Best Electricity Bill Payment Apps In India

Best Electricity Bill Payment Apps In India

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How do you go about when you want to pay your electricity bills? Thanks to the rise of smartphone technology and the internet, paying your accounts has never been easier.

Gone are the days that we had to line up at the energy company's office to pay electricity bills. Instead, you can pay your electricity bills on time due to the electricity bill payment apps.

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Also, with electricity bill payment apps, you do not have to pay a single rupee extra than what you have to.

This article will discuss the best electricity bill payment apps in India. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide on what is best for you.

Let us dive right into it:

Best Electricity Bill Payment Apps in India

Here are the Top Electricity Bill Payment Apps in India in 2022:

1. Paytm

Paytm is one of the most popular payment apps in India. You can use various digital services like utility payments, travel bookings, and entertainment ticketing through the Paytm application.

With this application, you can pay for your electricity bills. You can pay your Mumbai Electricity Supply Company (MESCOM) using Paytm.

This application will allow you to make payments either in advance or on the due date. You can also see the amount you have already paid and what you are supposed to pay.

It makes it easy to keep track of your Paytm electricity bill as the app will send you notifications.

How to use Paytm:

Register for a Paytm account by entering your mobile number, email ID, and some personal details.

Attach your bank account details to get money from your bank to your Paytm wallet.

You can also link your existing airtel/Vodafone number, and you will receive a one-time password (OTP). It means you won't have to key in a 6-digit code every time you make any payment.

To make a Paytm electricity bill payment, you will only be required to enter your details as registered by the power company. Once you enter and confirm the exact amount you want to pay, you continue and execute the payment.

Paytm is one of the best electricity bill payment apps in India.

2. Freecharge

In 2010, in collaboration with Sandeep, Kunal Shah founded this app. Established to offer the services such as recharges, payment of bills, UPI money transfers and buying gift cards.

Freecharge electricity bill payment app comes with a virtual card that you can use for online and offline payments. It is a very reliable platform.

Freecharge offers cashback and discounts when you use it to pay for categories such as travel, food, and entertainment.

You can also make electricity bill payments simple, fast, and secure using FreeCharge. It is a straightforward procedure, and it will even remind you when your bill is due.

The free charge provides its users with a pay later feature. Freecharge users will be able to acquire services they will pay for later.

3. Phonepe

  1. Phonepe electricity bill paymenti app is a very reliable bill payment app available in India. With Phonepe, you can pay your bills, send/receive money, and shop at your favourite store.
  2. Phone Pe app provides you with a simple way to pay electricity bills online using your mobile device. You have to just click on electricity, enter your details, and pay.
  3. Indian banking apps are gaining much popularity among smartphone users. But there are many Indians who are still unbanked and lack smartphones.
  4. Now, what will you do if you do not have a smartphone? Phonepe realised this problem and decided to formulate a solution for the problem.
  5. It allows users to pay their electrical bills simply by dialling an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number. They can do this from their landline or mobile number.
  6. This feature makes phone pe stand out as one of India's best electricity bill payment apps.

4. MobiKwik

In 2009, in collaboration with Bipin Preet, Upasana Taku founded this mobile wallet payment company.

It provides both cashless and digital payment solutions to its users. For example, MobiKwik will allow you to pay your electricity bills directly to the app.

You have to fill in your billing information to start and then proceed to pay. Mobikwik has an easy-to-use user interface where you can track your electricity bill payments.

You can view your current balance and previous bills in case of any queries on electricity bill payment. MobiKwik also offers Prepaid and Postpaid electricity bill payments.

Digital services here may include:

  • Shopping online at your favourite store
  • DTH recharge
  • Payment for Gas and Water bills
  • Send money to your friends and family.
  • MobiKwik launched a new MobiKwik UPI payment feature that allows its users to send money in seconds.

5. Google Pay

Google Pay is a payment service that Google offers. It has a wide range of uses, such as online shopping and sending money to friends and family.

Google Pay has features that make it easy to pay your electricity bill in India. For example, Google Pay will send notifications to remind you of your electricity bill payments.

With Google Pay, you can scan a QR code for payment of a particular service. Google Pay also has excellent security features to help keep your payment secure.

In a case where you are paying for the electricity bills, you might have to verify your fingerprint and enter your password. This feature makes it a very secure app for online payment.

You can also link a bank account to google pay and then use it to pay for electricity bills.


Bharat Interface for Money is a mobile app developed by a corporation in India called the NPCI.

With this app, you can make payments directly withdrawn from your bank account. The app will also allow users to collect money from others using Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Payments.

For electricity bill payments on the app, you will have to select electricity and enter your biller's information. You can then proceed and approve the payment.

You can also use this app to carry out loan repayment, water/gas bills, and life insurance.

Features of BHIM UPI:

  • Ease of money transfer
  • You can get your balance inquiry.
  • It is easy to request money transfers within the app.
  • The app has a scan and pays feature that is convenient for payments.
  • There is the freedom to add a bank account of choice.
  • BHIM UPI is a very convenient payment app in India. You can easily keep track of your electricity bill payments.

7. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment app owned by Amazon, the largest e-commerce company. Using Amazon pay, you can generate a UPI ID and shop easily at your favourite store.

Electricity bill payment on amazon pay is easy. First, you have to open the app and locate the pay bills menu. You can now add the state you reside from and enter the company to collect the bill.

You can key in the required amount for payment and Approve them accordingly. The process is fast and secure for electricity bill payments in India.


If you are looking for the best electricity bill payment apps for your electricity bill payment, I sure hope that this article has helped you decide.

So if you have a smartphone, the apps we have discussed above will help you pay your electricity bills quickly and securely.

Billing of payments using apps will genuinely change our lives and how we used to handle cash. We can spend time on better things rather than in a line waiting to pay the electricity bill.

The future for electricity bill payment in India looks promising. As days move forward, we cannot wait to see what the apps have in store for us.

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