How to beat Bad Players?

How to beat Bad Players?

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Poker is one game that needs you to stay on your toes throughout the game. One slip, and you might very well lose all the money in the pot. If you aspire to become a good poker player, you need to build and manage your bankroll. It would be best if you were great at grabbing good opportunities with both hands. One such instance you will come across is when you play against a bad player. Be ready to exploit such players and win big money. You should be very clear about your game plan for beating bad poker players.

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Which players qualify as bad players in poker?

Now, this is an interesting thing to explain because of the unpredictable nature of their playing style. To start with, these are the players who have a loose-aggressive style of play. They can bet, raise or call at the least expected positions of the game. This does not last long, as it backfires more often than not. Therefore, experienced and tight players can exploit such players. However, one thing to note is that bad players can also end up winning matches, and it can get slightly difficult to get the chips off their hands. Moreover, playing against such players can get frustrating because they rely on instincts and make rash moves that can disrupt the whole flow of the game.

You need a solid strategy for beating bad poker players and ace it with practice. Never forget the fact that you want bad players in the game so that you can increase your bankroll.

So, to help you bring down such players, here we have listed the best 7 tips you must follow to ace the gameplay that shows you how to beat bad poker players.

1. Never Bluff

One of the big no-nos in the strategy to beat bad poker players is that you should not bluff. It is simply because bad players can call your hand and bust you out of the game. They do some or other activities throughout the game because of the money they have invested in the pot. In general, you should not bluff that much, but you should refrain from it here. Instead, wait for them to move, then play your hand according to the pot odds.

You should not even go for semi-bluffs because it won’t be highly profitable. Someone might bet after your semi-bluff, which does not do you any good, so it is better not to indulge in it in the first place. Trust us, not bluffing will only do you good in such a strategy. Let us tell you how in the next point.

2. Do not hesitate to bet with your best hands

Instead of bluffing, you should focus on making smart bets with your best hands. Since the bad players are highly likely to call even this, you stand a great chance to win the pot and their money. And yes, this is a great time to play the basic ABC poker strategy. Stay away from any fancy plays and trust your good hands to win you the pot money. Just make the bets, raise them, and wait for the loose aggressive bad player to make their move. With every raise of theirs, you are more likely to win more money. This is a great ploy to get the hang of how to beat bad poker players regularly. If you do not have a great hand but a drawing hand, focus on staying in the game for as long as possible with strategic moves. If there are multiple bad players in the game, there is a high chance that they can bust each other out.

3. Always use the concept of pot odds

To become a good poker player, you need to be good at calculating pot odds. This is crucial in understanding what to expect from the game. While playing against good players, the pot odds will only help you win a certain amount of money, but with bad players, you can win more.

If it is a tight game, you should fold out of the game if the pot odds are not favourable before you lose a lot of money. On the other hand, when it comes to playing against bad players, you can afford to stay a little longer and see how the game pans out. This way, you can improve your cards and make a drawing hand. However, it is imperative to ensure that you draw with the best hand, not the second-best or third-best. Also, keep an eye on the stack size of your opponents before going for the draw; the more, the better. Now, this is something that you should repeatedly practice to ace the strategy of beating bad poker players.

4. Practice in multiplayer pots

Now, this is something important on the front of how to beat bad poker players. Learning how to play multiplayer pots will help you come out on top of games where you are playing against weak players. The higher or more you play in stakes, the flop is seen by very few players. More often than not, the high cards are only played in heads-up or when three players are in the pot. Naturally, these players are tight and know what they are doing. In such instances, the possibility of you winning big money is not that high.

On the other end of the spectrum lies where you play with multiple bad players. They see every flop, even if there is no pre-flop raise to try and make a big hand out of those cards. This makes it slightly tough for the best hands to stand up in poker. However, with more players seeing the cards, the number of good hands in the game too increases. So, when such good hands stand up, you have a good chance of winning big money.

To truly help you understand this concept of how to beat bad poker players, let us compare two situations.

Situation 1:

You have a hand of pocket aces and go all-in with INR 14000 and have another caller in the game. Once the rake removes the blinds, you end up with a profit of INR 14000 and retain the INR 14000 that you had put in initially. This happened because your opponent got you covered initially with a similar bet. This is a good result. Imagine a situation where you are 80% favourite to win the hand before the flop in a heads-up battle. On average, your profit would be around INR 14000.

Situation 2:

In a wild game, you go all-in with INR 14000 with pocket aces. You have many terrible players in the pot who will act as callers. Imagine you getting four callers, improving the bet size to INR 70,000. You may win only 40% of the time in such a scenario, but this is much more beneficial in the long run. Your average profit here would be INR 14000, almost double the profit you were getting in the heads-up battle.

Situation 2 clearly shows the benefit of simultaneously having multiple bad players in the game. By making good bets and raises with a great hand, you can master a top-class strategy for beating bad poker players. You must master the game of identifying the best hands in multiplayer pots.

5. Follow a tight aggressive strategy

Following a tight aggressive strategy is one of the key ways to learn how to beat bad poker players. As you already know by now, you won’t be winning regularly with bad players on the table, but when you do win, you win quite big. Moreover, this should also be the strategy you use if you are at the intermediate level regarding your ability. However, if you are a pro, you can certainly add some hands to your overall game, which you would not have added otherwise but is okay to use with bad players.

For example, you should probably fold a hand of a QJ in a tight hand at the pre-fop itself, but if you are playing with loose aggressive players, you can continue with the hand and hope to improve on it and make it a drawing or winning hand later on. It would be best if you practiced well enough to get the hang of how to use the tight aggressive style of the game in an ideal manner against bad players. If you end up being too aggressive, you should curb it and bring back the tight game. Following this strategy is an efficient way to improve your game regarding how to beat bad poker players.

6. Get to know the impact of short-term variance

Now this concept needs to be explained in detail for you to truly understand how to beat bad poker players. First, you need to get the notion of luck playing a huge role in poker out of the system. There is no luck but only variance, and short-term variance is something you need to be wary about. Every hand you have and what you do with it has a mathematical logic and an after-effect.

Everything depends on the type of game you play, the position you play from, the quality of opponents, the cards you are dealt with and more. While some starting hands are profitable, some are not, and some are profitable in some games but not others. With so much going on, you must know how variance works in poker. Using pot odds and expected value to your benefit would be best.

We can explain this further by taking the above example of having pocket aces and having an 80% chance of winning the hand again. If you lose the hand, it is not because you were unlucky, but because that play came under 20% of the time, you will lose the match. Over a long run of games with the same hand, you will win 4 out of 5. Losing the match was just a short-term variance. You may lose two games in a row, but it will still come under short-term variance. This is where you need to be very clear with this concept.

While learning how to beat bad players in poker, you should trust the variance and the math behind it. You must not get upset or feel unlucky just because you lost a couple of hands. The short variance is doing its job, so stay in the game long enough to gain profits. Mind you, the short variance can work against you for a long time if multiple bad players play maniacally.

7. Do not open doors for them to improve their game

Have you seen good players mocking bad players at the table? Are you one of them? Then, it is about time to stop doing it yourself and not encourage others. Because of this, the bad players start acting smart and can end up playing a tight game or, even worse, can leave the game, leaving the table with only good players. Both these situations are not in your favour and therefore should be avoided. Never forget that the more time the bad players are in the game, the more profitable it is for you. As a basic thumb rule of how to beat bad players in poker, make sure that you don’t invite them to be good or don’t bust them out so easily.

So, if bad players somehow beat you with poor gameplay, smile and appreciate them for their win. They will think that they played an excellent hand and continue playing the same style, which is always beneficial for you in the long run.

In conclusion, we would say that playing against bad players can be tough because of the unpredictability they bring to the table, but it is still much better than playing excellent players. Therefore, you must follow these tips on how to beat bad players in poker and excel at it.

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