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Nostragamus is one of the most popular websites in India to play your favourite fantasy sports games. Apps like Nostragamus offer fantasy sports games in multiple formats across various multisports. It also offers various popular card games, including poker and rummy. You can also play your favourite casual and adventure games on Nostragamus. The online fantasy sports platform offers the following casual games among eight others: cricket hero, candy crusher, live quiz, and more. It has various payment gateways and easy deposit methods and instant Nostragamus withdrawal.

Discover the thrill of playing poker for real cash on our platform, where every move you make counts and every hand dealt in our poker real cash game brings the potential for exciting wins.

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The only downside to this fantastic fantasy sports games platform is that it is not available in the states of Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Sikkim, Telangana, Odisha, Nagaland, and other restricted areas. This popular fantasy sports games platform allows you to make picks for your favourite games and use power-ups to score higher and win.

Nostragamus boasts a community of around 8 million players. Players can play their favourite cards and casual games, earn reward points and redeem them for real money. Immerse yourself in the excitement of online poker games on our platform, where a variety of options cater to players of all skill levels for an engaging experience.

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Top Similar Apps Like Nostragamus

Here, we have a list curated just for you. The following list contains some of our favourite online fantasy sports game apps similar to nostragamus. Hence, figuring out which one you wish to spend your time playing and earning real money on becomes easier.

1. GetMega

  1. GetMega is one of the most popular online gaming apps that allow you to earn real money.
  2. Its premium features, such as 24*7 customer support, 100% safe and secure payment options, video chat, and instant withdrawals, have only increased its popularity among Indian players in recent years.
  3. Games on GetMega are available in the card, casual, and trivia categories. From these categories, you can select your favourite game and start playing. The most popular games on GetMega are poker, rummy, carrom, 8-ball pool, and more.
  4. If you are looking for fun games to earn real money while playing, then GetMega is the place to be.

2. Halaplay

  1. Halaplay ranks second in our list of apps like nostragamus
  2. It is a popular fantasy sports game online playing website.
  3. Users can find Halaplay under the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) game category. Cricket, football, and Kabaddi are among the sports leagues available.
  4. The DFS offers some of the most popular fantasy leagues for Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi.
  5. In this game, the player must wager money to earn cash prizes.

3. Dream 11

  1. Another one in our list of top similar apps, Nostragamus, has become one of the most popular gaming websites in recent years.
  2. Cricket, one of India's most popular sports, has become the country's first portal-based online fantasy sports game. According to KPMG and the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming (IFSG), Dream11 alone accounts for more than 90% of the fantasy sports industry, encouraging more entrepreneurs and startups to perceive fantasy gaming as a considerable business model.
  3. This fantasy game sports online, Dream11, has the following business and income models.
  4. Dream11 has given Indian sports enthusiasts the opportunity to be rewarded for their sports knowledge.
  5. It was the first fantasy sports gaming app that made its place in the Unicorn Club.

4. MPL

  1. MPL has also become one of India's most popular gaming websites in recent years.
  2. It is one of our favourite apps on our list, like nostragamus.
  3. It is one of India's greatest fantasy sports companies, and everyone loves it.
  4. The fact that the MPL's brand ambassador is Virat Kohli makes it even more popular.
  5. Because gamers gain rewards for playing 30+ games, it leads to many other online gaming platforms, encompassing 4 crore players across India. Pool, ludo, Goride, pro cricket, fruit chop, crossing gaps, and various other games are offered on the platform.
  6. Furthermore, tournaments and events are held where you can participate and win a prize, which is subsequently sent into your bank account.
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5. Cricplay

  1. Cricplay is one of India's latest online fantasy gaming apps like, Nostragamus.
  2. Gautam Gambhir endorses the company.
  3. The game is extremely free to play.
  4. The free fantasy game offered on the online platform comes with three things, i.e. "Fantasy Leagues", "Challengers Leagues", and "Daily Predictions".
  5. It has become popular among players, with over 6 million downloads.

6. Fanfight

  1. Fanfight is a cricket and football fantasy sports league game founded by Akhil Suhag in May 2016.
  2. You select an option from a game centre and a cash contest from a list of products with 6 million downloads.
  3. You can choose the best 11 players to win and earn money.
  4. Fanfight is a FIFS Silver member.
  5. Fanfight is a fantasy sports league game where you may play cricket and football.

7. Zapak

  1. Zapak is a popular online gaming platform that provides browser games to a global audience.
  2. It is one of our favourite apps, like Nostragamus, because of its wide gaming options.
  3. You can choose from a category of games, including cricket, racing, action, adventure, casual, arcade, and more.
  4. Its platform has more than 10 million registered users and more than 5 million unique users per month.

8. Rummy Circle

  1. Rummy Circle is one of India's most popular gaming apps, similar to Nostragamus.
  2. It's simple, enjoyable, and full of enough challenges to keep you returning for more.
  3. They are one of India's most popular gaming websites due to our fast gameplay, secure platform, secure transactions, and international gaming standards.
  4. The features that make it one of our top selections include: playing your favourite fantasy sports games, 100% secure payment options, the best fantasy sports games playing experience, free tournaments with cash prizes, the best app like nostragamus for earning rewards and real money, the fastest withdrawals, and instant payment options.

The globalization of the internet has been a major factor in the expansion of online fantasy sports. The increasing use of smartphones, improved internet speed, low latency, and improved screen size and functionality of gadgets have boosted access to these companies' games. Launching several websites that allow players to play fantasy sports games online has revolutionized fantasy games.

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How To Make Money On Apps Like Nostragamus?

We have curated a list of some of the best apps like nostragamus; here are some simple steps you can take to earn real money by playing your favourite fantasy sports games:

  1. Download any of your favourite nostragamus like apps.
  2. Understand the scoring details and the prize distribution factor of each gameplay.
  3. Start playing your favourite fantasy sports games on these apps similar to Nostragamus.
  4. Enter daily tournaments.
  5. Earn rewards points by playing your favourite fantasy sports games.
  6. Redeem these reward points for real money.
  7. Instantly withdraw your reward money to your bank account.
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How To Play Games To Make Money On The GetMega?

GetMega has a variety of fun and classic games you can play with your friends and family while earning real money. You may play more popular games with GetMega. Poker & rummy and various other games are among them. GetMega also has a video chat option allowing you to play real money games with your pals.

GetMega is a well-known online gaming platform. It comes with a spectrum of premium and unique features. Some benefits include round-the-clock customer service, safe and secure transactions, and rapid withdrawals. You can withdraw your reward money from GetMega in as little as 60 seconds.

To get started, you must download the GetMega app and sign-up with your Facebook account. And start playing your favourite game. GetMega offers you a great welcome bonus so that you can instantly start playing. You must choose a category, pick your favourite game, enter a contest, win, and earn real money online.

GetMega is an amazing platform that lets you play Hold'em Poker with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega Hold 'em Poker now!

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