4 Card Poker: Basic Rules, How To Play, and Pro Tips


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Like 3-card poker, 4-card poker is a poker variation that Roger Snow invented. This poker variation is not played against other players but against the house or the dealer. It is a rather simple game that is easy to follow. 4 card poker follows the official poker hand ranking.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about this type of card poker, including its rules, so that you are equipped with enough information to play the game and improve your chances of winning.

Setting Of 4 Card Poker

Each player is pitted against the dealer and not against other players. The players can place an ante bet or an ‘aces bet.’ Some players make both. In a 4 card poker game, there is no such concept of dealer qualifications. In this game, the dealer is always qualified.

In 3 Card Poker 6 Card Bonus, players aim to form the best three-card poker hand and have the option to place a bonus side bet for a chance to win extra payouts based on the combination of their hand and the dealer's hand.

Objective Of 4 Card Poker

The game's objective is to tie or beat the dealers’ hands. In 4-card poker, to tie with the dealer essentially means winning the game.

Now that you are clear with the basics regarding the setting and objective of the game, it's time to learn the basic rules of this poker variation.

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Basic Rules Of 4 Card Poker

1. Players enter the game after paying the required amount of ante.

2. An ante is the amount made by a player before he can participate in the game. It typically serves as the minimum starting bet.

3. Each player receives a total of 5 cards each, face down, which are only for their eyes to see.

4. The dealer is dealt 6 cards, of which 5 cards are face down and the sixth and last cards are face up. The sixth card of the dealer is exposed and can be seen by every player in the game.

5. To win the 4-card poker game, the players need to make the best 4-card poker hand against the dealer's hand or make it equal to the dealer's hand.

6. To further stay in the bet, the players need to make a bet at least of the amount of the ante. This amount can be 3 times the amount of the ante.

7. Since this game will be played online, all the cards and poker chips will automatically be presented and given to all the players. Hence, saving time and increasing your experience of a smooth and uninterrupted game.

8. In 4-card poker, there is no such concept of a qualified dealer. Here, the dealer is pitted against each player regardless of the cards dealt to the dealer.

Since we have covered all the basic rules of this poker game, it’s time to see how an actual game of 4-card poker is played.

In 2-7 Triple Draw, players receive five cards facedown, and the objective is to make the lowest possible hand with no straights or flushes, with the best hand being 2-3-4-5-7. After the initial deal, there are three drawing rounds where players can discard and draw new cards.

How To Play 4-Card Poker Online

1. Ante

To participate and become a player of 4 card poker, each individual has to pay an amount known as the ante, which is paid before the start of the game. As stated above, an ante is treated as the initial betting amount of every player that has to be paid by each player.

2. Extra bets

Each player in the game of 4 card poker has the option of placing bets in addition to the ante. Here, it is known as ‘Aces Up.’ This is not a compulsory bet.

3. Dealing of the cards

In the game of 4-card poker, each player is dealt 5 cards face down. These 5 cards cannot be exchanged nor be removed. Since this game is against the dealer, in 4-card poker, the dealer is dealt 6 cards, of which 5 are face down; that is, they are hidden from every player. The last 6th card is placed face up, on display, for every player to see.

4. The face-up card

According to the rules of 4 card poker game, only one card of the dealer is kept exposed so that every player playing the game can see the dealer’s last card. This exposed card and the player's card are considered before announcing their betting option.

5. Evaluating your cards

After the 6th card of the dealer is revealed, the players evaluate their card concerning the dealer exposed card, all the while keeping in mind that to win the game, they need to have an equal 4-card hand rank or higher than that of the dealer 4-card hand rank.

6. Betting options

In 4 card poker, the players have 2 betting options –

•To play – After a thorough evaluation of their cards with the dealer's exposed card, if the player opts for the option to play, it means that the player will continue and still be in the game. To stay in the game, the player needs to pay the ante amount, up to 3 times its amount.

•To fold – after evaluating the cards, the players who don’t want to stay in hand can leave the hand after choosing to fold.

7. Dealers cards

When all the players have made their betting options, the dealer exposes all of the 6 cards dealt to him. After which, he makes the best possible high-ranking 4-card hand displayed so that every player may see the dealer’s hand.

8. Determining the winner

In 4-card poker, you win if –

· The player has a 4-card hand rank equal to or higher than the dealer's 4-card hand rank, then that player would be the winner.

In 4-card poker, you also win if –

· The player had made an additional bet known as the ‘Aces Bet’; then, the dealers’ hand doesn’t matter for this bet. If a player has a pair of ace cards or any higher-ranking cards, that player wins this additional bet.

In 4-card poker, you also win if –

• A player manages to make a three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, or a straight flush; regardless of the dealers’ cards, this player will get the bonus amount. That means if the player loses out on the initial and additional bet, the player can win the bonus bet, provided that the player manages to get one of the hands mentioned above ranks.

With this, we come to the end of this card poker game. You are now ready to try the game. Why not try the game right now? Download the GetMega app, play 4-card poker with your friends, and enjoy!


How do you play 4 card poker?

  • In 4 Card Poker, players are dealt four cards each and compete against the dealer. Players must form the best possible hand using their four cards. Betting rounds occur, and winning hands are determined by traditional poker rankings.

What are the best hands in 4 card poker?

  • The best hands in 4 Card Poker are four of a kind, followed by a straight flush. Other strong hands include three of a kind, a straight, a flush, and a pair. High card rankings are used when no other hand is present.

Is 4 card poker a good game?

  • The appeal of 4 Card Poker lies in its simplicity and quick gameplay. It offers an enjoyable experience for those who enjoy poker variants with a lower barrier to entry. However, personal preferences vary, and some may prefer more complex poker variations.

What is the bonus in 4 card poker?

  • In 4 Card Poker, the bonus bet is an optional side wager based on the player's four-card hand. Payouts vary, but common bonuses include the Ante Bonus for certain hand rankings, such as three of a kind or better, providing extra winnings alongside the main game.

How many flushes are there in 4 card poker?

  • There are 4,164 possible flush combinations in 4 card poker. This is calculated by multiplying the number of suits (4) by the number of ways to choose 4 cards of the same suit from a standard deck (13 choose 4).
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