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Becoming a professional in the field of poker is no easy feat. This is because to become a poker pro you need to have enough experience and years of training and knowledge. Rightly so, the world of poker, to say the least, is extremely competitive and with the emergence of online poker the same has become even more dynamic. However, there is no doubt that becoming a poker pro can actually be the best decision of your life provided you practise well and follow the below-mentioned tips. Now, if you are looking to learn how to become a professional poker player, then continue reading this post where we have detailed the top 7 tips for becoming a professional poker player.

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Research well and know the rules of the game

If you are trying to get a hang around how to become a professional poker player, then first things first research well and know everything about the game. For instance, if you are aiming to become a Texas Holdem poker pro then spend enough time knowing the rules of this game, the nuances of different positions, bankroll management and the gameplay strategies for acing Texas Holdem. This tip is especially important because to become a professional poker player, you need to master the technique of earning value against your opponents and in case you do not know the game well then you will likely end up losing a lot of money.

Besides, it is a matter of rather common knowledge that popular variants of poker such as Texas Holdem and Omaha generally attract the best poker pros in the world. On the contrary lesser known online poker games such as Badugi and Razz have a much smaller pool of professional poker players. Therefore, sharpening your grasp and skills on lesser-known variations of poker is generally considered a good step towards becoming a poker pro online.

Practise! Practise! Practise!

Want to know how to become a professional poker player? Well, it all comes down to the amount of experience and practise you have at playing poker. Not many people know but poker pros in general devote close to 15-16 hours a day in front of their computer screens mastering the strategies and gaining the experience needed to become a professional poker player. This is because while it is actually easy to earn a minimum wage as a low-level poker pro player, it is also extremely easy to go downswing and start losing huge chunks of money if you don’t up your poker game in time. It is due to this reason it is commonly advisable that to become a poker pro, you must indulge in long and hard sessions of poker online.

Know your odds

Now we all know that there are many variants of poker available in the poker world today. To become a professional poker player, it is therefore important to choose the right variant based on your skill set and thereafter develop a fair understanding of the odds as well. To know the odds of your chosen poker variant it is crucial to understand 3 key essentials:

1) First things first, learn the odds of hitting a winning hand in a game of poker especially when you are behind your opponents.

2) Once you have learnt the odds of hitting a winning hand, learn to compare them against the odds of winning a pot. This is especially important because as a pro poker player, figuring out your odds of winning the pot will help you be in a better position, and make wise future moves.

3) Most importantly, as a professional poker player, learn to think in terms of ranges (poker ranges in simple terms is described as a collection of possible hands that your opponent might have at a particular moment) and not just specific hands.

Sharpen your bluffing skills

Truly speaking, when it comes to poker, the chances of being dealt a monster every hand are close to impossible. It is due to this reason that you need to master and implement the art of bluffing to become a professional poker player. Becoming a professional poker player is all about having the ability to make the most out of any given situation. It is due to this reason you need to learn how to manipulate the actions and information you are sending out to your opponents when playing poker online. However, that’s not all, by sharpening your bluffing skills, you can actually target your weaker opponents and gain advantage over them.

Be careful with the bankroll

Sensible bankroll management is generally considered crucial on learning how to become a professional poker player. This is because in the pursuit of becoming a poker pro you do not just need enough cash to pay the fees and cope with the buy-ins. Instead, you actually need enough cash in the reserve as well, especially when you end up going on a losing streak. It is due to this reason, that it is usually recommended that as a beginner-level poker pro, you must make good use of online avenues for playing poker instead of live casinos. This is because the online game zones generally offer incredible value and levy just a small fee for entering the tournament. Additionally, as a pro tip to become a professional poker player, make it a point to never play above your current bankroll. In other words, be patient and do not bet too much until your bankroll allows the same. However, you can take some shots here and there, provided they do not wreck your bankroll.

Be consistent

Many times, it so happens that when poker players start winning big, they stop devoting long hours to their practise. Do not do that, and instead keep putting in those long hours of practise and decide targets for your game. For instance - if you are aiming to learn how to become a professional poker player then decide on an acceptable win rate for your game. In other words, calculate the average number of pots you are winning every 100 games, and plan your strategy accordingly.

Keep learning

Once you become a poker pro, it is quite likely that everything will start working in your favour. But even then, you must not stop learning. In fact, the realisation that you are close to becoming a poker pro must propel you to learn even further. This is because the world of poker generally changes at the speed of light, as every day, new and better poker players enter the gaming avenue and if you don’t learn and improve in time then you will likely be left out of the race. Therefore, always keep learning and improvising your winning strategies to quickly catch up and stay ahead in the game.

The journey towards becoming a professional poker player is generally far more difficult than what meets the eye. To become a poker pro, you need to devote long hours of practise, be alert and have a steely mental attitude. But as it is commonly said to reach somewhere you first have to start from somewhere. Now, to become a poker pro just keep the above-listed tips in mind and try your first game of poker today itself on the GetMega app.

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