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Poker Dangal APK

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Poker Dangal

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Rs 250

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Rs 100

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If you are interested in playing different types of poker games online, Pokerdangal is the ideal platform for you. It offers various poker games, such as Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold 'em Poker, that offer cash prizes for winning. The official website also provides the basics of the poker game, tips, and other related and exciting information. To play Poker Dangal, download the free mobile app for Windows, iOS, and Android phones.

With free tables and cash tables with entry fees as low as INR 20, Pokerdangal impresses players all over India. It also offers freeroll tournaments that allow you to redeem the winning amount instantly in your bank account within seconds.

This article discusses various methods for downloading and logging in to this gaming platform.

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Features of Pokerdangal App

  • User-friendly Interface: The PokerDangal app is designed with a sleek and user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for new players. You can customize the look and feel of the app with different themes, table colors, decks, and avatars.
  • Multi-tabling: Play on up to nine tables simultaneously to maximize your earnings potential.
  • Portrait Mode: Play poker in portrait mode for a more comfortable mobile gaming experience.
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals: PokerDangal offers a variety of secure deposit and withdrawal methods, including debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers. Withdrawals are processed quickly, so you can get your winnings fast.
  • Tournaments: Pokerdangal offers a wide variety of online poker tournaments, including freerolls, guaranteed prize pool tournaments, and satellite tournaments that award seats in live poker events.
  • Heads-Up Display (HUD): Analyze your opponents' betting patterns and tendencies with the help of the built-in HUD. This can give you a significant edge in the game.
  • Social Features: Chat with your friends at the table, send emojis, and use other social features to add to the fun of the game.
  • Security: Pokerdangal uses the latest security measures to protect your personal information and financial transactions.
  • Fair Play: Pokerdangal is committed to providing a fair and safe gaming environment for all players. They use anti-bot technology to keep the games fair and free of cheaters.
  • Hand Histories: Track your progress and analyze your game with the help of the detailed hand histories that are available for all cash games and tournaments.
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History Of Pokerdangal App

Launched in 2017, Pokerdangal is the flagship offering of Xeta Networks Private Limited, one of the leading companies in the online gaming market of India. Its founders are Varun Puri, Shashwat Jain, Karan Gandhi, and Varun Mahna, with headquarters in Kolkata, West Bengal. Established with the purpose of redefining the game of poker, Pokerdangal provides a safe, intuitive, and entertaining gaming platform to everyone who wishes to play poker and win money.

The inclusion of a mathematical shuffling program to shuffle cards ensures that every player gets a fair chance at winning. In less than no time, it has emerged as one of the biggest platforms for poker games in India.

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How To Download Pokerdangal On Android And iOS Devices

You need to download the mobile app for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems directly from the website of Pokerdangal. The following steps can be used to complete the Pokerdangal download process:

Poker Dangal apk download

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Pokerdangal by entering this URL on your browser:

Step 2: Scroll to the end. You will find ‘Download Our App’ on the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 3: Here, you will find different Pokerdangal download options to get mobile apps for Apple, Android, and Windows phones. Once you choose the appropriate option by clicking on the respective icon, the Pokerdangal app download will begin on your mobile instantly.

Also learn the guide to how to download Pokerist on your device to boost your real earning and gather bunch of rewards.

How To Download Pokerdangal App For PC

You can directly play Pokerdangal games on your PC via the InstantPlay option. Also, if you want to download Pokerdangal on your PC directly, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Pokerdangal: OR You can search "Poker Dangal apk download" or "Poker Dangal app download " on Google to download the app.

Step 2: Scroll to the end of the homepage. You will find different Pokerdangal download options for the PC app compatible with MAC and Windows operating systems.

Step 3: Choose the option according to your requirements by clicking on the respective icons. The pokerdangal download process will begin. Once the file is downloaded, you can run the file to install it on your desktop.

How To Register, Log-in, Sign-up, And Create An Account On Pokerdangal App

Follow these steps to register, login, sign-up and create an account on Pokerdangal app:

Poker Dangal apk login

Step 1: Complete the Pokerdangal app download for the app on your PC, mobile, or laptop through the official website of Pokerdangal.

Step 2: Install the app once the process of Pokerdangal download finishes. Open the app on your device and tap on the register option. Details like username, password, email address, date of birth, and mobile number need to be provided on the registration form.

If you have a sign-up code, you can enter that as well. Finally, after reading the terms and conditions and accepting their policies, you can tap on the ‘Join Now’ button.

Step 3: An pokerdangal signup code(OTP) will be sent on the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to confirm your registration. After that, you can complete the process of Pokerdangal login with your username and password and start playing your favorite poker games!

How To Use The Pokerdangal App For Playing

Adhere to the below steps and ultimate texas holdem strategy for playing on the Pokerdangal app:

Step 1: Carry out the Pokerdangal download. Open the app and register on it.

Step 2: Deposit cash in your account through debit card, credit card, mobile wallet, or net banking.

Step 3: Log in with your credentials, choose from your favorite poker games, and start playing.

Types Of Games In Pokerdangal

There are two main types of poker games on Pokerdangal, viz. Texas Hold 'em Poker and Pot Limit Omaha. Also, you can participate in daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments to win higher cash prizes. The tournament prize amounts from INR 500 to INR 1,00,000. The top 10 winners and their names are mentioned on the leaderboard. Enjoy the same level of fun and double your earnings on Betfair poker download, a healthy competitor to Pokerdangal.

Texas Hold'em Poker:

  • Players are dealt two private cards ("hole cards") and must combine them with five community cards to make the best possible five-card hand.
  • The game consists of four rounds of betting: pre-flop, where players receive their hole cards, followed by the flop, turn, and river, where the community cards are revealed.
  • Betting options include checking, betting, calling, raising, or folding, depending on previous players' actions.
  • The player with the best hand or the last remaining player after all others have folded wins the pot.

Pot Limit Omaha:

  • Players are dealt four private cards instead of two in Texas Hold'em.
  • To make the best hand, players must use exactly two of their hole cards in combination with three of the five community cards.
  • Betting in Pot Limit Omaha is structured around the size of the pot. Players can bet up to the size of the current pot.
  • With four-hole cards and more possibilities for strong hands, Pot-Limit Omaha often involves bigger pots and more action than Texas Hold'em.
  • Like Texas Hold'em, the game progresses through four betting rounds: pre-flop, flop, turn, and river, with opportunities for betting, raising, calling, or folding in each round.

How To Play Texas Hold’em Poker On Pokerdangal

The following steps can be used to play Texas Hold’em Poker on the Pokerdangal app:

Step 1: Finish the Pokerdangal download by finding the app suitable for your device on the official website.

Step 2: After completing the registration on the app, you can login with your username and password.

Step 3: Now, you can choose Texas Hold’em Poker and start playing. You can choose from the no-limit, pot-limit, and limit game variants of Texas Hold’em Poker and start winning money!

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How To Earn Money On Pokerdangal

Winning money on Pokerdangal is fairly easy. You just have to use the online Pokerdangal download procedure on your mobile or PC and register on the app. Avail pokerdangal signup bonus on signing in. After logging in, you can deposit any amount between INR 100 to INR 1,00,000 in your account. Now, you can join the free table or cash table, whichever suits you. The cash tables allow you to earn money with every win. Also, as you play more cash tables, you get VIP points that can be converted into cash. You can withdraw the earned amount directly into your bank account.

The app makers have set a daily limit of three INR 9,999 withdrawals. The withdrawn amount will be deposited in your account within 24 hours. However, if you want to withdraw an amount greater than INR 9,999, a TDS of 30% will be applicable on the withdrawal. In this case, the withdrawn amount will be deposited on your account within 24 or 48 working hours.

Customer Support

Friendly and Helpful Service:

Customers appreciate PokerDangal's support staff's friendly and helpful demeanor, which makes interactions with the support team a positive experience.

FAQ and Help Resources:

PokerDangal provides comprehensive FAQs, guides, and help resources to assist users with common issues and questions. This allows users to find answers to their queries quickly and independently.

Feedback Mechanism:

PokerDangal values user feedback and continuously works to improve its customer support services based on user suggestions and experiences.

Problem-Solving Approach:

The support team at PokerDangal adopts a proactive approach to address any technical issues, account-related problems, or general inquiries raised by users.

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Question Answer
How much internet speed is required to experience a smooth gaming experience on Pokerdangal? A minimum of 1 Mbps speed is required to enjoy a smooth gaming experience on Pokerdangal.
How to handle the inappropriate remarks or comments given by other players? Just send an email to their customer support team to complain about a player who has given inappropriate comments or remarks against you.
Can multiple accounts be opened on Pokerdangal? No, one player can create only one account on Pokerdangal.
Can I change my user ID on Pokerdangal? No, once you create a user ID on Pokerdangal, you cannot change it.
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