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Being the sport that everyone loves, cricket has taken the world by storm, especially in India. Following up on this love for the sport, online betting for cricket has also become a favorite among online gamers in the country. Hence, today we bring to you an article on the best cricket betting sites in India.

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In this article, we shall cover not just the best cricket bet sites, but also help you understand how you can get started with betting online, why do you need to use betting sites to bet on cricket, and even how these cricket betting sites actually function.

The Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

Just like how it is important to review the features of a car before you purchase one, When choosing which online cricket betting site you must use, it is important to consider what each of them has to offer. Hence, we bring to you 5 of the top cricket betting sites in India. Each of them is unique in its own way and you can choose your preferred site based on your individual requirements.

1. 10Cric

Claiming to be one of the best cricket betting sites in India, 10Cric has a lot to offer its valuable players throughout the country. The site overall is very well made, with a lot of markets and good odds for players to choose from. Although the site is based in Europe, they launched a special project for players in India. Despite being a young site, the brand has managed to earn goodwill in the Indian market and ensure players have a great betting experience.

2. MegaPari

One of the newer members of the Cricket betting sites list India, MegaPari has gained a huge audience in our cricket-loving country because of the dedication that they show to their players. To prove their loyalty to the Indian market, the site has set up payments in the Indian rupee using local banking methods. Apart from cricket, the site also offers betting options for other sports including football, tennis, and many others. The unique betting system that MegaPari uses enables players to edit, replace or delete their bet slips and also offers players loyalty points and discounts. Overall, a great betting site for all of those interested in cricket betting websites in India.

3. PureWin

Yet another maestro among the best cricket betting sites in India, Pure win ensures that each and every customer gets a premium betting experience. The site holds the attention of its existing players and welcomes more by offering a ton of payment options including UPI and payment in Indian currency. Additionally, the site also offers multiple bonuses and loyalty options, quite like MegaPari. Overall, the site aims to offer a supreme wagering experience to players as they bet on fantastic odds in games.

4. 22Bet

Yet another lovable cricket betting website in India, 22 Bet is a popular choice for individuals who are starting out with the sport of betting. With options such as live in-play betting and a wide range of markets to choose from, 22 Bet is easily one of the best cricket betting sites in India. The site also offers up to a thousand events on a daily basis and the odds are most generous. Hence, always having something for everyone, 22Bet has managed to become one of the most popular betting sites to step foot in the betting world.

5. Come On!

Here we have yet another Europe-based betting site that has managed to gain a lot of importance in the Indian betting market. Starting in 2010, the great betting software, live-in betting experience, and the addition of casino games are what have brought the site all the fame it deserves. Come On! Also gives their customers the option to pay via UPI and other payment options, and also all transactions are in Indian Rupees.

How does Cricket Betting Work?

Since we now know the best cricket betting sites in India, let us know more about how cricket betting actually works. Firstly, What is Match Betting in Cricket?

Betting in Cricket basically means guessing the outcome of the game. This can be in multiple ways. Either the bets are placed to guess the outcome of the whole match, the other type is when people bet on the outcome of six-overs.

Some of the popular ways of cricket betting are:

1. Match Betting

One of the most common cricket bets, match betting is preferred by many due to the simplicity that it offers. When choosing, the gamblers will bet on whether the home team wins the match, the away team wins the match, or if the match will be a tie between teams.

2. Completed Match

A completed match in short is basically people betting on whether the match will end on the same day or not. Sometimes due to different factors such as weather conditions, matches may be delayed or last longer than one day. Hence, the person who is making the bet simply has to agree or disagree if the match will be completed on the same day.

3. Tied Match

Yet another straightforward bet, when playing tied match bettings on online cricket betting sites, the players simply need to bet on whether the match will be a tie or not. If the person guesses right and the game does end in a tie, then they get to take home the win. However, the odds of ending the matches in ties are low as compared to matches ending with a winning team.

4. Innings Run

Getting started with a little more complicated type of betting, in an Innings run bet, players try and guess how many runs will be scored in the first innings of a match. Like any other form of betting, a certain number of runs are shown to the players and they will have to guess whether the number of runs will be more or less than the presented number of runs.

5. Tournament Winner and Series Winner

For this form of betting, players throughout the best cricket betting sites in India bet on which team they believe will win the entire tournament. When placing this sort of bet, players look at the sportsbook to understand which teams and how many teams will be playing, based on where they place their bets. This form of bet is usually set for a large sum of money on cricket betting sites.

Why use Betting Sites for Cricket Bets and How to Choose?

A good cricket betting site can be of great use to players who wish to take part in the sport of betting. It has its benefits and people who use betting sites are more dedicated and more organized as compared to those who do not use any cricket betting sites. Many of the best cricket betting sites in India also allow players to keep a track of their bets and also present analyses that can help them to understand their flaws. Betting sites are useful to both players who bet recreationally and professional betters.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a betting site for your cricket gambling.


A major factor that players must consider before approaching any betting site is their legality. Alongside many legal sites, there are some unregistered sites that offer to bet. Proper certification is required for a site to offer to bet to the public and logging in with any unregistered website can make you an accomplice to illegal betting activities. Hence, always check the legality of the website before registration.


The reputation of any online cricket betting site is something that also has to be considered before associating with any particular gambling site. If the website is well known and recommended among individuals and critics, then you can be sure that the safety, prices, and auditing of the site are ensured and you will have a good gambling experience.


Yet another factor to consider is if you are looking to spend less and earn more profit. Many of the best cricket betting sites in India offer bonuses, promotional offers, and discounts that can get you started with your betting journey. Even if the difference does not seem like much, in the long run, these offers can save you a lot of money.


Much malicious software and the presence of bots and hackers on the website can tamper with your account. Ensuring the safety of the players must be a priority to the websites but also checking if the website is safe is the duty of every player. Look into the safety reviews of the site before logging in and you will be able to play more comfortably knowing that your money is safe.

Benefits of Playing on GetMega

We hope that this article was able to give you a fair idea of how cricket betting works. Although India is new to the betting industry, we have loved and embraced cricket for a long time and that is why the cricket bet sites have been doing so well in the recent past.

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Is cricket betting legal in India?

There are mainly 2 types of betting, namely luck-based betting and skill-based betting. Skill-based betting is legal in India and offered by many websites and apps which can be utilized by players to place bets and earn a profit if they win. Hence, betting based on skill is legal in India.

Can I Bet only for Cricket or other sports as well?

There are a wide variety of sports that are available in the market to bet on. Games from Cricket to hockey, all offer betting to those who are interested. You just need to find the right website that offers their services. Some of the best cricket betting sites in India offer services that are only with respect to cricket. So if you search for sites which are having a specific niche of a sport, then you can find the best services that those sites have to offer.

Is online gambling safe?

The online gaming industry has grown in multiple fields in the past few years. Of that, the online gambling industry itself has seen various phases of evolution over the years. Nowadays the software and the payment gateways used by these sites are safe and encrypted. Hence, you can be assured that your money and fairness in games are guaranteed if you play on verified game sites like GetMega

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!.
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