Biggest Bluffs In History Of Poker

Biggest Bluffs In History Of Poker

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When it comes to poker, you do not always need luminous hands to take that coveted poker pot home. Sometimes all you need is a mix of bluffing skills, chance, and a bit of luck to turn the odds in your favour. Vital to this, some professional poker players worldwide have harnessed the power of bluffing to such an extent that their bluffs are now noted and recalled as the most prominent bluff in poker history. Here, in this composite guide, we have detailed the top 3 most giant cliffs in poker history, and the meaning of the term “bluff”.

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What does a bluff mean in poker?

When it comes to poker, a player is said to bluff when he either calls or raises a bet to pressurize and make his opponent fold. Simply put, a poker bluff is generally regarded as an attempt to deceive someone into believing that you hold a strong hand when you do not hold one. Generally speaking, most poker pros around the world save their bluffs for the best moments in the game,, when they believe their opponent is at the most vulnerable and is thus much more likely to fold. Here, you must remember that bluffing is a vital part of any poker game and, as such, is considered a must-have skill in every poker player’s arsenal. To know more about Bluff and its strategy, Read here. Let's see the most prominent bluff in poker history.

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Top 3 biggest bluffs in poker history

Since listing out all the prominent most giant bluffs in poker history will be pretty exhaustive, we have detailed the top 3 most giant cliffs in this list, leaving you scratching your head.

Moneymaker vs Farha

The setting of this bluff was the World Series of Poker's main event in 2003. That year, Chris Moneymaker, an unknown in the poker world, won a $39 satellite tournament and after thatentered the main WSOP tournament event. Though unknown, Moneymaker was far ahead of his competitors. Through his sheer ability and skills, he won one game after another and finally reached the final table, where he was up against seasoned and famous tournament player Sam Farha. Here, it is imperative to remember the WSOP tournament that happened at a time when ESPN had changed its broadcasting technique. Vital to this, in 2003, ESPN introduced such cameras that could show viewers at home hole cards of both players.

The game progressed quickly,, and by the time the river round came around, everyone was pretty much prepared for Moneymaker to fold any minute. But, then, Moneymaker was no average poker player. Despite having a poor hand, this poker legend went all-in, and that was against Farah’s pair of nines. This move after a raise on the turn made even Farha question what Moneymaker was genuinely holding. Not willing to take any more risks, Farha folded his cards soon after, and just like that, Chris Moneymaker went on to win the World Series poker tournament. As surprising as it might sound, Moneymaker bluffed the entire hand with a king-seven unsuited when Farha held a Queen-Nine.

Biggest bluff in the history

Now, we understand when it comes to the most giant bluffs in poker history, the cliff by Moneymaker isn’t precisely the craziest ever to take place. But what if we tell you this poker bluff changed poker forever? This bluff made millions of poker fans worldwide believe that they, too, can win a $2.5 million pot at poker with a $39 entry fee, provided they have the requisite bluffing skills. you may also like to know more about bluff card game.

Phil Ivey and Paul Jackson

As per a famous saying, when two players bluff each other with nearly nothing,, they are said to be playing what we know today as poker. As unlikely as it might sound, Phil Ivey and Paul Jackson proved the above saying right when they tried to out-bluff each other during a play poker tournament.

So, the setting was the final table of a tournament where the winner was to be bestowed with a massive sum of $1 million. Both Phil Ivey and Paul Jackson were involved in a heads-up wherein Ivey was dealt a queen-eight of hearts and was simultaneously leading the chip count by 4:1. By employing basic mathematics; we can easily conclude that Ivey had a 75% chance of winning against Jackson who by the way was sitting on a six-five unsuited.

The flop round came, and 3 community cards were dealt face up, namely a seven and a pair of jacks. Here, to Ivey’s advantage, one of the cards was a heart, which probably made Ivey think he had a distant chance of a flush. Riding high on the events of a colour, Ivey moved forward and betted an amount of $80000, which Jackson then, raised to $170000. Not the one to hold back, Ivey re-raised the bet amount to $320000, and thus, the stage for the giant bluffs in poker history was set.

Biggest bluff in poker of all time

With both players holding nothing substantial, the ball for the current round was now in Jackson’s court. To everyone’s surprise, Paul Jackson went all in for the pound and the penny and re-raised the bet, this time to $470000. For the last call, Ivey asked Jackson in a feeble voice what he had left, to which Jackson replied chips worth “$380000”. This was when the world witnessed the most prominent bluff in poker history as Ivey went all-in. This move stopped Jackson, who afterwards threw his cards away. The sheer courage with which Phil Ivey and Paul Jackson bluffed each other despite having nothing at all made this the most prominent bluff in poker history.

Jack Strauss in the poker world series

Imagine winning a poker tournament when you have been down to a single chip. Yes, that is the feat that the legendary Jack Strauss accomplished during the 1982 Poker World Series. It is imperative here to consider that at one point during the game, Strauss had stood up and was preparing to leave when he found a $500 chip under his napkin. That was it; what happened next set a precedent for the giant bluffs in poker history.

So, the game was no-limit Texas Holdem, wherein Strauss was dealt the worst hand possible, an off-suited 7-2. However, rather than folding, he decided to raise anyway. This had no significant ripple effects, as only one player dropped out. After that, the flop round came, and 3 community cards, namely 7-3-3, were dealt face-up. Though the community cards gave Strauss two pairs, he likely deciphered the same, which would not be enough to beat his opponent. Not the one to be boggled by it, Strauss nevertheless kept pushing the bets, making his opponent a bit doubtful about Strauss’s hand strength. The turn round came, and a 2 was dealt, which didn’t help the cause either. Strauss still moved forward and capitalized on his opponent’s doubt, as he pushed a massive bet worth $18000. Before his opponent could even think of another move, Strauss did the most prominent bluff in poker history. He said to his opponent, and we quote, “I’ll tell you what, just give me one of those $25 chips of yours, and you can see one of my cards, whichever you choose”. The opponent had nothing to lose, and picked one of Strauss’s cards which turned out to be a 2. Believing Strauss had made a whole house, his opponent folded his cards, and Strauss successfully took the pot home that night. Moreover, the most prominent bluff in poker history is that no matter which card his opponent would have chosen, the effect would likely have been the same.


There are far too many examples of the giant bluffs in poker history to document here. Nevertheless, the 3 most giant cliffs in poker history listed above are by far the most popular and unique by poker standards. A second look at each of these giant bluffs in poker history, and you can get a fair idea that to win at poker, sometimes all you need is good bluffing skills and some courage.

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