Mega Rummy & Mega Poker GST Guides

GST New Rule:

The Govt. of India has amended GST laws to levy 28% GST on every deposit (Face Value) on all online money gaming platforms, effective 1st October 2023.

What this implies for a player:

As per the new GST, any player who deposits in the game must pay a 28% GST on the face value or the deposit amount.

  • GST will not be deducted from the entry fee or for the number of games played.
  • GST will only be deducted when depositing in the game/tournament.
  • Users can add cash to their wallets without any GST or deductions.

Let's Understand Using an Example:

A player who deposits ₹100 will receive ₹78.12 in their account after a 28% GST deduction of ₹21.88.

Useful Update! Mega is here to handle the GST on your behalf, and we're offering a 100% cashback for the GST you'll pay.

New Deposit Calculation

If you deposit ₹100, you will get the full amount of ₹100 in your account.

Players ActionMega Game
Deposit Amount100
28% GST Deduction-21.88
Credited Amount78.12
100% GST Cashback+21.88
Players Will Get100