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Match Poker

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Match Poker

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RS 100

Minimum Withdrawal

RS 1000

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77 MB

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Features Of The Match Poker App

Match Poker has re-invented online poker gaming with its unique approach. The app puts a spin on the popular poker card game and offers players to test their skills against other players online. The Match Poker online game is called the “Sport of Poker”, where the main focus is given to skill instead of luck.

The primary objective in this game is to win chips off your opponents and you can scrutinize your moves and decisions later to get more insights about your playstyle and work on improving it. Many online poker game enthusiasts play on the Match Poker app in order to hone their skills in the game, while the application also offers an ideal place for newcomers in the scene. If you want to learn more about how this game works, its features, account creation process, quick Match Poker download guide, etc. then go through the entirety of this page.

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Match Poker is a featured-packed online application where you can play poker matches in a different way. Here are some of the useful Match Poker apk features listed below:

  1. Stable Gameplay-

When playing on the Match Poker app, you will enjoy lag-free gaming, which will enhance your overall online poker experience.

  1. Cool Graphics-

The graphics on the Match Poker app is very well-put and less flashy, which attracts a lot of players who like subtle visuals when gaming online.

  1. Friends Play-

Play online poker matches with your friends, by simply downloading the Match Poker app and selecting the “Play With Friends” mode.

  1. Leaderboard-

With this feature, you can check the current results of online poker matches and stay updated with other players and game statistics.

  1. The Lab-

The Match Poker app lets you analyze your previous plays by scrutinizing past hands, which is a great feature for players who want to improve their game skills.

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History Of The Match Poker App

match poker app interface

In the well-established online poker gaming category, the Match Poker app is a popular contender. The app has been operating for a long time now and is developed by the International Federation of Match Poker (also known as IFMP). The primary aim of the Match Poker app developers is to present the famous poker game as a worldwide “sport.” What makes this application prevalent among the giant online poker gaming community is it eliminates the factor of luck and replaces it with skills for the most part. Players can play online poker with the same hand and position as the players they are being compared to. The Match Poker online game app has been provisionally accepted as the 7th-world mind sport by GAISF.

match poker playing
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How To Download The Match Poker App For Android/iOS?

The Match Poker online game developers have made it very easy for interested players to participate in online poker matches on mobile devices. They offer free application downloads for the mobile platform and support both Android and iOS operating systems. You can find the download instructions mentioned in the following sections.

playstore app download

Step-by-step guide for Match Poker download on Android mobile devices:

  1. Visit the official Match Poker website via any mobile browser
  2. On the main page, look for the option called “Download The App”
  3. Click on it to get to the drop-down menu and pick “Android Phone”
  4. The page will redirect you to the application’s Google Store Page, where you need to click “Install”
  5. Wait for the Match Poker apk download and installation to finish and then open the app.
match poker download

Step-by-step guide for the Match Poker download on iOS mobile devices:

  1. Go to the Match Poker official website and click on the “Download The App” option
  2. Select “iPhone” and the page will redirect you to the Match Poker App Store Page
  3. Click on “Get” to commence the Match Poker app download and installation
  4. Once the procedure finishes, the Match Poker app will become ready for use.
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How To Download The Match Poker App For Windows And Mac?

The Match Poker online game app is a great place to hone your game skills and scrutinize your past plays for further improvement. However, the developers of this application have kept the game exclusive to mobile devices only. Hence, due to the unavailability of a Match Poker PC version, interested individuals can not play or install the game on their Windows and MAC OS computers. There is no concrete news about a possible Match Poker PC version release, however, players can enjoy and play online poker on the app’s free mobile version till then.

How To Register, Log In, Sign Up, And Create An Account On The App/website?

Creating an account right off the bat on the Match Poker app is not compulsory. Players can log in with a guest account and start playing online poker matches on the app. However, players will need to register their account on the app platform to obtain the Match Poker login details and unlock the Friends Play feature. The steps for Match Poker account creation are as follows:

  1. Start the game application once the Match Poker apk download and installation concludes
  2. Wait for the game to load in and present the “Authorization” window
  3. Select the “Login / Register” option and the game will automatically try to sign you up through the Google Play Games account, where you will be required to press “Continue”
  4. Once the signup process is done, you will be able to make further customization to your game account.

By creating and registering an account on the app, your game data and progress will stay secured in one place. You can further use your Google Play Games account for any further Match Poker login purposes.

authorization for the app

How To Play On The App?

The very first step that you need to follow in order to play games on the Match Poker app is to download and install the free application. You can find the Match Poker apk link for android or the app store link for iOS from its official website. After installing the game, you can register your new account or choose to play as a guest. Once you sign in and reach the main menu, you can choose between the available game mode options to participate in. Clicking on the game mode will open up the online lobby list and you can join in on any match table as per your liking.

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Types Of Games This App Offers

In terms of game mode choices, the Match Poker app doesn’t offer a wide range of options. The only poker format that players will find in this game is the No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker game. However, instead of competing against other opponents, players will have to aim to win chips off of them. This unique game style is explained as “Battle Royale” in terms of online poker.

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Match Poker Review

Bonuses and Offers

Match Poker also offers a special sign-up bonus! The following is how to obtain it:

· Step 1: Use the discount code "Welcome100" to make your initial deposit, which must be at least $10.

· Step 2: Get a 100% bonus equivalent to $1,000 in step two! For example, if you spent $20 playing after investing $10. With a $100 investment, you'll receive $200 to play with.

· Step 3: At this point, have fun playing Match Poker as frequently as you'd like!

In addition to a special sign-up bonus, Match Poker offers players a Refer and Earn incentive! You can refer friends to Match Poker and get compensated in the following ways:

· Step 1: Tell your loved ones and friends about your Match Poker referral code.

· Step 2: When a family member or friend joins Match Poker with your referral code, they will receive a sizable welcome bonus!

· Step 3: Users will receive an extra $15 incentive.

You may play Match Poker for free by providing your email address and choosing a username. The additional free chips are yours to use whatever you choose every day that you choose to play.

Withdrawal & Deposit

You should first log in as a user to deposit. Please follow the guidelines stated below to deposit money into your account if you are currently a member:

Step 1: Click Menu to open the main lobby.

Step 2: Fill in your username and password to sign in.

Step 3: Select the Cashier button.

Step 4: Choose the Deposit tab.

Step 5: You will be given a variety of payment options available to you.

Step 6: Select More Deposit Options to view a menu of all the acceptable payment ways in your country of residence if your desired payment option is not listed there.

Step 7: Choose the payment option you want to use and adhere to the on-screen prompts (select Learn How or Learn More if you want to know more about how to use the preferred payment options to make a deposit).

Please be aware that Match Poker and the provider of your payment method may need to convert your payment depending on the payment method you select and the currency of your account.

If necessary, Match Poker will convert your money utilizing the current exchange rate offered by their bank. Before you complete your deposit, the exchange rate will be presented and ready for your confirmation. After your deposit is accepted, the exchange rates and charges imposed by the business that provides your preferred mode of payment will be displayed.

To deliver a genuinely high level of service, Match Poker takes extraordinary steps to process withdrawal requests as promptly and effectively as possible.

Please follow the instructions below to withdraw your earnings from your gaming account:

Step 1: Click Menu to open the main lobby.

Step 2: Enter your login information and password to sign in.

Step 3: After that, click on Cashier.

Step 4: When you get to the Cashier, click Withdrawal.

Step 5: Fill out the field with the desired withdrawal amount.

Step 6: If you still have a withdrawal balance, please select the payment option from the drop-down window in step six.

Step 7: Press the button "Submit Withdrawal Request."

Within 24 hours, your withdrawal request will be processed. Choose the Cashier's Withdrawal History tab to examine your withdrawal history.

Critical Information: Withdrawals made the same day using the same payment method may be combined into a single transaction.

We may need your consent or proof of your account balance before processing your withdrawals, and they may request you verify a list of your initial deposits with Match Poker.

For further information, contact the Match Poker customer care number whenever it's convenient!

Leaderboards & Tournaments

Gamers of all skill levels can utilize a seasoned and cutting-edge tournament software platform at Match Poker. Their multi-table tournaments are unrivaled, with a wide choice of buy-ins starting as cheap as 1 cent and assured prize pools. Every single one of your favorite championships is available at Match Poker!

Contact the Match Poker customer care number to discover more about the tournaments! Take advantage of the chance to win Match Poker bonuses or prizes!

Customer Support

Match Poker is among the most respected corporations in providing excellent customer service to poker players. The entire team comprises very skilled professionals with the necessary knowledge to respond to player inquiries about online poker games.

Each player receives a personalized response from an executive who puts themselves in their shoes to understand and address the issue thoroughly.

Question Answer
Can I change my player avatar on the Match Poker app? Yes, you can change your player avatar on the Match Poker apk.
Do the chips stack reset on the Match Poker app? Yes, the chips stack resets on the Match Poker online game app.
How can I change my in-game name on the Match Poker app? You can click on the player profile icon on the top left corner of the main menu and hit the edit icon beside your current game name to change your username on the app.
Is the Match Poker game app a sport? Yes, the Match Poker online game app is a sport as declared by GAISF in 2017.
Does the Match Poker app involve playing against real players? Yes, you will be able to go against real players on the Match Poker app.

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