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Gambling is a fine activity that involves an individual taking a risk and wagering their money in the hopes that they will win. Most gambling activities involve luck, although some of them do call for mathematical skills and an ability to quantify the stakes against you.

In most countries, gambling is limited to licensed casinos where people can play their favorite gambling games against the house or other beginner and professional gamblers to win money. Some forms of gambling also involve betting on sporting events and animal races but when speaking of the biggest gamblers in the world or best gambler in the world, they usually make their money at casinos.

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The idea is to choose an event, be it a card game like Blackjack, or spin games like roulette, or even slot games, and wager a sum of money on the likelihood of the outcome. If the stakes are in your favor, then you end up winning. However, seeing as these are games of chance, you may also end up losing your wager.

It takes time and strategy to earn from gambling and you can learn special tactics from the best gamblers in the world that we are about to discuss.

biggest gambler in world

List of the ten most famous gamblers in the world

The biggest gamblers around the world have made a name for themselves by indulging in various games but specializing in anyone. Here’s a list of the best gamblers in the world and the gambling game that made them rich and famous:

1. Daniel Negreanu

Titled as the best poker player of this generation, he is one of the richest gamblers in the world. His keen ability to keep his opponents on their toes while he engages in small talk and gets inside their heads is as legendary as they come.

2. Phil Ivey

Another richest gambler in the world who made his money playing poker is Phil Ivey. He is regarded as the best professional gambler due to his innate skills and the 10 WSOP bracelets that he holds.

3. Alan Woods

He began his gambling habits at the casino slot machines for fun. Soon, he started indulging in betting on horse races, playing poker, and other casino games. After his wife left, Alan became a professional gambler in Blackjack and also made an astounding $670 million in Australian horse races.

4. Edward Thorp

A master of card counting with mathematical probability, Edward is unarguably one of the best and biggest gamblers in the world. He can deduce the possibility of the cards yet to be dealt out by subliminally analyzing the available hands at the table.

5. Joseph Jagger

He has such a keen eye for details that he was one of the first biggest gamblers in the world to exploit roulette games. He observed how the ball occasionally lands on certain numbers due to the surface of the table and started betting on those to emerge as the most famous gamblers in roulette.

6. Bill Benter

Horse races provide information to punters so they can make winning decisions. Bill took it a step ahead by devising a software program that analyzes patterns and probabilities to help horse race bettors earn more. He tested it out himself and made billions.

7. Tony Bloom

He started his career as a poker player and soon became one of the famous gamblers. He took his winnings and started a company that provides consultation services to punters betting on sporting events.

8. Bill Kaplan

One of the biggest gamblers in the world who achieved a 4% edge on the house with his innate skills in Bill Kaplan. He analyzed shuffling and dealing patterns in Blackjack to make a fortune. His success story was made into a movie starring Kevin Spacey where Bill made an appearance.

9. Zeljko Ranogajec

Another name among famous gamblers who made a fortune was Zeljko. Using his mathematical skills, he gained an edge on Blackjack tables.

10. Archie Karas

A champion of Razz tables, Archie played the casino games and made ‘The Run’ in the 90s. He analyzed the games at the table and made quick decisions that helped him triple the amount in his bankroll and clear all his debts as well as build himself a nice nest egg.

These biggest gamblers in the world had one thing in common. They were all dedicated to observing, learning, and using their skills to earn from these games with a healthy mindset that accepts wins and losses in equal measures.

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List of the 10 famous and best gamblers in India

Some of the best and most famous gamblers in India or biggest gambler in india are popular for achieving fame and fortune in their primary careers. However, the love for the games of chance draws everyone into its cycle, especially when the individuals are intelligent with a love for skill-based games.

Here’s a list of the famous gamblers in India, who we suspect are soon going to become the biggest gamblers in the world:

1. Arjun Rampal

This Bollywood actor took his affiliations with gambling to a whole new level when he started indulging in sports bets and horse races, thus amassing quite the net worth.

2. Raj Babbar

Not only known as a veteran actor and a regarded politician, but Raj Babbar also has an affinity for gambling games and is frequently seen indulging in private gambling events.

3. Jitendra

Another veteran Bollywood actor found his knack for gambling. He took it as far as to set up tables at his residence where other actors often partake in spirited gambling games with him and his family.

4. Sikander Kher

An actor with a passion for poker games is Sikander Kher. Not only is he frequently found at poker tables but he took his love for the game to the Ultimate Gambling Championship and made it into the final rounds.

5. Abhinav Iyer

The best gambler in India with a WSOP bracelet is Abhinav Iyer who became the first professional gambler from India to achieve this feat.

6. Vivek Rajkumar

A diverse player but one of the best gamblers in India is Vivek Rajkumar. He earned a lot of his net worth on poker tables but also indulges in betting on sports events.

7. Murkha Nayanar

One of the first recorded and best gamblers in India was Murkha who devoted his life to the worship of Shiva and proved that devotion by gambling.

8. Raghav Bansal

A professional gambler in Poker is regarded as one of the best gamblers in India. He indulges in card games as well as Football betting from time to time.

9. Aditya Agarwal

One of the best gamblers in India who found a passion for poker and secured his position as the fourth in the country is Aditya Agarwal.

10. Nipon Java

One of the famous gamblers in India is Nipon Java who not only made a killing in poker games throughout the country but also played the WSOP events.

Much like the biggest gamblers in the world, these famous gamblers from India also displayed extreme dedication and determination to make a name for themselves.

What strategies do the biggest gamblers in the world follow?

It is not easy becoming one of the biggest gamblers in the world with the fortune to accompany that title. Most beginner gamblers enter the field with no strategy and no means of revival. The thing is, when gambling, you need a defined plan. The game is based on chance but you need to have a plan for your participation, wagers, winnings, and maintaining a healthy bankroll.

We have the strategies that professional gamblers, who are also the best gamblers in the world use:

  • For starters, keep a cap on utilizing your bankroll. It is ideal to keep your savings and livelihood expenses separated in another bank account and use a different one for gambling. In this special account too, check the balance and only allot 2-5% of the total amount to gamble with on any given day. When you win money from this allotted cash, you will only use that to gamble in more games on that day. If you don’t win, let it go. Some days are better than others, so play on another day.
  • Master the art of card counting and use it to play Blackjack on tables that provide high returns. If you get 100% returns on a table, it signifies that you break even so you can play odds for higher than 100% returns to make profits. The biggest gamblers in the world use a Blackjack chart for practice so they can identify the best hand combinations at a glance.
  • Play poker games with good strategy. If you are not in a blinds-position, take a look at your cards before you wager money in the pot. If the cards are average or lower, just fold. If your cards are good but not too promising, only call the low raises. If you have a winning poker hand, raise the bets slowly and consistently till the last round where you can go big.
  • Slot machines are completely luck-based games that hardly ever payout. Professional gamblers never waste their time on slots, keno, lotteries, etc. since you can’t plan ahead.
  • Explore offline and online channels for gambling. Sometimes the offline platforms offer good payoffs and benefits to high-rollers and they have a higher range of games. On the other hand, online gambling offers several bonuses that are distributed with zero bias towards the players’ level of expertise. The biggest gamblers in the world balance their time between online gambling and physical casinos.
  • The most important strategy that the biggest gamblers in the world use, is developing consistency in their gameplay and a poker face, regardless of which game they play. These strategies used by famous gamblers are optimized to reduce your losses and elevate your profits. However, you need to develop your own strategies that are best suited to your skills.

How to become the most successful and richest gambler in the world?

In order to become the best gambler in India or richest gambler in India or to become the richest gambler in the world, you need to take the rules of gambling games and special skills into account. It all starts with a good strategy.

  • Develop a healthy gambler’s attitude. You will win some games and some you may lose but it is not the end of the world. If you get flustered and try to chase your losses to make up for them, you might end up losing more, so be calm.
  • Although classified as a game of skill rather than luck, Poker is still a high-paying gambling game. The advantage of poker is you can strategize your moves and alter them whenever required. The best gamblers in the world are notoriously invested in poker games.
  • Learn the much-needed mathematical skills to quickly calculate the probabilities and count cards, choose the roulette bets, and determine the odds of your win.
  • Practice consistency and develop a poker face. Most skill-based games are played against opponents or the house. You need to be subtle to win. Take the example of the biggest gamblers in the world. You can keep chattering or sit like the world is about to end. Either way, pick a style and be consistent about how you act at the tables.
  • Know the games in and out. You need to be familiar with the rules, available tools, and strategies used by famous gamblers.
  • Last but not least, only wager what you have. Take some time to practice gambling games on free platforms for a while, without cheating. Once you have your strategies in place, only then indulge in live gambling, be it online or offline.

You can easily become the best gambler in India, or very well the richest gambler in the world if you partake in the activity with a little forethought. You don’t become a professional gambler overnight. It is a process that takes time, investment, and a willingness to succeed much like any other profession.

If you put in the time to learn and develop your skills, there will be nothing stopping you from joining the ranks among the biggest gamblers in the world.

biggest gambler in india

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