Top 10 Best Courier Services Companies in India

Top 10 Best Courier Services Companies in India

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Courier companies help individuals and companies transport a package from one point to another. Some courier firms provide service in a particular region or state, whereas some courier firms also provide countrywide services. Many things can determine whether a courier services company is the best courier company in a particular region. These factors include delivery costs, the capacity to deliver goods in bulk, whether the deliveries are timely or not, etc. Based on numerous factors like these, we have shortlisted some best courier service companies in India. Let’s see which are these top courier companies now!

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Top 10 Best Courier Services Companies in India


DTDC is one of the best international courier service companies in the world. It also operates in India and allows businesses and individuals to ship parcels within the same city, state, and across the country. Services like cash on delivery, super-fast delivery options, capacity to handle bulk shipments, etc., make it stand out from the local courier service companies. The people who want to check the standard shipping prices, delivery timelines, etc. or those who need to track shipments can also benefit from the DTC application. DTDC is also an excellent option for businesses because it enables them to deliver the products as per the customer preference.

2.Blue Dart

Established in 1983, Blue Dart is one of India's best courier service companies. It has extended its network in most rural and remote places in India and operates in over 35K pin codes. It serves more than 220 nations across the world. Therefore, it is one of the famous courier companies that can be included in the top courier companies list. Durable packaging, super-fast delivery options, COD, and multiple payment alternatives make it a reliable courier company. E-commerce companies who partner with Blue Dart get the facility of tracking shipment live. Suppose there is any shipment return or cancellation of an order. In that case, the companies can monitor it closely via Blue Dart's shipment services.

3. FedEx

FedEx is an internationally recognised logistics brand that serves major e-commerce companies and businesses in India. It is believed to be among India's best courier service providers because of its ability to handle a wide range of products. One may ship heavy parcels, fragile products, expensive merchandise, and even dangerous products like dry ice and lithium batteries via FedEx. The FedEx shipping application allows customers to monitor both domestic and international shipments.

4. Xpressbees

Though not huge as companies like DHL or Blue Dart, Xpressbees is one of the fastest emerging companies in the logistics sector. It is especially preferred by online businesses that expect to ship their products at the most reasonable prices. Currently, it serves more than 8500 locations in India and is known for providing quick and efficient services. The same day and following day delivery options make it one of the best courier service companies in the country.

5. DHL

DHL is one of the top courier companies in the world. It serves more than 220 nations and operates in more than 26k locations in India alone. Its well-handled network of distributors and logistics partners allows e-commerce companies to regulate their supply chain effectively. The eco-friendly and sustainable measures used to parcel products worldwide make DHL one of the top courier companies for domestic and international shipments.

6. Gati

Gati is an Indian logistics company that was established in 1989. It serves over 19k locations in the country, including 735 Indian districts. Providing efficient warehousing options, transportation methods, and fast delivery options, has enabled e-commerce companies to grow exponentially. Individuals can either avail of its COD option or pick up the parcels directly from the warehouse centres.

7. EKart Logistics

EKart Logistics commenced its operations as the logistics arm of Flipkart, a giant in the e-commerce business, in 2009. However, today, it serves more than 3800 locations in the country and manages thousands of online companies and Flipkart's shipments. Multiple payment methods, including COD, smooth transportation of products from one point to another, and affordable rates make it one of the best courier service firms in the country.

8. Ecom Express

Ecom Express is mainly used by online businesses that deal in high-value goods like gemstones, jewellery, and luxury watches. The secure services and top-rated surveillance options offered by Ecom Express make it a trustable courier services company for such businesses. The other facilities offered by this courier company include quality checks for returned items at the doorstep, super-fast delivery, and assurance of delivery of the goods within 72 working hours. Currently, it serves over 27k locations in India and is planning to expand its network in other pin codes. These reasons make it a worthy addition to the top 10 courier companies list in India.

9. The Professional Couriers

The Professional Couriers has an experience of over 20 years in managing parcels in various regions in India. It has a team of 20k people who work in over 1000 centres located across the country. The Professional Couriers specialise in the supply chain. They support online businesses to reduce their delivery time and earn higher profits through bulk shipments. The clients of this best courier company include government departments, MNCs, financial firms, educational organisations, and public sector companies. By offering timely, reliable, and affordable courier services, it has managed to sustain itself in the competitive logistic market.

10. Delhivery Courier Service

Delhivery Courier Service is one of the best courier service companies in India. It has over a decade of experience handling B2C and B2B business freight. It also offers international shipment services and has delivered more than 650 million shipments, including international and domestic freights. The price of the parcels is calculated based on every bound, which makes it possible for businesses to deliver bulk shipments at economical rates. Their services include facilities to deliver the shipment on the next day or the same day. This company also provides an on-demand shipment facility.


These were the top 10 best courier service enterprises in India. Many other logistics companies offer similar services and shipment tracking facilities, including regional and multinational. It is hard to pick from more than 1000 logistics companies. Therefore, we have included only the most famous courier companies.

Other than these private companies, one may also avail of the courier services offered by the Indian post. It offers domestic and international shipment facilities and charges a reasonable charge. However, there are certain items that you cannot parcel via India post or any other logistics company. One should check their respective websites to learn about these prohibited items.

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