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One of the biggest poker sites in India, Adda52, is dedicated to giving Indian poker players the greatest online experience. It provides them with a variety of tournaments to participate in and real money games in exchange for bringing such a degree of likelihood. The poker site has everything, from freerolls to real money games. Everything poker gamers in the nation may possibly require is available on this website. In order to make your experience playing online poker lucrative and pleasurable, we are introducing the Adda52 loyalty program here. Adda52 sign up offers are the best place to start if you want to immediately start the signup process.

How Does Adda52 Work?

Adda52 is an online gaming portal established in India. Adda52, often known as "Where India Plays Poker," offers never-ending poker excitement. You may rekindle your love for fun online games by working with adda52 Advantage. Play brand-new card games online in a fun, safe atmosphere. This is what you've always wanted to do. Adda52 work hard to make your time playing online multiplayer games and tournaments safe and enjoyable.

Download Adda52, Join the community of vibrant gamers of skill-based online poker games. Invite your pals to join you. It is easy. All you have to do is create a user account. As stated in our Payment Process section, we provide a choice of ways for simple deposits and promise quick cash outs. Our secure systems transfer and store every money processing transaction.

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What Are Loyalty Points?

The purpose of this incentive programme is to show users our appreciation for their important time spent on our website and to build a community of knowledgeable rummy players. The Loyalty Program offers a variety of advantages, including The climb in the club structure happens more quickly the more loyalty points a person accumulates. Additionally, players receive an identical number of Reward Points that may be used to purchase an Instant Bonus. Players on Adda52rummy are eligible for free registration into the special tournaments.

Loyalty Clubs

Different tiers of the Adda52 Advantage programme are clubs. The Adda52 Advantage programme has 5 clubs in total: Rookie Club, Jacks Den, Queens Haven, Kings Court, and Acers Adda. Players may advance to the highest tier, known as Acers Adda, from Rookie Club, which is the first tier level in the Adda52 advantage programme. More cash-back and crowns will be yours as you advance in the club! You immediately become a member of the Rookie club when you join up. You may raise your club level based on the PGPs you earn each month. Every month on the first at 6:40:00 a.m., your monthly PGPs are reset.

You advance to the subsequent level as soon as you earn the necessary PGPs in a month. Take a look at the table below:

How Do I earn Adda52 Advanatge Loyalty Points?

A player joins our loyalty club the moment he registers with adda52rummy and makes any real money deposits. Each player is given a bronze loyalty level as their starting point. Loyalty points rise when the participant plays more and more cash games. Players' loyalty level and benefits will improve as they accrue more loyalty points. By exchanging your loyalty points into special redeemable reward points, Adda52Rummy will reward you. On September 10th, all loyalty points will be converted to reward points once. After that, all collected LPs for a given month will expire on the first of the subsequent month.thus, the straightforward steps are listed below:

To begin with, you join Adda52 Advantage the moment you place a bet on a ring game. Adda52.
Rookie Club, Jacks Den, Queens Haven, Kings Court, and Acers Adda are among Advantage's five clubs.
After obtaining PGPs, you may cash out your weekly Payoff (Rakeback) in Real Cash or Crowns.
To unlock crates and win additional crowns, participate in hands, streaks, and game challenges.
There are 5 club tiers in Adda52 Advantage: Rookie Club, Jacks Den, Queens Haven, Kings Court, and Acers Adda. Increase the Club!
Increased Rewards!

How Do I redeem My crowns?

Crowns are bonus points that may be used to buy prizes.

  • tournament Tickets
  • Quick Bonuses
  • electronics devices
  • Vacation Packages
  • luxury vehicles

People may redeem their crowns at Adda52 for special perks like cashbacks and -

Your weekly cashback programme is the reward. Participate in cash games to earn PGPs (Poker Game Points).

A rookie poker player can collect Rs. 25 in cashback under the Rewards area if he has 30 PGPs (Poker Game Points).

Either Real Cash (TDS free) or Crowns may be used to collect the reward (Reward Points).

Increase the club! greater PAYOFF (weekly cashback). Each week, a player may earn up to 60% cashback.

How Do I redeem My Loyalty Points?

Loyalty program Adda52

By clicking the claim button, which becomes available as soon as you have accumulated the necessary number of PGPs, a player can request Payoff. When a payout is ready for claim, the Payoff box in the Adda52 Advantage section is highlighted. The PGPs are reset to 0 after you've claimed the Payoff. A player has the option of making repeated claims for Payoff throughout the course of the week or choose to build up PGPs for automatic credit at the end of the week.If not claimed, the pay-off is automatically credited every Saturday at 6:40:00 am. After that, PGPs are reset to 0. We've given players the option to either get their Payoff amount in real money when it's automatically deposited or, if they want, during the next week. Refer to images below:

Loyalty points Adda52

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty Poker Point Adda52

The most lucrative 2-in-1 benefit poker loyalty programme is called Adda52 Advantage. You gain PGPs (Poker Game Points) for each hand you play, which you can manually redeem or which are automatically credited each week as payout (cash-back).

Adda52 Loyalty Poker

Additionally, you can unlock crates after achieving each specified game goal. Every crate box in the Adda52 Advantage area of your account lists these goals. You obtain crowns (a loyalty currency), tournament tickets, or an instant bonus when you open the crate(s). The crowns may be exchanged for a wide range of unique gifts that are offered in the Adda52 Rewards Store. Log in and choose the Adda52 Advantage symbol in the gaming lobby to access your PGPs or crates.

What Is The Validity Of Loyalty Points?

On the first of every month, loyalty points expire. A user's loyalty level is determined by the loyalty points they have accrued. The Locked Bonus expires in three days, whereas the Instant Bonus expires in seven. The intellectual property of Adda52Rummy is Loyalty Points. It retains complete authority to modify Expiry, Redemption, and other settings.

Can I Transfer My Loyalty Points To Another Player’s Account?

Rewards can not be transferred. By making a request to Adda52 customer care, rewards from stores can be changed into an equal quantity of Instant Bonus. Availability applies to all things purchased on Adda52 Store using crowns. Adda52 retains the right to substitute the purchased item with an equivalent amount of Instant Bonus in the event that it is not available. Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled. All successful purchases will be delivered to the player's address according to our records within 15 working days following the order date. Additionally you can also rewards and cash from Adda52 refer code or Adda 52 Referral program.

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How to earn PGP in Adda52?

  • You can earn PGP (Player Generated Points) on Adda52 by playing cash games and tournaments on the platform. The more you play, the more PGP you earn.

What is the booster bonus in Adda52?

  • The booster bonus in Adda52 is a promotional offer where players can get additional bonus funds on their deposits, usually based on certain criteria such as deposit amount or promo code usage.

How do I use instant bonus on Adda52?

  • To use an instant bonus on Adda52, simply enter the relevant code during the deposit process or check your account for any available instant bonus funds, which can be used to play cash games and tournaments.

How do I claim payoff on Adda52?

  • To claim a payoff on Adda52, navigate to the cashier section of your account, select the withdrawal option, and follow the prompts to withdraw your funds to your preferred payment method.

What is the difference between payout and payoff?

  • In the context of online gaming platforms like Adda52, a payout typically refers to the process of withdrawing funds from your account, while a payoff refers to the winnings or rewards earned from playing games or tournaments.

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