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Hyper poker or hyper turbo is a kind of tournament in the poker world where the blinds escalate every 3-5 minutes. In simple terms, blinds are forced bets posted by players designated as the small blind and the big blind. In this regard, the amount of the small blind is usually half the amount of the big blind. The hyper turbo tournaments are considered an ideal option for players running short on time but wanting to win big in a poker tournament.

In hyper poker tournaments with the blinds escalating every couple of minutes, players seldom get a chance to think, let alone make well-thought-out decisions. For this reason,, traditional poker techniques generally fly out of the window when playing a hyper poker tournament. Thus, in this comprehensive guide, we have detailed the hyper turbo SNG strategy, its key drivers and some strategic tips that will help you further improve your hyper turbo strategy.

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Hyper Turbo Poker strategy - The 2 key drivers

The hyper turbo tournaments are unlike any other poker tournaments for two reasons. Firstly, in these tournaments, as stated before, the blinds escalate every couple of hands that a player plays. Secondly, these tournaments are usually played with a limited amount of money, such as 500 chips, instead of the standard 1500 chips. Due to these reasons adjusting to the faster and more dynamic style of play is more of a necessity than a choice when playing a hyper-turbo tournament. Before jumping on to the ideal hyper turbo SNG strategy, let us first look at the key drivers behind the right winning strategy.


As in most poker tournaments, a position usually plays an extremely crucial role in hyper-turbo tournaments. It is because the requirements and considerations for your starting hand are usually much stricter when you are at a starting position with several players still to act, compared to when you are playing as a small or big blind. This is because the small blind has the advantage of having fewer opponents than the person acting first in a betting round. This is because the hyper-turbo poker tournament strategy generally changes drastically based on the position you hold in hand.

Reading the opponents
Hyper turbo is a poker tournament where players encounter various opponents. You have them all, from professional tournament players to recreational players to even complete newbies. Therefore, to win a game of hyper-turbo poker, you first need to develop the skill of reading your opponents. After that, you can always ace this one-of-a-kind tournament by adjusting your strategy to the player in hand. However, always remember that when it comes to hyper poker tournaments, you generally have far less time to develop your reads than the standard MTTs.

Beginner stage hyper turbo poker strategy

To begin with, the beginner, intermediate and last stages in a hyper turbo poker tournament are generally not much different from standard poker tournaments. Though, they are not the same either. For instance, as with the MTTs, the first few blind levels, even in a hyper-turbo tournament, give the players the option to sit back, decide and play their hands selectively. However, as the chips decrease, the players usually become more selective with their moves.

Accordingly, in hyper turbo tournaments, there is generally very little time between the start of the tournament and the time by which the player wins the money. As a result, it is generally recommended that a player first understand the hand's speed and then plan each move. Vital to this, playing tight is generally considered a sound strategy for the early stages of the hyper-turbo poker tournament. This is because the blinds and antes (forms of bet in poker) at the beginning of a hyper turbo poker tournament are usually too small to be worth a steal.

Instead, as a tournament player, you will likely benefit far more by demonstrating and portraying a tight image early. This might also help you earn folds in the later levels when you start opening up your range and, after that bring your A-level bluffing game to the table. A range in poker is generally described as a group of starting hands that a player in hand is likely holding. In the above situation, if you play tight initially and then start betting aggressively in the later streets or rounds, this will send your opponents a message that you have a strong winning hand, which will likely compel them to play safe and even fold.

Intermediate stage hyper turbo poker strategy

As mentioned before, Blinds are a key factor throughout all stages of a hyper poker tournament. However, they assume extreme importance during the intermediate stages. This is because most tournament players play their hands rather selectively in the early stages. In the later stages of a hyper turbo tournament, the dynamics quickly shift into either fold or all-in mode.

However, such is not the case with the middle stage of a hyper poker tournament. In this game stage, the blinds become huge enough for some people to fold, others to shove, and others to bet all in when forced to act. At this stage, a player's discretion to decide between a shove, fold, and all-in usually makes the ultimate difference.

Moreover, in the intermediate stages of hyper-poker tournaments, it is important to make the correct decisions and do them consistently. To put it simply, in a turbo poker tournament, the blinds generally move extremely fast, which results in a player having to deal with a fair share of variance. Variance, in layman's language, is usually described as the number of times a poker player wins or loses based on sheer luck and strategy. To counter this variance, a poker player must consistently make the right decisions throughout a hyper-poker tournament's middle stages.

Additionally, while the key to poker is undoubtedly consistency, the importance of a steady plan, experience and intuition is undeniable. In the middle stages of a hyper poker tournament, it usually becomes extremely difficult for any player to identify the hand ranges. In such a situation, many players make random folding and raising decisions that spell doom for their overall game plan. So, never do that. Instead, in situations where you feel compelled to play, use your intuitions, pick up the contextual clues, read your opponent, and then make the right move based on your experience,

However, sometimes you can consider employing the pot equity strategy in the middle stages of the tournament as well. The pot equity strategy entails the percentage of money in the pot belonging to a certain player. In other words, if your pot equity in a certain round is 60%, then there is a 60% chance that you will likely win this hand. Simple as that. It is highly unlikely you will get a chance to employ this strategy as the blinds generally keep changing every other minute.

Last stage hyper turbo poker strategy

So, you have finally reached the last stage of a hyper turbo poker tournament. This is where the real game begins. Here, most poker players employ the strategy of aggression, so the game becomes even more dynamic, and the pressure starts mounting.

In such a situation, players with a massive chip advantage usually rule the hand and control the game's flow. However, even the big chip stack players face an inherent disadvantage of dwindling stack size due to the high amount of blinds. Therefore, if you are a player with a significant stack advantage, you must make some plays instead of waiting for the right card,s and maintain your position in the game. Nonetheless, it is also possible that you might have to enter a heads-up at this juncture of the game.

A heads-up, in simple words, is a type of poker which is played between only two players. A poker gamer generally becomes heads-up when all the other players in hand usually fol,d and after that,r only two players are left to win the pot. At this stage, you have no time to relax.

Your sole focus as an ahyper-turboo tournament player should be making the best decisions and maximizing the profits as much as possible. This will most likely be far more difficult than what meets the eye. This is because, in a heads-up format, the players usually have close to 7-8 big blinds or less before either fold.

Here, it would be best if you remembered aggression truly plays off. Even historically speaking, most tight heads-up players usually lose a lot of money in a poker game, so refrain from falling into this trap. You will have to change your strategies based on your opponent's game plans. A key last stage hyper poker tournament strategy that you must consider is that if you are dealing with extremely short stacks, then as a pro tip, always push the majority of your hands, especially if you are the first one to act.

Top 3 hyper turbo SNG strategy tips

So, we have already detailed the ideal hyper turbo poker tournament strategy that you must follow at each tournament stage. Now, what next? In this section,n we have covered the top 3 hyper turbo SNG strategy tips that will likely help you improvise the above strategies and use them best. Let's get going:

  1. Be wary of the stack sizes

We cannot emphasize the importance of stack size in a hyper turbo poker tournament. This is because players playing in these tournaments often face situations where they have enough money for the first 20 big blinds but then have hardly enough to see the next 10 big blinds. Therefore, with the change in the stack size, a player's position in the game also generally changes considerably.

For instance – a player with a short stack size might decide to push all-in at a crucial juncture of the game should you re-raise or raise them. As a result, a player playing a hyper poker tournament must always pay adequate attention to changing stack sizes. Also, he must anticipate possible actions based on stack sizes when moving.

2. Don't be lazy

Most professional poker players are usually well-accustomed to regular MTT tournaments. Still, they are likely not very familiar with the fast-paced nature of hyper-turbo poker tournaments. This player,s akin to MTT tournaments,s generally play slow, register late, sit out at hands and surfs, takes breaks or lets their attention get divided during the early stages of the turbo poker tournaments. In due time, this significantly impacts their game plan and chances of winning a game. Therefore, if you aim to play a hyper turbo poker tournament, then as a key strategic tip, get accustomed to the fast-paced nature of these tournaments and always stay focused on every hand from the beginning.

3. Anticipate impending levels

Suppose you are playing an ahyper-turboo tournament at an a9-handed table online; then you likely will get a chance to play from each position only once. This starkly depends on how fast the players in hand are currently acting. This means that during a standard game of hyper poker tournament, you will likely be getting a chance to play from each position (such as the big bling, the small blind, the early position, the middle position and the late position) only once.

During any round in such a situation, if you feel your stack is getting shorter than usual, do not hold yourself from making some aggressive moves before the level in the game changes again. This tip is especially important because the shorter your stack, the lesser your fold equity will be. Fold equity is a basic poker strategy that details the equity a player can gain if all his opponents fold to his bet.

To sum it up, hyper turbo poker tournaments generally carry a ton of variance and ups and downs that will catch even the most seasoned and professional poker player off-guard. Therefore, a key thing to remember while playing these tournaments is to play cautiously but consistently at all stages. That said, when it comes to hyper poker tournaments, no one strategy fits all.

So, master the strategies detailed above but be prepared to tweak them according to the situation the game throws at you. To continue learning new hyper poker strategies, register on the GetMega app today and enrol yourself in some thrilling hyper turbo poker tournaments currently running on this savvy platform.

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What is hyper turbo in poker?

  • Hyper turbo is a type of poker tournament where blinds increase very rapidly, leading to faster-paced gameplay and quicker decisions.

What's faster, hyper or turbo?

  • Hyper tournaments are faster than turbo tournaments because the blinds increase even more rapidly, leading to shorter games.

What is the best strategy to win a poker tournament?

  • The best strategy is to play aggressively, take calculated risks, and make well-timed bluffs while adjusting to your opponents' playing styles.

Are turbo tournaments profitable?

  •  Turbo tournaments can be profitable, but they require a different approach due to the faster pace, and players must adapt accordingly to exploit opponents.

Is poker the game of last man standing?

  • In some tournaments, such as Sit & Go's, the last player remaining wins, but in many tournaments, the winner is determined by accumulating all chips.
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