How To Play And Rules Of Playing Black Lady Card Game

How To Play And Rules Of Playing Black Lady Card Game

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Black Lady is an American round of the Hearts group for three to six players and the most popular of the bunch. It arose in the mid twentieth century as an expansion of Hearts and was initially called Discard Hearts, and is named after its most noteworthy punishment card, the Queen of Spades or Black Lady. It is a trick evasion game in which the point is to abstain from taking tricks containing hearts or the Black Lady. In this article we will be learning about the black lady limit Hold'em poker including its rules. So, let’s get started!

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Black Lady limit poker holdem

The game that is also known by a majority of us as "Hearts" is really a variety known as “Black Lady" (alluding to the Queen of Spades). The Queen of Spades being worth 13 points is the only major distinction. Since this variant is famous by a wide margin and also one of the most entertaining, let's checkout the limit Hold'em poker version, where the bet sizes are restricted.

Number of Players –

Generally, this game is played with 4 players, but if 3 players are playing the game, then one single card must be discarded from the deck to give every player an equal number of cards in their hands. The single card that is disposed off is usually the 2 of clubs.


A standard deck of 52 cards with jokers eliminated are used in this game. Cards rank from 2 – A (low to high).


Cards are dealt clockwise one by one until each and every card is dealt. Every player ought to have 13 cards to begin to begin the game.


Something that makes this game one of a kind is its capacity to "adjust" your hand and your adversary's hand by passing a couple of cards before the beginning of the game. When all cards have been dealt, every player picks 3 cards to pass to one of their rivals (they can be any 3 cards). The direction for passing is as per the following: on the first dealing of cards, every player passes 3 cards to the left side. On the subsequent deal, every player passes 3 cards to the right side. On the third deal, every player passes 3 cards to the player sitting opposite from them. On the fourth deal, players hold their cards and pass nothing by any means. The order for passing the cards then begins again for ensuing deals.


Play begins with the player holding the 2 of clubs, who places it, face up on the table. Play at that point continues to the left side with every player playing one card from their hand. Players should take action accordingly, except if they are out (or "void") of that specific suit, in which case they may play any other card. The special case for this rule is that no "point" cards will be played on the first trick. At the point when every player has played a card, the player who played the highest card in the suit that was led, wins the trick, and afterward begins the following trick by playing a card from their hand. Play proceeds in this style, with the victor of each trick beginning the next, but a player may not open a trick by playing a heart until hearts have been played before or "broken" on another trick. (which means a player had none of the suit that was led, and played a heart card instead). Play proceeds until all cards have been played.

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Scoring in Black Lady limit holdem poker

When the hand is finished, and all tricks have been won, players get 1 point for each heart they have taken, and an extra 13 points on the chance that they have taken the Queen of Spades. Try not to celebrate at your points however, in light of the fact that not at all like other trick taking games, in the rounds of black lady, taking points is bad. Similar as in the sport of golf, the objective is to keep your score as low as possible.

Shooting the Moon

This is the rule that truly stirs things up. Points are awful, yes, except if you figure out how to take every one of them. In the event that, toward the finish of a hand, a player has figured out how to take every one of the 26 points (13 hearts and the Queen of Spades), that player doesn't get 26 points. These points are barred by all the other players, where they get 26 points.

Also, in certain varieties, the player who "shot the moon" can choose to have 26 points deducted from their own score.

Objective of the Black Lady limit holdem poker

The game is over when at least one player amasses enough points so that they are more than 100. By then, whichever one of the excess players has the least score is announced the victor. If at least 2 players are tied for the most reduced score, the game is a draw. A few varieties permit a player to take away points from their score provided that they hit 100 points precisely (normally they will deduct 50, or even reset their score to 0).
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What is the Black Lady Card Game, and how is it played?

  • The Black Lady Card Game, also known as Hearts, is a trick-taking game typically played by four players. The objective is to avoid taking specific cards that carry penalty points, such as hearts and the Queen of Spades, over several rounds.

How are the cards dealt in the Black Lady Card Game?

  • In the standard Hearts game, each player is dealt 13 cards from a standard 52-card deck. The cards are usually dealt one at a time in a clockwise direction.

What are the basic rules for playing the Black Lady Card Game?

  • Players take turns playing a card of the same suit during each round, with the player who plays the highest card winning the trick. Hearts and the Queen of Spades carry penalty points, and players aim to avoid accumulating them. The player with the fewest penalty points at the end wins.

Can you explain the concept of “shooting the moon” in the Black Lady Card Game?

  • “Shooting the moon” is a strategy where a player attempts to take all the hearts and the Queen of Spades in a single round. If successful, that player scores zero points, while the other players receive penalty points. However, failing to achieve this results in the player accumulating penalty points.

Are there variations or house rules commonly applied to the Black Lady Card Game?

  • Yes, there are variations of Hearts with different rules, scoring systems, and strategies. House rules may include additional elements like “Jack of Diamonds,” which could carry penalty points, or other modifications to the standard Hearts game.

Question Answer
What is the "Black Lady" card game? aThe "Black Lady" card game, also known as "Black Maria" or "Black Widow," is a trick-taking card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. It's typically designed for 3 to 6 players and involves strategies and tactics to win tricks and avoid certain cards, notably the Queen of Spades, also known as the "Black Lady."
How is the "Black Lady" card game played? In the "Black Lady" card game, players take turns playing cards in a trick, and the player with the highest-ranking card wins the trick. However, certain cards hold special significance, such as the Queen of Spades, which carries penalty points. Players aim to avoid winning tricks containing the Queen of Spades and hearts, as they contribute to penalty points. The game continues until a predetermined score is reached or a certain number of rounds are played.
What is the objective of the "Black Lady" card game? The objective of the "Black Lady" card game is to have the lowest possible score at the end of the game. Players accumulate penalty points for winning tricks that contain the Queen of Spades and hearts. The player with the fewest penalty points when the game ends is declared the winner.
Are there variations in rules for the "Black Lady" card game? Yes, there can be variations in the rules of the "Black Lady" card game, depending on regional preferences or house rules. Some variations may involve different scoring systems, variations in the number of players, or additional rules for certain card combinations. It's important to clarify the specific rules being used before starting the game.
Can the "Black Lady" card game be played online? Yes, the "Black Lady" card game can be played online through various gaming platforms and websites. Online versions often allow players to compete against computer opponents or real players from around the world. These digital adaptations aim to replicate the traditional card game experience and may offer different rule options and customization features.

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