Bad Beat In Poker And How To Deal With It?

Bad Beat In Poker And How To Deal With It?

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A bad beat in poker occurs when a seemingly unbeatable strong hand loses to a player with a weaker hand. This type of win is known as a bad beat.

This can lead to a player's downfall if that player is on the losing side of a bad beat poker. This beat is truly a test of patience for poker players.

No player would want to lose when winning inside their head, their confidence soaring high and, most of all, believing that they will win, to have their hopes crushed. This is precisely how a bad-beat poker game ends.

In this article, we will go through how to deal with a bad beat poker game that does not end in your favor lest you become one of those players who lose it mentally and then, from there on out, are not in a good place mentally to begin their next game.

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Types Of Bad Beat Poker

Usually, in lousy beat poker, favored cards can lose as the game progresses and new cards are revealed. There can be two scenarios –

1. Attaining a win on a bad beat for mathematically unsound play, a player is awarded a win for calling the bet even if that player doesn’t have the best hand. This means that the winning player had lousy beat poker hands.

2. In this type, a substantial hand loses to a much stronger one, also known as – ‘cooler.’

Let’s see examples of bad-beat poker hands to understand the whole picture –

Now that you understand lousy beat poker hands let's learn how to control ourselves when ending on the wrong side of a bad poker beat.

Dealing With Bad Beats

Handling a beat poker hand is not at all easy. You have to be prepared to take a hit financially, emotionally, and mentally. Here we have listed some important things when dealing with bad beat poker.

Take A Break

It is imperative that after dealing with a bad beat, you take a break. After a loss, taking a self-induced break is necessary to get your mind off of it and renew your energy.

After a beat, if you fail to take a break, you will get back at the game with little confidence and throw your logic out the window to redeem yourself of the past failure, thus, setting yourself up for consecutive losses.

First, you should take a short break, and then if you find yourself not playing your A-game, you should opt for a more extended break instead.

Revisit The Poker Basics

Suppose you cannot gain the lost confidence after the beat or can’t just bring yourself to play poker anymore. In that case, it is highly recommended that you revisit the basics of poker and revise everything from scratch. Then maybe you will remember why you started playing poker in the first place, boosting your confidence and giving the game another try.

Revisiting the poker basics not only helps a player be comfortable and learn again but may also help strengthen strategies.

Play Strong Hands

After being defeated by lousy beat poker hands, many players opt for a conservative game. This means they will only stay in the hand if they have the giant, vital cards. This has no significant downside, and if players need to opt for this strategy, they may do so to help themselves cope with the loss.


After a loss from a bad-beat poker game, any player will be tempted to say some not-so-nice words to the opponent. If you indulge in this temptation, lashing out and finding excuses, you should take a break and calm down. Restrain yourself and be a good sport. Anything that happens during the game should not be taken to heart, and all lousy blood should be ended with the game itself.

Know That Bad Beat Works 2 Ways

Understanding that lousy beat works two ways helps players cope when they are on the wrong end. If it happens to you, it certainly means that you have done it to others. This is just how the game works. Don’t get dragged into feeling wrong about your hand longer than necessary, and accept that it was your turn to take the hit. Winning and losing are a part of the game.

Accept It

After coming out of the bad beat, the first thing you should do is accept your defeat. Face it head-on, and do not ignore it. Admitting that you lost will not help you save time but also ensure that you are in the right state of mind to play the next game. Many players who don’t accept their loss get irritated and go on a rampage, attacking players needlessly and hindering the smooth flow of the game. Suppose you are admitting a win; you must also accept a loss because losing is okay. It is not the end of the world; you can always get back up.

More Strategies To Know!

For more long-lasting strategies on how to handle the bad beat in poker, read the following –


Practicing yoga and meditation has improved focus, control of one’s emotions, and improve overall health and observational skills.

Mental Coach

If you need to outburst every time you lose through the bad-beat poker hands and then run off track in the games, getting to control your emotions is necessary. Working on your feelings and stress-related problems with a mental game coach will help you in many ways, not only in games. With this, you can place your emotions and display them correctly without hurting yourself or your competition.

Right Mindset

A player should make it a habit of getting into the right mindset before starting every game. A player can achieve this by taking time out before the match and meditating, stretching, reading, or listening to audiobooks to help them get into the right mindset to start the game. This will ensure that the players will not get carried away by losses and wins and be emotionally and mentally stable throughout the game. Thus, it does not have any significant effect on lousy beat poker.

With this, we end this lousy beat poker article and how to handle them, including the bad online poker beats. Now since you know how to handle awful beat poker, you can increase your chances of winning throughout the games. Download the GetMega Poker app now and start playing poker with your friends!

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