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Business Wire — SAN FRANCISCO Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA), a pioneer in interactive entertainment, said today that Leagues: World Champions, a new competitive feature, will be available in Zynga Poker, the biggest free-to-play mobile poker game in the world. Starting this week, Zynga Poker Leagues most ambitious players may now face off against one another for a place as one of the game's top players on the new World Champion Leader-board.

Know Zynga Poker Leagues

Zynga Poker Leagues

The Zynga Poker League is a chance for players to flex their skills and compete against millions! During the eight-week long season, Zynga Poker players keep track of their progress on the leaderboard as they race up the League ranks to become the League’s champion.

The Zynga Poker League is now in its sixth season and available on the Web and mobile devices! Season just started and will end on Monday June, 1st at 6PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).The gameplay is the same, but the Zynga Poker League will monitor your total earnings and award virtual rewards according to your performance. In the Zynga Poker League, there is no fee to enter or win. In the current Zynga Poker Leagues Season, there are no Teams. Each participant competes independently and is entitled to all rewards earnt. Season six will run for eight weeks, from Monday, April 6, 2015, at 6 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), through Monday, June 1, 2015, at 6 PM.

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How Does the Zynga Poker League Work?

Zynga Poker League Works

Even if you've never sat down at a table with them, Zynga Poker Leagues offer a novel method to compete against players of a similar skill level. Players will be rated according to gross chips won and grouped with up to 99 other players. Everyone will earn a little virtual prize at the end of each week, but the top performers in each League will receive bigger virtual prizes and advancement into a higher, larger virtual prize league.

You need just play a hand to be eligible. It's that simple.

You can always choose not to participate by changing your game settings. Chips bought in-game have no effect on your league standing. The only factor used to determine league position is the total chips won. After being assigned to a tier, you will play the rest of that week against up to 99 other players in your division.

Compared to the other leagues, the global champions league is a little more unique. Only the top 500 players in the current season of Champions 5 are eligible to appear on this leader board. You must accumulate enough chips to rank among the top 500 players in order to remain in this league. This is a great method to brag if you want to!

How Long Does the Zynga Poker League Last?

The current Season will run over the course of 8 weeks. Players in Leagues: World Champions must advance through five different divisions by winning matches in order to level up using a points-based progression system. With the aim of achieving a coveted position on the World Champion Leaderboard, a new live feature that displays the top 500 players in real-time rankings, players will move through each level as they win more hands. Players will get additional benefits, like extra chips from Lucky Bonus Spins and Prize Chests and unique badges the top 500 players may proudly wear while at the virtual tables, with each new success.

One of the most played poker apps worldwide, Zynga Poker leagues now offers players more opportunities than ever to engage in competitive play. The Texas Hold 'Em Poker game allows users to take part in a Sit-N-Go game, Spin and Win tournament mode, or a cash table game to win big with up to nine players and fast or slow pace settings. It is designed to play like a genuine table experience. Zynga Poker has built a strong community over the course of more than 14 years, and this community is backed by a VIP program, that enables players to get advantages and features by moving up the tiers with special game modes and premium chip packages.

Tiers in Zynga Poker League

As you accumulate chips at the table, you'll move up your leaderboard and gain fantastic rewards and benefits. You can become the World Champion if you win enough chips over enough weeks.


Players are divided into five buckets called Divisions, and each bucket contains many Leagues.

Players will unlock greater stakes as they advance to stronger divisions!


All players can see the "World Champion" leaderboard, which features the top 500 players.

Leagues: The structure of World Champions is as follows:

World Champion

Top 500 Players


V - 100 total players

IV - 100 total players

III - 100 total players

II - 100 total players

I - 100 total players

























Rewards in Zynga Poker League

Zynga Poker League Rewards

At the conclusion of the tournament, the top 10 players on each Leaderboard are given unique prize chests.

Players will enhance their Lucky Bonus, Mega Lucky Bonus, and Purchase Bonus privileges as they advance to higher leagues and divisions.

When maximized, the benefits include: - 350% greater Chips with a lucky bonus of 125% extra large-scale bonus chips

- Increased cash from purchases by 100%

Your chip award will depend on the league and division you finished the tournament in. World Champion players will get an unique golden frame around their avatars, and their league badge will show their current standing on the World Champion scoreboard.

The Career tab will show players' long-term development (League History)

How to move up in Zynga Poker League

Before knowing how to move up in zynga poker leagues you must familiarize yourself with the league. There are three zones in each league. Red, Yellow, and green zones are present.

  • If you don't move into the yellow zone while in the red zone, your league will drop to the one below your current.
  • If you're still in your league at the conclusion of the week in the Yellow zone, you'll stay there.
  • To advance in the league, you must enter the green zone.

Each zone's size changes as you advance through the league divisions. In higher levels, the Yellow and Green zones are smaller. Because of this, it becomes harder for the athletes to hold onto these positions.

Moving Up
After a week or two, you move up and down in league divisions. In order to advance in league divisions, you must win chips. Real money is accepted by Zynga Poker in return for chips and other features, however they cannot be paid out. The only purpose of the money used to purchase the game is amusement. Think about the possibility that you may win the game and also collect the winnings.

There is also a fast advancement method:
The game will immediately promote you into a new league division if you win a particular amount of chips. You won't have to wait a whole week to go forward. If you haven't played in a while, it's wonderful to have the chance to catch up.

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Does Zynga Poker pay real money?

  • No, Zynga Poker is an online gaming app meant for fun and does not have real money games.

Is Zynga Poker available on PC?

  • Yes, Zynga Poker can be played on all devices, including PC.

Is Zynga Poker against real players?

  • Zynga Poker does not entertain bots on its platform. Only real players are allowed to play games on the app.

How fair is Zynga Poker?

  • Zynga Poker is completely fair and unbiased toward all players in its games. It also employs RNG technology to make sure of the same.

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