Lucky Bonus In Zynga Poker


Brief About Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

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Zynga Poker

Welcome Bonus

2,000,000 FREE poker chips

Minimum Deposit

Rs 200


Card Game

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124 MB

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What are Rose Rewards

There are two distinct prizes:

  1. Prize Vaults
  2. XP Reward

You can now gain vault improvements and purchase bonuses for leveling up in addition to Chips, Gold, and Tickets.

  • Every card on display corresponds to a level. You can see the rewards that can be obtained for reaching the card's level by tapping the (?) button on the reward card.
  • The Claim button gathers all awards that have not yet been claimed for the levels you have attained.
  • Prize Vaults - You can access the vaults for further rewards by playing hands or using the Tickets you've collected during the game. You can see the rewards that can be taken from the vault by tapping the (?) button on it. By leveling up, you can also raise your vault level for more goodies.
  • Playing the required number of hands will earn you Chips and Tickets from the daily bonus vault. Make sure to play every day because this vault is only accessible once every day.
  • By using your Tickets, you can get Chips and XP awards from the Reward Vault. Use the Increment button under the vault to submit numerous claims at once.
  • Big Bonus Vault - Chips and XP awards can be obtained with Tickets. This vault can only be used once for a greater number of tickets than the Reward Vault during a specific time period. The Big Bonus Vault offers you the most benefits of the three vaults combined!
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Lucky Bonus Zynga Poker And Mega Lucky Bonus

Zynga Poker Lucky Bonus

Every two hours, you can spin the Lucky Bonus wheel for free. To spin the Mega Lucky Bonus and gain more chips, use gold. Please refer to the table for more information on the likelihood of obtaining a specific result:

Zynga Poker Bonus Wheel

Zynga Poker Lucky Bonus

After making a purchase, you can spin the Bonus Wheel to see how many bonus chips you might get. The table below details the likelihood of landing on each space:


Since it was created by poker fans, Zynga Poker Apk abides by industry standards, including the Fair Play guidelines that are well-known throughout the world. Modern and necessary technologies enable users to have a fun-filled and exciting gaming experience. Integrating the newest modern tools necessitates total openness as well. The best feature is how numerous and fascinating awards and prizes are. In addition, there's a chance to receive exclusive benefits from joining The High Club.

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