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Roulette is a rather exciting and high-earning casino game that was invented in France. At the face of it, the game appears to be pretty simplistic and easy to follow. It is somewhat true but the styles of betting and the different strategies that you need to use in order to win money in roulette make the game fairly tougher.

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You need a good roulette strategy if you want to beat the odds at a game that is almost based on luck. The concept of the gameplay is to place bets on roulette slots that are marked red, black, or green and they contain numbers. Once all the players make their bets, the dealer spins the roulette wheel and throws in the roulette ball. When the wheel and ball both come to a stop, it will indicate the winning number.

As you can probably tell, the spinning of the wheel and the number picked by the ball are almost based on luck. We say almost because some wheels may be rigged or biased, which is not cool. Regardless, since the roulette roll is not in your control, what you can do is use the best roulette strategy for betting and tip the odds in your favor. Luckily, in roulette, you can bet on several numbers, even more than half of the roulette mat if you like.

Now that you know how to play, let us take a look at the possible strategies that you can use so you can identify the best roulette strategy for you.

Best winning strategies with details

Choosing the best roulette strategy to up your game and amplify your earnings, you need to take a hard look at your bankroll, i.e., the amount of money that you can afford to lose at a casino without hampering your livelihood.

All the roulette strategies are based on two major types of bets namely, Progressive bets and Non-Progressive bets. Some of the progressive betting strategies are beneficial for when you are a beginner but you won’t find professional roulette players using them. There are other progressive bets that are safe and highly rewarding. Then there are the non-progressive bets that keep you on a steady winning streak without losing too much in the house edge.

Here are the 9 popular strategies from which you can pick the best roulette strategy for you:

1. Martingale betting strategy

It is the most commonly used strategy that is ideal for beginner roulette players. The idea is to use a progressive betting tactic such that every time you lose a bet, you try to make the money back in the next round.

Simply put, let’s say you place a bet for Rs. 10 in the first round but lose it. In the second round, you bet Rs. 20 to not only earn a profit but make up for the previous loss. This process needs to continue even if you lose consecutive bets. Therefore, you keep doubling down and by the time you win a bet, you earn a very high sum of money to make up for your losses and earn you a small profit.

2. Reverse Martingale betting strategy

Another excellent roulette strategy is reverse Martingale which has similar features as the previous strategy but in hindsight, it is a lot safer than its counterpart.

In this strategy, you still need to bet double the money in subsequent rounds but you only double it when you win. The reason this is one of the most successful roulette strategy is that when you invest the money after you win, you are technically not waging your own cash. It is your winnings but it does not affect your bankroll.

3. Grand Martingale betting strategy

This roulette strategy is best-suited for high rollers and whales who have an intense amount of bankroll. The strategy is almost the same as the Martingale strategy except here you must add additional amounts of cash in your bets aside from the doubled amount.

The idea is, when you lose a bet, you double the amount and match the original betting amount, adding it all together to make a grand bet. The losses can be significant and your bankroll will take a serious hit. However, when you finally win, the amount will be humongous.

4. Constant betting strategy

This is a no-progressive, flat betting strategy and is the most successful roulette strategy for safe players. The concept of this roulette strategy is to place the same stakes no matter if you win or lose the previous rounds.

5. All-in betting strategy

An adversely popular roulette strategy used by risk-takers is the all-in method. It is exactly like it sounds and poses extremely high risks that could either bankrupt you or make you the richest person to leave the roulette table.

The concept of this roulette strategy is to pick a number or a line bet and wager your entire bankroll on it. You need to make an informed decision about the number here because if you lose, you are done for the day.

If you win using this strategy, you can choose to opt-out with a very large sum of money or you can continue to play with the same strategy over and over again till you lose it all or win more than you can handle.

6. Fibonacci betting strategy

The most successful roulette strategy for contemplative and safe players is the Fibonacci strategy. The betting style in this strategy is based on the Fibonacci numbers that progress as 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, and so on, wherein two numbers sum up to make the next number.

In this form of roulette strategy, you place your bets using the Fibonacci series. It is a progressive betting technique in which you increase your bets as per the Fibonacci sequence when you win a bet. If you lose a bet though, you go back to 1 and start the Fibonacci sequence of betting all over again.

7. D’Alembert betting strategy

Another flat betting roulette strategy that is quite popular with safe players is the D’Alembert strategy. In this form of betting, you place a smaller number of bets on less than 6 numbers, also known as inside betting.

You start small with fewer numbers but every time you lose a bet, you add another number in the next round. For instance, let’s say you bet on three numbers in the last round and lost. In the next round, you bet on 4 numbers.

Every time you win a bet, you increase the betting amount by multiplying the sum by 1. This is a safe and rewarding technique and the most successful roulette strategy used by amateurs and professional gamblers alike.

8. Labouchere betting strategy

This is a very unique roulette strategy that can win you a lot of casino cash if you are patient and don’t go off track.

In the Labouchere roulette strategy, you start by deciding on a sum of money that you wish to earn or the number of bets that you want to make. Now, divide the number equally or unequally into smaller parts and write them down.

For instance, if you want to earn Rs. 10,000 by the end of your roulette streak, you can break down your investments as per the odds as let’s assume, 2, 3, 3, 2. That means, for each bet that you place, the calculated return should be Rs. 2000, 3000, 4000, and so on or you can earn these amounts in smaller parts as Rs. 500, 800, etc. till you make the sum of money.

Once you make the first segment, strike it off and aim for the next. It is like setting short-term goals to reach your goal slowly but steadily.

The only problem is, upon losing a couple of bets, some people start betting big to make up for their losses. Instead of doing that, revert to smaller amounts and add a number for the sum of money you lost. Using the same strategy, you can easily earn it back.

9. James Bond betting strategy

It is the best roulette strategy based on a non-progressive betting tactic developed by Ian Fleming in his James Bond books. This is a very intricate strategy that improves your chances of winning by spreading your bets across the roulette mat.

In order to use the roulette strategy correctly, you need to place three bets that sum up to a total of the money that you want to wager, let’s assume it is Rs. 20,000. Now place the first bet on a number between 13 and 18 for Rs. 5000. Place the second bet on a number between 19 and 36 for Rs. 14,000. Place the third bet on the green slot numbered 0 for Rs. 1000.

This spread betting roulette strategy is excellent because the odds of winning these bets are quite high. You can make a lot of money from this, which makes it the most successful roulette strategy.

How to implement a roulette strategy?

Roulette is a fun and toe-curling game that can ignite your night. You know the game now and you know the different strategies that you can use to win the maximum number of games. Even then, focus more on the fun of the game rather than the wins and losses. When you are enjoying it, it is much more likely that you will win the games since you have a clear mind.

No matter which gambling games you play, clarity is important. If you get flustered when you’re trying to implement a roulette strategy, you might make mistakes or set yourself up for a losing streak. Therefore, clear your mind and choose the strategy that appeals most to you.

In order to implement the strategy, map your moves in your head and figure out the probability of the numbers before placing your bets using the best roulette strategy for you. Follow the steps precisely, especially if you are a beginner till you can implement them on an impulse over time.

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