Top 10 International Money Transfer Apps In 2024

Top 10 International Money Transfer Apps In 2024

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Money transfer has become no less than a necessity today. Due to advancements in technology over the years and the development of some of the best international money transfer apps, it has become relatively easy and practical to transfer money to any person globally in just a few seconds! You might want to transfer money, or you might like to share capital, whether it is about paying your kid's fee at an international institution.

But would you like to pay expenses for a money transfer? It feels absurd. Naturally, you would like a convenient, fast, and free way to transfer your money.

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Top 10 Best international money transfer apps in 2024.

Given below are some of the Best International Money Transfer Apps:

1. Wise

  • It has over 5 million users. If your relatives or colleagues live abroad and you are in dire need of money, then Wise is the best international money transfer application for them to send money to you.
  • It allows people to directly send money online to local bank accounts in the country.
  • As of 2024, the Wise app enables international money transfers from 59 countries to India directly and allows holding and converting between 50+ currencies.
  • It uses the real, mid-market exchange rate for all transactions and has a low-cost and transparent fee.
  • Another merit is that there is no restriction on the minimum or maximum amount to be transferred.


  • PayPal is one of the most popular global e-wallets. It is one of the world's best international money transfer apps, which helps you transfer funds to friends or family who have an existing account with PayPal.
  • Although it does not allow direct bank transfer, it still ensures a more secure transaction than other apps.
  • You can not only send money but also request or collect money and make online purchases.
  • Sending money through PayPal can be a lengthy and costly process, but more reliable. Therefore, most people trust this app.


  • This versatile international money transfer app has provided NRI services for the last 16 years. You can send money to local bank accounts in India without extra charges.
  • It guarantees a perfect exchange rate. Its service is available to residents living in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia.
  • If you want to send a large sum of money to any Indian resident, Remit2India is quite the effective option if time is not a constraint.
  • Up to $50000 can be transferred directly to bank accounts without any paper checks or wire transfers, and you can permit up to $200,000 through wire transfers.
  • It is also the best money transfer app for online transactions up to two lakhs INR.

4. InstaReM

  • InstaReM utilizes the actual mid-market exchange rate for transactions. Instead of charging a flat fee, they use a percentage of the transfer amount. It's a modern way to send money internationally nowadays.
  • This app offers international money transfer services in many countries like Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Euro Zone Countries, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with zero-margin exchange rates.
  • There is adequate transparency in the pricing of all transfers. Most of the transactions get completed within one to two days.
  • There are multiple options to send money through Bank Transfers, Electronic Fund Transfers(EFS), or Wired Transfers.


  • Remitly Money transfer app has an excellent money transfer service as it provides speedy, easy, and cost-efficient transfers instantly to local Indian banks.
  • This app enables international money transfer across sixteen countries, including Germany, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
  • Remitly covers around 130 banks throughout India.
  • What's great is that there is no transaction fee for more than one thousand dollars.
    It is a highly advantageous option for sending money abroad to family or colleagues, or acquaintances with a one-time fee. This feature makes it one of India's best international money transfer apps.


  • The world's second-largest money transaction service provider is MoneyGram. It is especially beneficial for its cash pickup.
  • The recipient can pick up the cash at an agent's location, and it is even possible to get money transferred directly into their local bank accounts.
  • It is one of the quickest options among other similar service providers. It can take anywhere between 3 hours and 3-4 days for the beneficiary to receive the money.
  • Although it is advisable to use an online bank account to link with MoneyGram since their fees can be pricey when paying by credit or debit card.


  • This sophisticated app allows international money transfer from over 50 countries to India by the bank to bank medium or mobile recharge.
  • It has received many positive reviews in Apple's AppStore and Google Play Store. So, you can't question its reliability as an international payments app.
  • Using this app, you can transfer money directly to any Indian business or local bank account. It is even possible to add top-ups to local prepaid phones in India.
  • It provides transparency in its exchange rate, much like the above-listed apps. The sender can know the fee which they are getting charged.


  • Since the late 1980s, Ria may seem like a primitive app for international money transfers. But, the truth is that it is cost-effective even at this age.
  • It has around three lakh seventy-seven thousand locations worldwide, an acknowledged and appreciable number. Cash pickups are their specialty.
  • Money can be transferred online at any particular agent location and directly deposited into the recipient's account.
  • It is currently accessible only to United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Spain residents. Sign-up is free, and there is no need for your beneficiary to have an account for transfer.
  • Signing up is preferable since it will list the payment methods to you and the respective exchange rates.

9. OFX

  • OFX is another powerful app for international money transfers of more than 10,000 AUD. They have an exchange rate and a transaction fee of less than 10,000 AUD.
  • This app is more effective in transferring more significant sums of money and is not a great option for sending small amounts. Traders can use OFX traders' google pay to transfer small amounts.
  • Over 80% of all significant transfers occur within 24 hours of receiving the payment at OFX.

10. XOOM

  • It is a PayPal-owned company and offers payment assets for sending money to India from the US, the UK, and Europe.
  • With this international payment app, you can sit back and relax as it offers you a quick way to send money overseas and allows you to transfer money directly into your bank accounts.
  • Indian banks like HDFC, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, and Punjab National Bank are efficiently connected with Xoom since these banks can receive payments in a few minutes.
  • There are no transfer fees for $1,000 and above transactions when paying with your bank account.


Today, there are tons of best international money transfer apps offered by many companies and brands worldwide. However, it is advisable to make a prudent decision while choosing an app, as it might be challenging for you to filter out the best apps with exclusive features. Wise is a cost-effective app that uses the real, mid-market exchange rate for transactions. PayPal is one of the most used and famous transaction apps, though an account is required to use it. Remit2India, InstaReM, Remitly, MoneyGram, WorldRemit, Ria Money Transfers, OFX, and Xoom are the most useful apps to change your international transaction experience.

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