10 Best Poker Odds Calculator Apps Available Online - Android & iOS

10 Best Poker Odds Calculator Apps Available Online - Android & iOS

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Poker is a combination of chance and skill. To gain the upper hand in every hand, skilled players need to be able to understand both their opponents and the circumstances. In addition, it's a mathematical game in which you have to figure out the likelihood that your opponent or yourself would win the hand in any given circumstance.

It is a common mistake made by novice poker players to overlook and/or disregard statistics and maths. The excuses "it's too hard," "I hate math," "I don't like numbers," and other similar ones can prevent a player from making real progress in their game.

Poker odds calculators are popular among both professional and recreational players for two main reasons. For starters, they come in very handy when you're working on a hand. They're excellent for using during practice to help you learn the game. There's no better way to become familiar with poker math than entering various scenarios into a poker odds calculator and watching the figures appear.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular mobile poker calculators players have been using to help them better understand how the game works.

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Top 10 Poker Odds Calculators For Android and ios Users

Rank Best Poker Odds Calculator App Available On
1 GetMega Poker Odds Calculator Android
2 Cardschat's Poker Odds Calculator Android
3 Poker Cruncher Android
4 Poker Calculator Android
5 Poker Odds Calculator Android
6 Fast Poker Odds IOS
7 Pocket Poker Odds IOS
8 Poker Easy Odds IOS
9 Enterra Poker Calculator Android & IOS Both
10 Odds Calculator Android & IOS Both

A. Available for Android

i. GetMega Poker Odds Calculator

Pricing: Free

GetMega's Poker Odds Calculator was created to provide much-needed assistance during a spirited poker game. Based on the game type, you can opt for odds calculators, poker equity calculators, poker probability calculators, etc.

You can even choose specific poker odds calculators, such as the Texas Hold 'Em calculator, that crucially analyze patterns only applicable in a game of Texas hold 'Em poker.

ii. Cardschat's Poker Odds Calculator

Pricing: Free

Cardschat's Poker Odds Calculator is a comprehensive mobile app designed to help you quickly determine the probability of winning at Texas Hold'em for any number of players. It also works for poker variants such as Razz, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud.

The best part of this software is it is non-paid and simple to understand, as the overlay is just as straightforward as it can possibly get for a mobile poker equity calculator.

The application is also available for Windows.

iii. Poker Cruncher

Pricing: Free / 12.99 USD / 20.99 USD

The non-paid version of Poker Cruncher calculates preflop odds fast and easily, while the premium edition provides significantly more in-depth data. The premium version of Poker Cruncher is easily one of them, if not the most comprehensive poker equity calculator accessible as a smartphone app.

Poker Cruncher Advanced is easy to use, yet a powerful poker probability calculator designed to give you the most accurate odds and draws available. The 12.99 USD bundle has advanced features such as Board Texture Analysis and Range analysis. The 20.99 USD bundle includes Tournament Cruncher, Poker Cruncher Advanced, Hold'em Odds Quizzer, and a Poker Odds Teacher.

iv Poker Calculator

Pricing: Free

Poker Calculator is a free poker hand calculator that performs an excellent job. The layout is plain and straightforward, yet the software is quick and easy to use. Simply touch a card to determine its value; the odds are computed as you add more cards or participants.

If you're a beginner or just searching for a free basic tool to assist you in learning calculating chances, this is the one for you.

v. Poker Odds Calculator

Pricing: Free

Poker Odds Calculator features a straightforward yet effective design. You immediately see your outcomes when you touch a card and select its value. Again, this is best suited for beginners and players looking to learn calculating chances.

B. Available for IOS

vi. Fast Poker Odds

Pricing: Free

Poker Odds is the most user-friendly of our options. Everything you want is displayed in the overlay, which works similarly to a solitaire game. You must click and drag the cards onto the participants (up to 10) and into the board. The application accomplishes the job flawlessly and quickly.

Compared to the other applications we tried, it delivers your odds in the fewest steps. Simply dragging a card reveals the results.

vii. Pocket Poker Odds

Pricing: Free

Pocket Poker Odds provides a completely different experience than other poker probability calculators featured on this blog. To begin, the application features a horizontal overlay and a large Calculate icon in the centre of the frame. Still, the design is attractive and clean.

You can easily create randomized scenarios to assist you in practice, which is a nice little bonus if you enjoy the horizontal-styled overlay.

viii. Poker Easy Odds

Pricing: Free

The second application on this list with a horizontal overlay – Poker Easy Odds, is the best option for anyone not looking for a minimally designed application. The overlay is structured to look like a game in itself. However, it is very effective and fast.

One of the app's finest features is that you can pick how quickly you want your results once you add the cards - the more time you allow, the more accurate the outcome will be. It might be especially useful if you are practising by yourself and searching for an application that can give you the highest level of precision.

"Calculate poker odds" is a crucial skill for any poker player seeking to make informed decisions during a game. Understanding the probability of different outcomes based on your hand and the community cards is key to strategic play. To enhance your poker skills, learn how to calculate poker odds effectively.

Available for both IOS and Android

ix. Enterra Poker Calculator

Pricing: Free

With one of the best-looking overlays available online, Enterra Poker Calculator offers a modern appearance and feel. Traditional users may regret the omission of the Calculate icon, but Enterra Poker Calculator offers other great alternatives, like voice and photo input. Instead of clicking on the cards to establish their value, simply saying "Ace of Diamond" or taking a snap of the card will do the job.

If you prefer the conventional Calculate icon, you may encounter some early issues, but otherwise, the application is quite simple to use and extremely accurate.

x. Odds Calculator

Pricing: Free

Contrary to the previous entry, Odds Calculator for Poker is famous for its traditionally simple design and overlay. Because of its white base and easy tap movements, the UI looks incredibly sleek.

The application lets you assess your odds against a single or a range of cards. You can tap and add value to cards and get odds easily and accurately to the river of the game.

This is a must-have for anyone looking to learn the game as an amateur.

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The app mentioned above is a fast and very effective method for calculating all the stats you want. However, you should not depend on software to make these calculations. These apps always carry the possibility of a technical mistake, and also inputting all those card values under stress invites possibilities of human error.

Also, remember that no matter what the poker hand calculator says, you can always face a terrible beat. What seems to be the winning hand has a very tiny chance of occurring. Don't blame the game or yourself for poor performance.

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What is the best poker odds calculator?

  • The best poker odds calculator depends on personal preference and the specific features you're looking for. Some popular options include PokerCruncher, Flopzilla, and Equilab.

How do you calculate poker odds quickly?

  • To calculate poker odds quickly, you can use simplified methods like the Rule of 4 and 2 for estimating your chances of improving your hand by the next street, or use pre-calculated charts and tables for common scenarios.

Do poker odds calculators work?

  • Poker odds calculators can be helpful tools for analyzing situations and making more informed decisions, but they're not infallible and shouldn't replace critical thinking and understanding of the game.

Which is the best online poker app?

  • While opinions on the best online poker app may vary, GetMega is recognized as a popular choice for Indian players, offering a variety of games and features tailored to the local market.

Is poker 100% luck?

  • Poker involves a combination of skill and luck. While luck plays a significant role in individual outcomes, skillful play over the long term can lead to consistent success, indicating that poker is not solely dependent on luck.
Question Answer
How do you calculate poker odds? Poker odds are calculated with a simple formula. You need to count how many out you have. Let’s take an example, if you are drawing a flush hand, you have a total of 13 suited cards among which two are in your hand and two are on the board. So, that leaves 9 outs. Then your poker odds are calculated as (9x4)+4 = 40%
What are the odds of winning poker? The odds of winning at poker are as follows:

1. Dealer’s win - 55.03%
2. Player’s win - 44.91%
3. Tie - 0.06%

How are pre-flop odds calculated? We need to call $75 once our opponent shoves. once calling, the entire pot is roughly 200bb (201bb to be precise however let’s round down). This is sensible on the condition that 2 players with 100bb effective stacks area unit all-in. we'd be finance 75bb of that total (note that we tend to don’t count our initial 25bb 4bet since this is often already a part of the pot).

We’d thence be investing 75/200 or 37.5% of the entire pot. Therefore, 37.5% is our pot-odds expressed as a share. Note that many players still opt to express this as a ratio. i.e. 1.67:1.

Provided the quantity of pot equity we've got exceeds our pre-flop pot odds (37.5%) we are going to have a call that generates profit within the end of the day.

How to calculate poker percentages? Let us understand this by an example: The poker odds against getting a flush hand when a player holds 4 suited cards and 1 more card is going to come is expressed as 4-to-1. In percentage terms, it is calculated as (100/(4+1)) = 20%.
How are poker hand odds calculated? Another example: 25% corresponds to (100/25) = 4. Then (4-1) = 3, giving 3-to-1 odds.
What are the chances of winning in poker? To know this you need to see the poker odds chart.
How are poker points calculated? To calculate the poker points correctly and quickly, you need to use one of the above-mentioned calculators.