Top Card Games for 2 Players

Top Card Games for 2 Players

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The weekend is fast approaching, and all your friends seem busy. Neither does your sibling have any time for you. You aren’t in the mood to spend your weekend out either. Are you racking your brains about what you should do? Invite your grey-haired uncle next door or that noisy kid two blocks away to play interesting two-person card games with you! They can be great fun and an excellent mental exercise too. Does the planning appeal to you?

Read on to learn about all those exciting two-person card games that can be played with a 52-card deck online!

Top two person card games to play!

Old maid

This game aims to ensure that the player does not get stuck with the Old Maid, i.e. a Queen without a pair, after all the cards have been paired off.

The game starts with the removal of one Queen from the deck. The remaining cards are then distributed between the two players. The players look at their cards, remove all pairs of cards and place them face down. Then the player who has not dealt the card gets to pick one card from the opponent’s hand (held in the shape of a fan).

In case the card drawn makes a pair with any card in the player’s hand, then that pair must be laid face up on the table. If not, the player is to keep that card to themself and the game proceeds in the same manner as the other player picks up a card from the opponent’s hand.

Such two-person two-person card games can be entertaining as the back and forth continues until all cards are drawn and paired off. The player without the Old Maid wins.

Go fish

The rules of this game are simple – it is meant for adults and children alike. The game's main objective is to get the most significant number of matched sets of four cards of a kind (for example, four kings, four fours etc.). The player with the most considerable number of matched sets is the winner.

The dealer will distribute seven cards to each player; the remaining cards will be scattered face-down in the middle of the table. These scattered cards will be known as the lake or pond. The player, who did not deal with the cards, gets to fish first. This implies that they can ask the other player if they have a card of a certain number.

The player can ask for those cards with at least one card in his deck. For example, the player has a spade six in his hand. He can then fish for it from the opponent’s hand. If the opponent has two sixes, they must turn in both.

He can continue to fish for cards in the other player’s hand until they do not have the card for which the player feels. In such a case, they must say ‘Fish’, and the player must draw one card from the pond. The turn then passes on to the other player. The game continues until all of the cards have been matched into sets of four cards of a kind.


Such two-person card games aim to eliminate all the cards in one’s hand.

The game commences when each player is dealt five cards. Fifteen cards are then placed face down adjacent to each player. This forms the draw pile for each player. Two cards are then placed side by side between the players. Five cards are then put face down on either side of these two face cards. This additional pile will also be placed face down and used only if neither player can make a play.

Each player must flip one of the two cards between them. Players have to discard a card which is the next highest or next lowest to the number on the card. For instance, if the player flips over a six, they can put a 5 or 7, irrespective of the card suit. The card placed over becomes actionable, implying that a player can only play a follow-up card accordingly.

Once the player plays the hand, the player must replace the same with a card from the draw pile. Remember, as the game's name suggests, this is fast-paced, and both players must play quickly.

The game continues until either of the players runs out of cards, and there are no more available moves in the two card piles. If both players run out of activities before discarding the cards in their hand, then each player flips a card from the two draw piles beside the playable stacks. They then resume laying their cards on the banks until one player runs out of cards to play.

The game's winner plays all the cards in their hand first. The game can be played as a tournament or a ‘best of two out of three games format.

Crazy Eights

This is one of the top two-person card games and has a straightforward goal – to be the first player to get rid of all the cards in one’s hand.

The dealer distributes five cards to each player and then places the remaining cards in the pack in the middle of the table. His card stack is known as a stockpile. The first card of this stockpile is placed facing upward and called the starter.

The player, other than the dealer, begins by placing one card face on the starter pile. The card set must match the card either in suit or denomination. Or example, if the starter card is an Ace of Spades, the player must place an Ace of a different case or a Spade denomination card over it.

If the player cannot do so, they must draw from the stockpile until they get a card that matches the last played card. Also, the player can remove a card from the store, even though they have a playable card.

Now introducing the twist in this game – all eight cards are wild cards, implying they can be played anytime. The player may designate it as any suit. the next player must play a card of the specified suit or an eight to change the case. The player who plays all the cards first is the winner!

Egyptian Rat Screw

Now for the last and one of the least known two-person card games in this list, the Egyptian Rat Screw.

The dealer evenly distributes the cards in the deck between the players (the deck will include the jokers too). The players must organize the cards into a deck without peaking at them.

The non-dealer starts the game by turning up the top card of their pile and placing it in the middle of the table. f the card turns out to be a number card, the opponent repeats the action as the player and places their topmost card on the table. The game continues this way until a J, Q, K or Ace is played. If either of these cards is played, the opponent must follow it up with a face card or an ace, failing which the entire pile will be won over by the person who played such a card. The rise of cards won will be added to the player’s stack.

However, the face card or the ace can be overridden through slapping by using a joker. The means to beat the cards are –

· Doubles (namely, when there are two nines placed in a row)

· Tens – not the 10’s of each suit, but when two cards played consecutively add up to ten (that is when the cards that one plays are a combination of 3 & 7, 2 & 8, or Ace and 9).

· Sandwiches (that is when two cards of the same value are laid down with another in between them. o illustrate, a 7, Queen, 7)

A player who ends up with all the cards wins the game.

Let’s call it a wrap on the two person card games!

A lot can be done using a standard deck of cards. A deck of cards has excellent potential to light up an otherwise drab and dreary evening. The lists given above are merely suggestive – the possibilities are endless. Hat are you waiting for? Et on the GetMega Poker app and enter the world of card games for maximum entertainment!

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