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What Is The Brunson Poker Hand?

The Brunson poker hand is a hole card hand combination consisting of the cards ranking 10 (10) and 2 (2). There are a total of 169 hole card hand combinations to start any game of poker. What makes the Brunson poker hand so special is its history. This hand is named after Doyle F Brunson, a professional poker player who has been playing poker professionally for over 50 years and has 2 World Series of Poker championship titles to his name. Brunson was the first player in a poker tournament to win $1 million.

Throughout his career, he has won ten WSOP bracelets and tied with Johnny Chan and Phil Ivey for second all-time. He's also one of only four players to win several times in the World Series of Poker Main Event, which he did in 1976 and 1977. He is also one of only three players to have won WSOP tournaments for four consecutive years, along with Bill Boyd and Loren Klein. Moreover, he is the first of six players to win both the WSOP Main Event and the title of a World Poker Tour. Bluff Magazine named Brunson the most dominant force in the world of poker in January 2006.

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What Is The Significance Of It?

The significance of the Brunson poker hand is that Doyle Brunson won both of this World Series of Poker championship titles with this hole card hand combination in his hand. The World Series of Poker was only in its seventh year in the year 1976, but was rising in popularity. This was also the prime of his poker career and Doyle Brunson was gunning for his first Main Event win. The Brunson poker hand will make its first impact on the world, down to heads-up play against a final-table fixture of the day in Jesse Alto.

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Story Of This Wonderful Poker Hand

Preflop, with his unsuited A-J, Alto lifted an excellent heads-up fist. With his Brunson poker hand, all spades, Doyle called. With 2 hearts and 1 spade, the flop was A-J-10. Alto made a pot-sized bet with the top two pairs on a flop with lots of draws. Brunson almost definitely went all-in with the chip lead on an aggressive play aimed at causing a fold from Alto. Naturally, Alto called by doubling up. The A 2 strengthened Doyle's hand on the turn, but still gave him two smaller pairs than the Aces and Jacks held by Alto. Doyle shot up another 10 on the river for a full-house and the title. The money for the first-place prize was $220,000 that year. In 1977, to make a run at back-to-back World Series of Poker championships, Doyle dominated the field yet again.

Doyle was dealt the Brunson poker hand again, down to heads-up play with the chip lead against the player Bones Berland. He was up against another trash hand in the 8-5 Berland, unlike the final hand of the previous year. Both hands were acceptable, and no player displayed any preflop power. The flop came with a rainbow of 10-8-5, making Doyle's Brunson poker hand the top pair and Berland the bottom two. Both players decided to slow play their hands and the turn helped Doyle get the miracle card ranked 2 for a better pair of two. Doyle bet out this time forcing Berland to raise all-in and Doyle decided to call, of course. Amazingly, with the antithesis of a power hand, the 10 on the river gave Doyle another full house on the river to win his second consecutive World Series of Poker Main Event. His prize was $340,000 for the victory. Texas Dolly went on to the immortality of poker and the 10-2 was known as the Brunson poker hand forever.

The Brunson poker hand has never been more successful in today's world of round-the-clock televised poker, countless books, and an exploding number of new players and fans flocking to the game. In a televised game, if Doyle picks up a Brunson poker hand, he normally messes around with it rather than playing it. This is what makes that televised show so interesting. While sharing a moment with the poker hero, legend, other players at the table also reveal their Brunson poker hand along with Doyle Brunson. Mike Sexton, another poker player and a frequent commentator for most of these televised poker shows also frequently reminded viewers of the rich past of the Brunson poker hand in the world of poker.

What To Do If You Get A Brunson Poker Hand?

The first thing that should go through you mind if you get dealt a Brunson poker hand is that you need to play it and you need to play it well. Having been named after a poker legend by the name of Doyle Brunson, it's completely human of people to think they should play this hand with all they have got. There is undoubtedly some entertainment value attached to playing a pot containing the Brunson poker hand if nothing else. Having said this, there are very high chances that you as a player might end up landing in trouble while trying to play this hand.

If it can happen to a pro like Phil Galfond, then it can happen to a lot of us. To play the Brunson poker hand to perfection, we need to have the skill and the intuition like that of the famous Doyle F Brunson. The problem is, you will usually end up with a very bad side or a stone cold bluff unless you play like Doyle Brunson. Either way, it would always be an expensive proposal to place so much cash in the pot when playing with a Brunson poker hand. Playing with a Brunson poker hand can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

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