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Table tennis has evolved as a game over the past few years. The E-sports industry too has become popular over the years, and the lockdowns in the recent past have only helped the industry grow since people are more at home and spending time on online gaming rather than physically playing. Talking about table tennis specifically, many of us have played the game at least once in our lives and no one ever thought that this fun sport would someday be a source of income for many. In this article, we shall be talking about some of the Table tennis betting tips that can help you to win bets and earn a lot of money.

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Table Tennis betting Tips and Tricks and How to Bet

If you are someone who has placed bets on sports earlier then you may be aware of some of the tips mentioned in this article. However, these tips and strategies have been written considering both novices and experts alike, and hence, there is something for everyone here.

1. Know your game

I know that this may sound like an obvious statement but many of us who know the game feel that we understand all of the rules and strategies which revolve around table tennis. Understanding the rules of the game and knowing the rankings of the players you bet on can greatly increase your chances of winning any table tennis bet. Try and make an informed decision when making table tennis predictions to ensure the long-term viability of your bets and guarantee success.

2. Understand the betting markets

Yet another one of table tennis betting tips. However, this is not just about knowing table tennis as a game but understanding the betting market which is associated with the sport. There are many guides that you can find online which can help you to understand the betting market and make choices that will result in wins. Some of the table tennis markets that you can consider are handicap betting, games over/under betting, player total points, and more. Be aware of the market when you bet on table tennis matches and you will have a higher success rate.

3. Sign up with Multiple Bookmakers

Firstly let's understand what is a bookmaker?

A bookmaker is someone that takes your money when you bet and pays you when you win the bet. They are the ones that host the bets. It is important to research thoroughly and find the top bookmakers to place bets with. You can also sign up with multiple bookmakers in order to ensure that you get the best odds and choose the bookmaker that gives you the best offer. After all, you are dealing with money. Some bookmakers also take the extra step and provide you with some table tennis betting tips on websites.

4. Keep an eye on the style of play

It is important to know the game and the betting market. However, it is of prime importance that you know the player who you are betting for or against. Knowing their playstyle is important as sometimes you may be looking at players who are left-handed or hold the racket differently. The win or loss of players is also dependant on the way they serve the ball and all of these factors have to be considered before placing a bet to give you the best odds at winning. This is one of the most important table tennis betting tips as knowing the playstyles of contestants will help you determine their chances of win or loss.

Table Tennis betting Vs Other Sports

Now that we have covered some of the table tennis betting tips, let's have a look at the example of some other sports. It may seem to many that the betting for different sports may all be the same. However, it may surprise you but the betting markets for all the different sports are as varied and unique as the sports themselves!

Let's take an example to understand the differences better. In a game of cricket, bets can be held between overs, number of sixes, number of runs in the match, etc. However, in a game of table tennis, the bets will be held based on say points scored by each player or perhaps the number of fouls that take place in the game.

It's not all that different however, there could be bets placed on the tournament winner or the match-winner which is common for both cricket and Table Tennis. Although the basic idea remains the same, the sports and the markets for these sports have their own unique identity.

How to Predict a Table Tennis Match

Since we have spoken about some of the table tennis betting tips that can help you, let us now talk about how one can make a table tennis prediction. There are lots of statistics that are available which can assist players in making predictions. Some of them include world rankings, head-to-head ranks, and also players' performance profiles.

  • Table Tennis World Rankings

These rankings are based on the number of points that each player has managed to grab for years and the tournaments that they have won. Studying them before betting on a player can greatly help you to win bets.

  • Head to Heads

Head to Heads can be a great tool to assess a player's performance because it shows the previous results between two players, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses which can help betters make better decisions after studying them.

  • Player Performance Profiles

Player profiles are players' statistics, including their past performances, wins, losses, fouls, and all other details. Analyzing a Player's performance profile can greatly assist players in making an informed decision on a table tennis bet.

Can You Make Money Betting on Table Tennis

Table Tennis Bets can be a profitable sport if you know to make decisions which can lead you to a win.

To be a successful gambler, you need to perform extensive research on players and the various aspects of the game. Many have entered this field of betting and lost a lot of money to sportsbooks. To be successful at betting, it takes more than a few guesses. However, if you are someone who analyzes before making decisions and does not choose hastily, you have a better chance at winning bets. Learn the sport, Learn the market and you have a fair chance of turning up with profits when making table tennis predictions.

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Will these Table Tennis betting tips help me win every time?

Although the tips that are mentioned above are relevant and will help you to a certain degree, your profit or loss is determined by the choices you make and the amount of research that you have done. Betting is not all about luck, it does require a certain degree of skill and if you can gain the skill, you will win bets.

Can I become better just by studying theory?

Have you heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”

The same phrase applies to everything and even to betting. Knowing the theory and the table tennis betting tips covered here will help you but if you have no experience in the field then you will never grow. Trial and error is the best way to succeed.

What are some of the other sports that have betting?

Besides Table Tennis, the other sports that have to bet in them include cricket, basketball, tennis, football, hockey, and the list goes on. Any sport that you can think of probably has some amount of betting involved. Games also like poker, rummy, carrom too have betting involved in them but here, it's a part of the game itself.


We hope that this article was able to give you a good idea of some of the table tennis betting tips that can help you to become better. The key to success is practice and the more you research and actually get on the field, you will eventually get good at the sport. If you want a good site to game on, you can also give GetMega a try for a great gaming experience.

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