when the blinds are relatively small and develop more aggression as the stack becomes shallower and the blind size increases. Playing a tight pre-flop simplifies decision-making after the flop and tough spots at a later stage.
  • The player can afford an all-in bet at a time when the effective stack size is down to around 10 big blinds. This push-botting, i.e., folding most hands and moving all in, leaves little or no room for post-flop play.
  • However, the player must never back off from playing strong hands aggressively or calling a raise with a premium hand, even if it is in the game's earlier stages.
  • It is also best to fold dominated hands, such as A-J, K-Q etc., if the player is at an early position.
  • If the table has been playing passive, then limp to decent pocket pairs to increase gains.
  • Gap theory may also be applied when a better hand is raised before you/ when the pot is opened. Play the game conservatively, then, and do not call a raise.
  • When the blind escalates, which is usually in the middle levels of the game, the player must eliminate limping. Concentrate on supplementing your stack.
  • An alternate, less known and less used path is for players to employ a loose aggressive style earlier in the game to develop a large stack for an approaching bubble. This is a riskier path, but on the flip side can lead to more outright victories when played right.
  • Players placed at the late positions have some room to get creative. As their goal is mainly to steal blinds, do not just wait to get those aces but accumulate chips from the go. It is the most advantageous position to be in, in SNG games.
  • Also, remember, the finest contenders for steal-hands are the ones with a reasonable chance of making something on the flop, in case you're called.
  • Do not resort to limping into money. A scared player is exploitable, and the other players on the table will not fail to see that. Therefore, concentrate on making good plays at the appropriate time and work it out one step at a time.
  • Also, do not get blinded. When the game is short-handed, pushing all in without looking at your hand is better than letting yourself get blinded. Only the top three players will gain anything from the game, so play the bubble wisely.
  • It is good to scare off weak bettors trying to steal the pot. If you have a large stack, pressure the small-stacked players. Raise the blinds or call or move all in to push them off the table.
  • Continuation betting, or c-bets, can be resorted to building some pressure on the other players. It has high odds of winning the player the pot. But it is best to fold when another player re-raises, and the player's hand cannot take it.
  • Always seize the moment. Do not play in monotony, as per the rule book, all the time. Watch out for hands with potential, such as suited connectors, bet on big pairs, hang in there if you are short-stacked, and wait for the right opportunity.

Sit And Go Heads-Up Strategy

  • By the time of a heads-up play, the blinds are so huge that there is little scope for play. It is futile to hope that the structure will offer a player any edge. The match mostly comes down to the players that get the best cards in the shortest period.
  • It is believed that if the player is short-handed, it is a monster heads-up.
  • A top pair is worthy of calling an all-in. Speculative hands must not be used to call a raise.

Independent Chip Modelling – A Tool Worth Mastering

To embellish this sit-n-go strategy, a player must master Independent Chip Modelling or ICM. This is needed to assess the risk versus reward that the player will reap at every stage of the game and will also help take decisions accordingly. For example, ICM calculations will let the player know if they must call or bet an all-in. However, these calculations must be made before the tournament and applied accordingly, as the calculations are rather complex.

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A strategy is only as good as the player that uses it. An untimely application of any good plan is counterproductive to the game. So, commit these tips above to memory, test them in smaller games, improvise upon them, and apply them afterwards. Poker is situational and requires a different response for each situation, so apply this with some forethought and a well-chalked-out agenda.

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