How To Beat Aggressive Poker Players?


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We've all been there. You get down to begin playing poker, and the person situated on your left side turns out to be one of the most aggressive players. It seems like each time you enter the pot; he is re-raising you or attempting to bluff you.

What To Do In This Circusmstances?

Indeed, there are a few things. From trapping him to battling fire with fire to bluff re-raising, we will cover everything in this article. Here are the five main ways to deal with the most aggressive poker players.

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1. Tighten Up

The primary thing that you will have to do is tighten up. This implies that you need to play fewer hands than you ordinarily do. Sadly, there isn't a lot you can do about it.

This is because when someone has a direct position on you in poker, they have a tremendous benefit over you. They will act last in every hand (aside from one) and often watch what you do first after the Flop too.

So, the solution is to tighten your range and play with fewer hands. Mr./Ms. AggressiveAggression can't bluff or re-raise you if you're not even in the pot.

The other benefit of playing tight is that you'll have a stronger range when you choose to enter the pot. This implies that you will have a superior possibility of making a decent hand like a top pair, two pair, trips, etc. This gives you more choices when retaliating against the most aggressive poker players.

2. Bluff Re-Raise

While it is significant that you tighten up when playing against one of the most aggressive poker players out there, this is also a good spot to toss in a few more bluff re-raises.

This means that when you enter the pot with a raise with a good hand (i.e., AT, KJ, 44) and the aggressive player raises you, at that point, you should place in a bluff re-raise now and again. By opening up your 4-betting range like this, you quickly let him realize you will not be pushed around. This likewise compels him to withdraw, except if he has a solid hand.

Significantly, you utilize this procedure carefully, however. When you put in the re-raise here, your reach ought to be for value more often than not (i.e., huge premium hands like AA, KK, QQ, and AK).

This tells your rival that you will most likely have the goods when you make this play. In this way, they will have no choice except to withdraw with their average hand.

3. Get Trappy

Another approach to dealing with the most aggressive poker players is often trapping them. This implies that when you get a huge hand, don't generally re-raise them. Call with an exceptional hand sometimes.

This gives them the green light to bluff after the Flop when you probably have the best hand. You would then be able to decide to either keep trapping them with a check/call line, or you can decide to catch them with a check/raise.

For Example:

You raise from the small blind with QQ, and the aggressive player 3-bets you from the big blind. Rather than continually going for the 4-bet here and blowing them off their hand, you should blend in a couple of flat calls too.

This way, you can let the 3-better bluff off some more cash after the Flop. Also, you can decide to check/call or check/raise according to the board texture.

By stirring up your play like this, you further confuse a forceful player and let them realize that in addition to the fact that you are unpredictable, but also a player who cannot be easily pushed around.

It is significant not to do this repeatedly as you risk becoming predictable. Continuously ensure that you are stirring up your play on the whole versus a player like this.

4. Semi-Bluff The Flop Or Turn

Another incredible method to counter most aggressive poker players is to semi-bluff them more after the Flop. What do we mean by this?

This implies that you take hands that are fairly good but not so great (hands like flush draws, straight draws, and combo draws are incredible for this) and decide to play them quickly instead.

What this semi-bluffing system does is that it gives more approaches to win the pot. The pot can be won by either –

  • Driving them to fold now
  • Making the best hand later on

Then again, when you check/call in a circumstance like this, you just give yourself one approach to win the pot, particularly making your flush or top pair.

Thus, semi-bluffing the Flop or turn is an incredible method to fight fire with fire versus a forceful rival bit by bit. This is because they can't, in any way, shape or form, have a strong hand to call you down all the time. Regardless of whether they do, you will have enough equity.

However, you need to ensure that you utilize this play carefully. If you check/raise your draws every time, you will be too predictable, and any good player will begin calling you down with a wider range.

5. Pick Another Battle

The last method to deal with most aggressive poker players (accepting that you're not in a competition) is simply leaving the table. It would be best if you remembered that when someone has a direct position on you, they have an enormous benefit.

Sometimes if the player to your left side is simply excessively talented for you to deal with, it does not merit the migraine, and you should attempt to track down another table where ideally, the player to your nearby left isn't excessively extremely. This is particularly true if you play on the web at the lower stakes. More often than not, there will be innumerable different tables for you to review.

Battling with a nice player with a direct position on you likewise removes your concentration from the genuine point while you are at the tables: bringing in cash from the weaker rivals.

An excessive number of individuals nowadays tragically get into tedious, drawn-out fights with other strong players and disregard where their benefits are coming from in the game. Numerous such players wind up having budgets instead of bankrolls.

The cash in poker comes from the incompetent players who commit major errors in each hand, not the aggressive players re-raising you each.

Do not permit your inner self to override your better judgment when the most aggressive poker players get to you. It isn't easy to get up and leave, particularly if you are playing on the web. It's what smart poker players do.


Having the most aggressive poker players in a game is never pleasant. Regardless of whether you play at low limits, no micro-stakes poker strategy cancan give you a major benefit, especially if such a person is positioned to your left. Anyway, there are a few different ways to, at any rate, stop the draining and even retaliate a bit –

First and foremost, you must tighten out. This permits you to have a much stronger hand on average when you decide to engage with them. It also keeps you out of excessive troublesome and tilt-inducing marginal circumstances.

Simultaneously, however, you should open up your bluffing range a tad versus a forceful player before and after the Flop. Remember that they can't have it all the time. Pick a few spots, particularly where you have sensible equity, and raise them directly back.

Additionally, make certain to stir up your play now and then by tossing in a couple of trappy lines with your huge hands. This will keep them befuddled and make it hard for them to understand you.

Furthermore, as a last resort, leave the poker table. Fighting the most aggressive poker players to your left side isn't important when there are always other weaknesses and simpler tables to browse.

With this, we end our article about dealing with the most aggressive poker players. Now you should be a little more confident about dealing with them. Download the GetMega app and play a game of poker and practice!

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