Yankee Bet-Learn How To Place This Bet Using Calculations

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It is rumored that a Yankee Bet is named after an American soldier who had once placed a small bet in the UK. As the story goes, he was working on multiple roll-over mechanics and won hundreds of thousands of pounds in the end.

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Taking a cue from the Yankee or the soldier from our story, if you are placing your bets on four separate events and you want to win each of them, placing a Yankee Bet is an easy way to win big on multiples, even if any two, three or all four of your picks are successful.

Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s dive in to know more—

What is a Yankee Bet?

Most popularly used in horse racing betting, a Yankee bet is a 4-selection wager in different events that consists of 11 bets of equal value, these include—six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold accumulator.

To get a return from a Yankee, at least two of your selections must be successful. This is mainly because a Yankee bet has no single bets, therefore at least two of your selections must win to get a return on the bet. However, you should know that the return from just two selections is not likely to be greater than the original stake.

Long story short, what is a Yankee? It is simply a way of earning a return on your money, even if not all of your selections are successful. You can also place a ‘win only’ Yankee or an each-way Yankee bet.

How does a Yankee bet work?

Before getting into the details of how a Yankee works, you should know that when you place a Yankee, it is not compulsory that all your four selections win to receive a payout.

Let’s consider an example—

Horse A to win the 13:50 Horse B to win the 14:30

Horse C to win the 15:10 Horse D to win the 15:50

Now, if you think Horse A and Horse B could be winners, you get returns on the one double that they create. Everything else would be a loser.

If Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C all win, you get returns on the three doubles and one treble that those selections create.

If Horse A, Horse B, Horse C, and Horse D all win, you get returns on the six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold that those selections create.

Why make a Yankee Bet?

  • With a Yankee, you can place multiples and get a return even if two or three of all your selections are successful.
  • If you are confident that the majority of your choices have a chance to win, then placing a Yankee bet will get you a good return on your stake.
  • One of the other benefits of a Yankee bet is that it good to back selections that don’t or won’t pay you a particularly attractive return as single bets, since they trade at shorter odds.
  • When all four selections that you pick are expected to deliver, a Yankee bet doesn’t go for singles, instead focuses its stakes on bringing you more handsome returns on multiple bets, thus making way for potential profits.
  • The major benefit of a Yankee is that it takes fewer risks and stretches the risk towards the end. As such, you have opportunities to create profit throughout the game. Moreover, you can also plan remaining bets later in the game, thus giving you a high chance of winning.
  • With a Super Yankee, you also have the chance to win from 26 bets. This could become extremely profitable when you get close to a payout.

Drawbacks of a Yankee

  • One of the major complaints among betters is that a Yankee isn't allowed to stake different amounts on the different multiples.  All the amounts included within the bet have to be the same. Even if you wish to stake less on the four-fold than the doubles, or if you wish to stake higher on the singles, doubles, and trebles, you may not be able to do so.
  • Another disadvantage is that a Yankee bet requires a higher stake. With 11 bets instead of one, the stake is bound to be much higher.
  • A Yankee bet usually pays out less than a typical accumulator. This is a massive drawback for most traditionalists.

How much does a Yankee bet cost?

When you place a Yankee, the stake amount that you enter into your bet slip is multiplied by 11 to cover all the bets that you place. Make sure that you double-check your stake amount before you place your bet.

How to make a Yankee Bet calculation?

Let’s suppose you are Yankee betting for a horse race. By looking at a horse racing card, you select a single horse from four different races, who according to your knowledge have a good chance of winning, so you put them together in a Yankee bet.

Now, if all the four horses that you bet on in a Yankee bet win, you get paid out on each of the 11 bets. However, if one horse loses, you get paid out on the bet that does not involve the losing horse.

Furthermore, if you use horses that have odds of 13.1, 7.1, 3.0, and 2.38 and each of them wins, you get a total return of Rs. 14,856.25 from your Rs.10 Yankee bet on each selection (Rs. 110 in total). An online calculator, simplify and define Yankee bet winnings for you. You can also see different winnings based on odds and the number of winners.

How to work out Yankee bet winnings?

  • First, you need to choose four different viable choices to place your bet on.
  • Next, you create an account on GetMega.
  • Then, you place your bet. For that, you need to select each of your four selections to the same bet slip. You will notice that the Yankee bet is one of the available options on the bet slip.
  • Now, you simply have to enter your stake on the wager and confirm the bet.
  • If only 1 or none of your four selections win, your payout is 0. If your 2 horses that win are at 2.38 and 7.1 and you have bet Rs 10 on each of the 11 bets, your return from betting will be Rs. 166.25, winning you a profit of Rs. 56.25.

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Which sports offer Yankee Betting?

Nearly every sport allows you to use Yankee bets that combine different selectors together. Common examples are Cricket, Football, and Horse racing.

When should I place a Yankee Bet?

If you think that two or more selections could win in a game, then you have good chances of placing a Yankee bet.

What happens if you have a non-runner in your Yankee bet?

If you are betting on horse races and if one of your horses ends up as a non-runner, this is not an ideal situation. What happens next will depend on the operator you have chosen. Normally, in such cases, the bets go ahead as normal. For instance, if there is a non-runner and the three other selections win, then you get paid out on the fourfold as a treble.

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