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Types Of Tournament In Party Poker

Do you want to play in the world’s biggest online poker room? In the biggest tournaments? For the biggest prize pools? Well, you’re in the right place. We run the most tournaments, in the most poker variants, in the most tournament types. You’ll find links above to explanations of all of our different tournament options, from Sit & Go’s to Multi-Table Tournaments, to Satellites.

The types of tournaments in Party Poker are as follows-

Bubble Rush- Bubble Rush tournaments are designed to get you to the money as quickly as possible. Bubble Rush tournaments, which are usually in the money in about an hour, slow down to deep-stacked play when the prizes are the biggest.

Guaranteed Tournaments- In many of our cash tournaments, the prize pool is guaranteed to reach a specific amount. Guarantees range from ₹1,500 to ₹1,00,00,000! To see the full range of these tournaments, visit the ‘Tourney’ and ‘All’ lobby and enter ‘GTD’ in the tournament filter.

Heads-Up Tournaments- A Heads-Up tournament is another type of Shootout tournament. Players are matched in pairs and compete in a 'bracket' tournament until only one player remains. Late registration is not permitted in Heads-Up tournaments, as it is in other Shootout tournaments. The time limit for un registration in most Heads-Up Multi-Table Tournaments is five minutes (as opposed to two minutes in most other tournaments). Please see the Tournament Info window for information on how to unregister from a specific tournament.

Hyper-Turbo- A Hyper-Turbo event is one in which the blind levels rise at an even faster rate than in a Turbo tournament. In a Hyper-Turbo tournament, each round (before the blinds/antes increase) is usually 3 minutes long. Hyper-Turbo satellites are an excellent way to secure a seat in an event just minutes before it begins.

Multi-Stack Tournaments- Multi-Stack tournaments are an interesting and entertaining variant of rebuy tournaments in which each player's starting chips are divided into equal-sized smaller stacks. Each player then decides how many of the available stacks to begin with and how many to save for later. Later, a player can reload (add available remaining stacks). Each player's total number of available stacks is displayed in the tournament lobby and is the same for all players in that event. There is no extra charge for adding an available stack.

Multi-Table Tournaments- Players in a multi-table tournament (MTT) begin with an equal and fixed number of chips. As the blinds and/or antes increase incrementally, players at multiple tables compete for one another's chips. You are eliminated from the tournament when you run out of chips. Tables are 'broken' as players are eliminated, which means players are moved to keep tables full or evenly 'balanced'. The last few surviving players with chips are eventually brought together at the final table, where the winner is the person who wins all of his or her opponents' chips. Top finishers receive cash prizes based on the number of tournament entries.

Phased Tournaments- A phased tournament is one in which a number of levels are played non-concurrently at the beginning of the tournament for different groups of players. Players can select from a variety of starting phases that begin at various times. Each starting phase will last the same amount of time, and then all remaining players will join forces in a larger tournament later on. Phased tournaments provide the schedule flexibility typically associated with smaller-field tournaments while still offering the large prize pools typically associated with larger-field tournaments. The chip counts from Phase 1 will be carried over to the next round.

Progressive Knockouts- A cash bounty is placed on each entrant in a Progressive Knockout tournament. As a result, each time you knock out an opponent, you win money. But there's a catch: you immediately win a portion of the eliminated player's bounty, but some of it is added to YOUR bounty (usually 50%). As you eliminate more players, your bounty grows in size, making you a desirable target for other bounty hunters.

Rebuy Tournaments- A cash bounty is placed on each entrant in a Progressive Knockout tournament. As a result, each time you knock out an opponent, you win money. But there's a catch: you immediately win a portion of the eliminated player's bounty, but some of it is added to YOUR bounty (usually 50%). As you eliminate more players, your bounty grows in size, making you a desirable target for other bounty hunters.

Re-Entry Tournaments- A re-entry tournament is one in which you can enter an event again after being eliminated the first time. When you lose all of your chips in a re-entry tournament, you will be given the option to re-enter immediately. If you do not wish to re-enter at that time, you may do so from the tournament lobby at any time during the late registration period. Multiple entries are not permitted at the same time.

Satellites- A satellite tournament is a tournament where the prize is entry into a larger tournament. Entering a satellite tournament may be less expensive than entering the main tournament directly. We have one-table and multi-table Sit & Go satellites available, which can be found under the 'Sit & Go' tab. Multi-table satellites are scheduled as regular tournaments, with the exception that the tournament will only play down to the number required to award all of the equal-value seats. These MTT events are accessible via the 'Tourney' tab (mobile) or by selecting 'Satellite' from the 'Type' filter in the 'Tournaments' desktop lobby. Here's an illustration of how a satellite works.

Sit & Go- A Sit & Go (S&G or SNG) is a tournament which does not have a pre-assigned start time; it simply begins when all the seats are filled. There are many types of Sit & Go, ranging in size from heads-up to 990 players, in both satellite and cash tournament form. These tournaments can be found by clicking on the ‘Sit & Go’ tab in the main client lobby window.

Time Tournaments- A Time Tourney is a special kind of tournament which has a pre-set duration. The time for the event is indicated in the tournament name and in the tournament lobby. At the end of the set amount of playing time, the event will stop and all remaining players will receive a distribution of the prize pool based on their ending chip count. Time Tourneys are indicated by a ‘clock’ symbol in the tournament lobby.

Turbo- In a Turbo event, the blind levels rise much faster than in standard play. In a Turbo tournament, the length of each round (before the blinds/antes increase) is usually 5 minutes (as opposed to the standard 10 or 15), though some turbo events have 6-minute rounds.

Turbo rebuy events typically take a 30-minute break, as opposed to 60 minutes in a standard rebuy event.

Win the Button- The dealer button is awarded to the winner of each pot in the Win the Button tournament format. In the later stages of some Win the Button tournaments, normal button movement is used. More information can be found in the tournament lobby.

Zoom- You can fold your hand in a Zoom tournament and immediately move to a new table with new opponents (selected randomly from the entire pool of players who have entered the tournament). You can even fold before it's your turn to act by pressing the 'Fast Fold' button. This makes it a quick poker format because you don't have to wait for each hand to finish before moving on to the next one. For more information on how Zoom works, visit the Zoom page.

It's worth noting that in Zoom tournaments, when the player pool is depleted and only a few tables remain, the tournament reverts to a traditional freezeout format.

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Learn how to earn and use of Party Poker tournament tickets to enter exciting poker tournaments with big prize pools. Discover the different ways to acquire tournament tickets, including through promotions, bonuses, and special events.

Party Poker Grand Prix

The Grand Prix Spring edition runs from March 16 to April 3 and features 12 numbered events with buy-ins ranging from $1.10 to $55 and total guarantees exceeding $450,000. In addition to these main events, there are dozens of side events to round out the schedule, all with low buy-ins.

On March 16, we begin with the Grand Prix Spring Opener PKO, the second largest guaranteed tournament on the schedule. It will cost you $33 to enter, but you will be competing for a share of a guaranteed $75,000 prize pool. In keeping with our other tournament series, the Opener PKO and all other Grand Prix Spring edition events have multiple flights to give everyone more flexibility in planning their tournament grind.

The Opener PKO runs alongside the $5.50 buy-in $15,000 guaranteed Mini Opener PKO, and the $1.10 buy-in $2,500 guaranteed Micro Opener PKO event.

Explore the various Party Poker deposit methods available on the app and learn how to securely fund your account to start playing your favorite poker games.

Three Tiers Of Grand Prix Spring Main Events

Your first opportunity to build a stack in the exciting Main Event is also on March 16. The Main Event has a $55 buy-in, but despite its low cost, the prize pool has a $250,000 guarantee!

Along with the Main Event, there will be a $11 buy-in $50,000 guaranteed Mini Main Event and a $2.20 buy-in $10,000 guaranteed Micro Main Event. All three of these tournaments offer incredible value, especially if you can secure a seat after beginning with the $0.01 buy-in Centroll satellites.

You will play to the same amazing structure as the $250,000 guaranteed Main Event regardless of which buy-in tier you enter! Everyone starts with 100,000 chips and plays against an eight-minute clock, with blinds and antes starting at 400/800/100a. Each Day ends when only 15% of the field remains, with those players advancing to Day 2 at 20:05 GMT on April 3 with at least a minimum cash in hand.

Non-Hold'em players will be pleased to learn that Pot-Limit Omaha and Pot-Limit Omaha are available. The Grand Prix Spring edition schedule includes Hi-Lo events. The PLO8 PKO Championship takes place from March 20 to 27 and has buy-ins of $44, $5.50, and $1.10, with guarantees of $20,000, $5,000, and $1,000, respectively.

The PLO PKO Championship events run from March 27-April 3, with buy-ins of $33, $5.50, and $1.10, and guarantees tipping the scales at $20,000, $5,000, and $1,000.

Experience the thrill of Party Poke sports betting and enjoy a seamless transition between poker and sports wagering. Discover a wide range of sports markets, competitive odds, and exciting betting options available on the Party Poker platform,

Party Poker Freeroll Tournament

Party Poker Freerolls are tournaments that you can play for free at Party Poker to win cash prizes, bonuses, and tickets to various events. Satellites for live Party Poker Millions series and Power fest online events are only played on Party Poker, as the company is the organiser. You can participate in them by using freerolls.

Every day, various free tournaments are held at Party Poker. In addition, there are weekly, monthly, and special freerolls in the poker room. You can increase your bankroll with them without putting any of your own money at risk.

What Can Be Won In Party Poker Free Roll

Tickets for a specific online tournament or satellite to it (including the popular Power fest series)

Satellite tickets (or, more often, the first stages of multi-stage satellites) to the live event Party Poker Millions, EAPT, etc.

  • Cash prize
  • Tournament money
  • Tournament tickets
  • Other prizes and bonuses.

Prizes and their distribution are listed in the tournament lobby's "Prize Pool" column.

The description contains information about the tournament, including tips on how to participate. Click on the tournament in the list, then click the I button to the right of the event name, and then select the description tab in the opened window. There, it is usually stated for whom the tournament is held and what is required to participate in it.

Some poker room affiliates hold private tournaments for players who register through their link. Each week, there are freerolls for girls who are subscribed to a group of Party Poker on Facebook (Ladies Weekly Special) – they are highlighted in the lobby with pink text.

What Are Party Poker KO Tournaments

The Party Poker KO Series are competitive poker series that propose a different way to enjoy poker, through a knock-out game scheme in which the eliminated player receives a reward in the form of money without the need to finish in the prize positions.

This is a feature that is common in both knock-out and progressive knock-out poker games. The primary distinction between these two types of competition will be discussed further below. First, let's define a poker KO tournament and what makes it unique.

A poker KO series tournament is a type of MTT or Sit & Go tournament in which all of the money is split between the prize pool and the players who are eliminated.

The main feature of these competitions is that you do not have to be in the prize positions to win. Because they are elimination games, each player who is eliminated from the game receives a cash prize that usually increases as the position rises.

This scheme provides an incentive to sign up because all players, regardless of position, receive a cash reward.

When an opponent is eliminated in a KO tournament, the bankroll can be increased. This is a feature shared by all PKO tournaments, though we recommend reading the rules of each tournament to ensure you understand them before playing, as each one may have its own quirks.

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