The Top 10 Horse Jockeys In India And The World

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Indian Horse racing has been around since the age of kings when people rode for entertainment and training. In recent times though, horse racing has become one of the coveted activities not only as an enjoyable sporting event but also as a source of betting.

Aside from the betting odds and vigas associated with this noble sporting event, there are important aspects that you need to know before you place bets on horse racing. The components on the field include the condition of the field itself, the health of the horse, and the jockeys who influence their performance.

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Horse jockeys are self-employed professionals who are hired by the trainers to ride the horses for a fee and a percentage of the winnings. They play a major role in the race, almost as much as the horse to ensure the success of the animal. Therefore, before you bet on horse races, it is important to know about the top 10 horse jockeys in India who influence the game.

Top 10 horse jockeys in India

There are several horse jockeys in India(best horse rider in india) but if you want the horse you bet on to win, you really need one of the top 10 horse jockeys in India riding them. This list of the top 10 horse best jockey in India(Top 10 indian jockeys) is based on the Indian jockey statistics:

1. Akhade Sandesh

Indian Jockey’s profile: Sandesh started his career racing streak back in the Bishop Wulstan race in Ireland. He did not win in that particular event but his resolve was strong to become one of the Indian top jockeys. He went on to compete in the Good Racing event in the United States, and this time he won.

Akhade Sandesh

A. Sandesh Jockey is regarded as one of the famous horse riders in India to set a record for 151 wins in the span of a year. His wins were composed of 64 triumphs in the Mumbai Racing Season itself.

2. Suraj Narredu

Indian Jockey’s profile: Suraj narredu is the son of trainer and ex-jockey Satish Narredu and nephew of another ex-jockey Malesh Narredu, so you can say jockeying runs in the family. He was the winner of McDowell's Indian Derby back in 2015 and has since won 3 more Indian Derby races consecutively in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

 Suraj narredu

Not only is he a dedicated jockey who practices around the globe but he also won the International Jockeys Challenge too with races in Malaysia, Macau, and Mauritius.

3. Pradeep Singh Chauhan

Indian Jockey’s profile: As one of the leading famous horse riders in India, Chauhan or ps chouhan jockey has been on the horse racing circuits for about two decades. He won the 10th race in which he participated, and then there was no stopping him. He is one of the best Indian top jockeys as evidenced by his career winnings.

Pradeep Singh Chauhan

The most remarkable achievement for Chauhan came when he crossed the ‘1000 winners’ mark. The first 500 wins took 12 years to achieve but the next 500 wins came in the short span of 3 years. No wonder he is possibly the best horse rider in the world best jockey or at least one of them.

4. T.S. Jodha

Indian Jockey’s profile: The Jodha's has a reputation as the best jockeys and trainers. T.S. Jodha entered his first race with Atomic Power in Delhi, India. It took him 3 days to achieve his first win with Revan Star in Bangalore, India.

 T.S. Jodha

Since then, T. S. Jodha has gone on to keep up his winning streaks, striving to become one of the famous horse riders in India. He has entered over 800 races and won almost 46% of them. We have high hopes for this jockey’s future.

5. Kirtish Bhagat

Indian Jockey’s profile: One of the Indian horse racing jockeys known for his style and confidence is Kritish. His passion for the sport shows on the field right from his mount to the point when he reaches the finish line.

Kirtish Bhagat

Kritish is one of the Indian top jockeys who follows the style of Richard Hughes and knows the exact techniques of when to dally and when to crouch down in style.

6. S. Zervan

Indian Jockey’s profile: He is regarded as one of the most skilled Indian horse racing jockeys who usually performs with the top trained horses who are favorites to win. He is relatively younger than most of the top 10 horse jockeys in India.

 S. Zervan

His penchant for riding the best in order to win has built a streak with him racing horses like Maple Star, Silver Birch, and other winning horses throughout his career.

7. Akshay Kumar

Indian Jockey’s profile: Akshay kumar jockey is comparatively much less experienced than the top names on this list of top 10 horse jockeys in India. He started riding under the tutelage of SSF Hassan in Hyderabad but was soon introduced to the season races. From there on, Akshay has proved his caliber over and over again, surpassing well-known names.

Akshay kumar jockey

We have no doubt that we will soon hear of Akshay Kumar breaking the records set by his predecessors to become one of the Indian top jockeys.

8. Dashrath Singh

Indian Jockey’s profile: Dashrath is among the few top 10 horse jockeys in India who not only respects his career but understands the value of healthy competition. He is soft-spoken and humble, which only adds to his charms but on the field, the man is one of the Indian top jockeys.

Dashrath sing

When he was a youngster on the field, Dashrath managed to win 7 races in one weekend alone. Since then, he has ridden the best-trained horses and won a high number of races.

9. Yash Narredu

Indian Jockey’s profile: Another excellently skilled Indian horse racing jockey at the RWITC is Yash Narredu. His claim to fame comes from being the best horse rider in the world at such a tender age. He entered over 1500 races before he was 23 years old and won 190 of them.

Yash Narredu

He is an inspiration to young aspirants in the field not to mention for those who are looking for guidance to follow their own passion to succeed like him.

10. Aniket Karande

Indian Jockey’s profile: Aniket Karande is another among the names of Indian horse racing jockeys who is regarded for a high number of wins in a short period of time. Karande began racing with his first runner at the end of 2018 with Smile of Courage at Bangalore, India. He won with Calico Jack in Ooty, India. Since then, he has entered in races to gain a winning record of nearly 36%. He still has a long way to go, which we hope will help achieve better Indian jockey statistics. However, he certainly deserves a space on this list of top 10 horse jockeys in India due to his persistence.

Aniket Karande

Top 10 horse jockeys in the world

Horse racing is not only a favored sporting event in the subcontinent of India but one of the most popular activities that inspire sports betting on a global scale. While the famous horse riders in India do have an upstanding reputation to maintain, there are those jockeys who have carved their names in history on an international level.

Here is a list of the top 10 horse jockeys in the world or best horse jockey in the world:

1. Ruby Walsh

One of the regarded jumps-jockeys hailing from Ireland, Ruby Walsh retired in 2019. He has a whopping record of 59 victories at the British Isles national premier event. At the festival 11 times, he was one of the top jockeys and has quite a reputation.

 Ruby Walsh

He has long-term associations with Paul Nicholis and Willie Mullins, champion trainers of his time.

2. Russel Blaze

Russel is one of the unmatched jockeys around the world who may not be as famous but his penchant for winning certainly earned him a spot on this list of top 10 horse jockeys in the world.

Russel Blaze

Russel has 13000 winning rides to his name and even though he did not achieve much in the Breeder’s Cup races and US Triple Crown, this rider from Canada is certainly one of the best jockeys worldwide.

3. Sir Tony McCoy

A legend in the field of horse jockeying, Sir Tony McCoy gained an unparalleled reputation for his passion for the sport. He holds a record for 20-time consecutive jump champion and another for most wins in a single season at the National Hunt. He led 289 rides in the latter campaign.

Sir Tony McCoy

His desire to win marked him as the best horse rider in the world and he was put on retainer by JP Mcmanus. He has ridden the most possible winners in history.

4. Laffit Pincay Junior

The best horse rider in the world, at least in regards to South America, is Laffit Pincay Jr. He was a 7-time jockey for the championship and earned a hefty sum of cash prizes for his incredible performance.

Laffit Pincay Junior

He started his career in Panama but soon became one of the most regarded jockeys in America. He made a 9.53 career-winning mark before retiring as the most successful horse jockey of his time.

5. Frankie Dettori

This Italian stud had a reputation for his flying dismounts on Godolphin, who was a thoroughbred racehorse. They partnered for 20 years together in the worldwide association and made quite the splash.

Frankie Dettori

He has over 3000 wins in his career and has tried every trick in the book, making him the best horse rider in the world to this day. He has close associations with the top names in the industry and continues to explore thrilling adventures.

6. Mike Smith

Mike E. Smith is very popular in the circuits for his whopping 5500+ wins throughout his career. The talented jockey won the Breeder’s Cup in 26 races and continued to make his mark till he retired.

Mike E. Smith

At the age of 52, he finally won the US Triple Crown while riding Justify, which only goes to show that if you are passionate about what you do, age is just an irrelevant number.

7. Sir Gordon Richards

One of the best horse riders in the world at the turn of the 1900s, Sir Gordon Richards has 4800+ winnings to his name. He is a 26-time champion on the circuit and set records in his career that is seriously hard to break.

Sir Gordon Richards

Soon after retiring from jockeying, he became a trainer for fine racehorses.

8. John R. Velazquez

John Velazquez has made more money in his career than any horse jockey, close to 415 million dollars and counting. The Puerto Rican horse rider has achieved 6100 and more wins in his career but he still strives to win the US Triple Crown.

John Velazquez

He commonly partners with highly-regarded thoroughbreds Scat Daddy and Kitten’s Joy.

9. Lester Piggott

The best horse rider in the world is a title that suits Lester for several reasons. For one, he holds the longevity success sustained through the UK and Ireland, he is referred to as ‘The Longfellow,’ and his riding style is a testament to his winning tactics.

Lester Piggott

Aspiring equestrians try to copy Lester’s style to date and try to learn from his career-best performances, including the 11-time UK championship for flat jockeying. There is a horse racing award system named ‘The Lesters’ to commemorate this extraordinary rider.

10. Bill Shoemaker

Not one of the best but the best horse rider in the world is Bill Shoemaker. With 8883 wins in his career and 123 million dollars in earnings from jockeying, Bill has a reputation on the field that no one can beat.

Although he never succeeded in earning all three prizes in the US Triple Crown, he rode 11 winners in the races. His career strike of 21% is another reason that jockeys today admire his passion for the sport.

Bill Shoemaker

He entered the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame for his career records and won the US Jockey championships 5 times in the 1950s alone. After 41 years of jockeying, Bill became a trainer and earned 3.7 million dollars from training the best upcoming winners.

Horse jockeying is a highly-regarded and well-paying career for anyone who has a passion for the sport. For sports punters and racers, it is very important to take note of the successful jockeys in the field before they indulge in active participation. We hope you find these lists helpful.

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