Best 30 Paid Android Games That Are Worth Spending On.

Best 30 Paid Android Games That Are Worth Spending On.

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Everyone wants to play the best android games on play store that offers top-notch features. But to avail of those world-class features and enhance our gaming experience, we have to make some in-app purchases.

Spending a couple of dollars lets us enjoy the entire game, get rid of unwanted ads, and many more exceptional features. But again, the question arises, which are the best paid android games we should purchase? Fortunately, we have listed the top paid games for android devices. This list of 30 best android paid games will help us choose the best android games on play store and worth our money!

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Best 30 Paid Games For Android.

Here is the list:

1. Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the best paid android games to explore endless adventures and construct everything from the most basic homes to majestic castles.

Price: $7.49

2. The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

A Norse-inspired fantasy adventure game, venturing on an epic journey to free up your people and indulge in tactical combat, which will necessitate the use of your best strategies.

Price: $9.99

3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


The beloved Castlevania series is now the best paid android game. Slash your way through Dracula's vast castle, encountering a diverse array of enemies and characters.

Price: $2.99

4. Dead Cells


Dead Cells is one of the best paid games on play store of the last decade. Explore the sprawling elements of a true gaming masterpiece to discover what happened on this bleak island!

Price: $6.29

5. Downwell

Down well

Downwell is a fascinating android paid game. Let’s dig deeper into the darkness, past mysterious secrets and nasty creatures, to collect the spectacular red gems scattered among the rocks.

Price: $2.99

6. Evoland 1 and 2


Evoland is an action-adventure top paid game for android that transports us through the iconic journey and RPG gaming history. If you enjoy tactical RPGs, you should give them a shot.

Price: $2.99 for Evoland 1 & $4.99 for Evoland 2

7. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VIII is one of the best premium android games. The game requires almost 3GB of space, thus making it the most heavy game for android. It is a massive JRPG that isn't for everyone, but if you are bored of the same old JRPG mechanics, give Final Fantasy VIII a shot!

Price: $20.99

8. Grimvalor


Grimvalor is both an action RPG and a fun platformer. Take advantage of the outstanding combat and adventure. You can even try the first act out before you buy it.

Price: $7.59

9. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


GTA Vice City is one of the top paid games for android where we arrive in a town full of delights and degradation after combining open-world gameplay with a character-driven narrative.

Price: $4.99

10. Holedown


Holedown is well worth your money if you are a fan of puzzle-based games. Dig deep underground by shooting balls and breaking blocks to reach the planet's cores. Strategize carefully and aim for maximum impact.

Price: $3.99

11. GRID Autosport

Grid Autosports

GRID Autosport game's content is more than sufficient to place it among the best paid Android games. The game provides an enticing blend of simulation handling and real-time strategy thrills.

Price: $9.99

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Price: $9.99

13. Monument Valley 1 & 2

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is among the top paid games for android. Explore a mysterious journey through sensational architecture and elusive geometry in which we guide a stoic princess through a breathtakingly beautiful world.

Price: $3.99 for MV 1 & $4.99 for MV 2

14. Muse Dash

Muse Dash

Muse Dash involves a short and sweet rundown with simple two-tap controls and fascinating characters, but it is among the most heavy game for android. Dance to the music and defeat your opponents in the air and on the ground.

Price: $2.99

15. Oxenfree


Oxenfree is among the best premium android games. It is a narrative-driven adventure game that follows a group of teenagers who become trapped on a haunted island.

Price: $4.99

16. Reigns: Her Majesty


Swipe left or right to become the regal leader of the nation, engage with your advisors, and emanate royal decrees. Just don't let things get out of hand, or your head will be chopped off.

Price: $2.99

17. The Room


One of the best games for android phone is The Room. The game offers us to solve intricate puzzles to discover the hidden secrets within all mysterious machines.

Price: $0.99

18. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is one of the best mobile games in the world. In this award-winning open-ended farming RPG, relocate to the countryside and cultivate a new life!

Price: $0.99

19. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars

It is the best story mode games for android mobile, and many consider it one of the best RPGs ever made. It is also one of the most heavy game for android, but its excellent gameplay makes it the best paid android game.

Price: $9.99

20. Thumper: Pocket Edition


Thumper, dubbed "rhythm violence," combines skull-pounding rhythms with an energetic track to traverse and strangely attempt to destroy a floating head. It is recognized as the best premium game on android devices.

Price: $4.99

21.Out There: Omega Edition

Out There

Out There is a challenging strategy game where we must survive by tinkering with our ship drifting in space and spot garden planets to replenish our oxygen supply.

Price: $4.76

22. Unmaze


Unmaze is one of the best game in android. In this Greek mythology-inspired visual novel, we play as Ariadne, and it is up to us to guide Asterion and Theseus out of the labyrinth.

Price: $5.49

23. Vampire: The Masquerade - Night Road

Vampire Night Road

This epic text-based adventure/RPG is ideal for Vampire: The Masquerade fans looking forward to the release of Bloodlines 2.

Price: $0.268

24. Whispers of a Machine

Whisper of Machine

Whispers of a Machine is among the top paid games. It is a point-and-click adventure game. It's a fantastic game that keeps you engrossed the entire time you play.

Price: $4.5

25. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush

Prepare to take action and show the Kingdom who's boss in this tower defence strategy based defence and war game. It’s our time to join the best premium game for android mobile.

Price: $0.77

26. Sky Dancer Premium

Sky Dancer

If you want to play an action-movie-style running game, you can spend some money on Sky Dancer Premium-a best game in android devices. Run and jump across perilous cliffs between flying islands, avoiding large boulders.

Price: $0.21

27. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Mordern combat

It is an action FPS game and the best story mode games for android that pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming even further.

Price: $7.71

28. Crashlands

Crash lands

It is a game of crafting and adventure and is among the best paid android games. Use your wisdom and intelligence to reclaim your packet while also saving the world from an alien named Hewgodooko.

Price: $7.60

29. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Shadow of Death

Immerse into the darkness to enjoy the massive pocket-sized fantasy RPG of all time. It is one of the best paid android games in which we can unlock all four characters, including fan favourite Lunae.

Price: $0.36

30. Suzy Cube

Suzy Cube

It is one of the best paid android games with a simple design and excellent gameplay. In this bright, fun, and surprise-filled 3D game, rediscover the simple joy of recovering the castle's lost treasure, stolen by dastardly Skulls.

Price: $5.02

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