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About Adda52 Poker

Adda52 Poker

App Name

Adda52 Poker

App Size

30 MB

Signup Bonus

Up To RS 10,000

Minimum Depsoit

Rs 200

Minimum Withdrawal

RS 100

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Adda52: app features

Adda52 is an online gaming platform known for its entertaining card games. It also offers multiplayer tournaments related to poker that attracts many players. Adda52 offers many variants of poker games for online players. Some top variants of poker games on Adda 52 are Texas Hold’em, Pot-Limit Omaha, 5 Card PLO, and many others. Poker games on Adda52 can be played online by visiting its official website. One can also download the Adda 52 application on smartphones or desktops. Read on to know more about the Adda52 app download and Adda52 login.

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The features of the Adda 52 app that differentiate it from other gaming platforms are as follows:

• Intuitive gaming interface for everyone

• Many variants of poker games to keep players occupied

• Win real money after playing poker games

• Presence of many skilled poker players across the country

• Adda52 login and download process is easy for players

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History of Adda52

Incorporated in 2011, the primary focus of Adda52 was to change the negative perception of card games in the country. In India, card games for money were considered a negative activity. Adda52 focused on creating a legal, safe, and engaging platform for poker players around the country. Founded by Mohit Agarwal, Adda52 was received positively by poker players around the country. Adda52 offers many traditional poker games that have been around for decades. The parent company of Adda52 is Delta Corp, an established firm in India's online/live gaming industry.

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How to download the Adda52 app for Android/iOS?

Before you know about Adda52 apk login, you must know about Adda 52 app download on mobile devices. The process to download the Adda 52 application on mobile devices is:

• Visit the official website of Adda52, i.e., or you can search "Adda52 apk download" OR "Adda52 app download" on Google to download the Adda52 poker app.

• On the bottom of the webpage, you will find a ‘Download App’ icon. Click on it to start the Adda52 download process. Once the Adda 52 download is complete, you have to click on the ‘Open’ icon to install the app.

• Click on the ‘Open’ icon and continue to install the Adda 52 application on your device.

• Once the Adda52 application is installed, click on the ‘Open’ icon to play poker games.

To download the Adda52 app on Android or iOS devices, you must follow the same procedure. After downloading the mobile application, you must also complete the Adda52 login process.

How to download the Adda52 app for Windows and macOS?

Adda52 also offers compatible applications for players that prefer a desktop for online gaming. One should know the steps to download the Add52 app on Windows/macOS before understanding the Adda 52 login process. The procedure to download adda52 apk on desktop/laptops is:

• Visit the official website of Adda 52, i.e.,, on your desktop.

Adda52 app

• Scroll down on the website and find the ‘Stay Entertained Round-the-Clock’ section. You will see Adda52 app download options for various devices.

Adda52 app login

• Click on the ‘Windows App’ or ‘Macintosh App’ depending on the type of device you are using. As soon as you click on the button, the Adda52 app download process will start. Once the Adda52 app is downloaded, open it, and read the license agreement.

Adda52 login

• Select the storage location for the Adda 52 app on your desktop and click on the ‘Install’ button.

Adda52 app

Once you have downloaded the Adda 52 apk, make sure you complete the adda52 poker login or adda 52 login process to enjoy poker games.

How to create an account on the Adda52 app/website?

Once the Adda52 poker download app or adda52 download for Android/iOS is complete, you have to complete the Adda52 login/signup process. One can easily register on Adda 52 in simple steps. The steps to create an account on Adda 52 are:

• After completing the adda52 download process, open the Adda 52 app. You will be asked to provide a mobile number to complete the Adda52 login/register process.

• Enter your mobile number and Adda 52 will send an OTP on the entered number. Enter the OTP and click on the ‘Verify’ button to proceed.

• You will now have to choose a unique username for playing on Adda52.

• Upon choosing your username, the Adda52 login/register process will be completed. You will receive several signup benefits from Adda 52.

You can now start playing on Adda52. The Adda 52 login can be done via OTP or a fixed password depending on the user.

How to play games on Adda52?

Once you complete the Adda52 login or adda games login process, you can start playing poker games. You can choose any of the cash games on Adda 52 to play. Each cash game on Adda52 has several tables that you can join. You can enter a beginners table or go for a master table. Each poker table on Adda52 will have different rewards and numbers of participants. You can visit the ‘Adda 52 How to Play’ option to know more about playing options. You can also go for Adda 52 online tournaments to win more.

Types of games offered by Adda52

The games that are in the Adda52 store for players are:

• NL Hold’em

• PL Omaha

• 5 Card PLO

• Crazy Pineapple

Besides the cash, as mentioned earlier, Adda52 also offered several tournaments for players.

How to play any specific game on the Adda52 app/website?

Log in to Adda52 and visit the ‘Cash Games’ section to play any specific game. Let us consider you have selected the NL Hold’em game. For each game, you will find several tables to choose from. If you have completed the Adda 52 login first, you can select a beginner’s table. Click on the ‘Play’ button for your respective table and start playing the online game. In NL Hold’em, the player with the most hands without folding cards wins the game.

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How to earn money via Adda52?

Adda52 is a reliable gaming platform that deposits your winnings after each game. If you win a poker game on Adda52, you will receive your winning amount in the Single Wallet. The Single Wallet on Adda52 allows you to view your winnings, add money, or withdraw winnings.

After Adda 52 sign in, you can choose any game and add money for that game. Adda52 allows you to add money via debit/credit cards, bank transfers, or digital wallets. Once you win a game, money is deposited in your winnings account shortly. You can view the winning amount for each game before starting it on Adda 52.

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Question Answer
How to download the Adda52 app on my mobile device? You can easily download the Adda52 for mobile devices by visiting its official website. Adda52 app download is available for both iOS and Android devices.
How to log in on the Adda52 app? Many people search on the internet for ‘Adda52 login Kaise Kare’. You can either select a permanent password for Adda52 or log in every time using OTP.
Is Adda52 legal for playing poker games? Adda52 is a registered and legal platform for playing poker games.
What is the minimum deposit amount on Adda52? INR 50 is the minimum deposit amount on Adda52.
What is the maximum deposit amount on Adda52? The maximum deposit amount on Adda52 is INR 50,000.
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