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Poker is a gambling casino card game that has made many quite a name for itself from people’s desire to win big in casino games. However, the question of whether poker is legal in India or if playing poker is illegal has been a sensational topic for debate for ages.

is poker legal in india

The game involves dealing with hole cards, i.e., cards in hand based on which players opt to bet money. This can be in online and offline gameplay, but the concept remains the same. This prospect of wagering money raises whether poker is legal in India.

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Is Playing Poker Legal In India?

For a long time, we have believed that poker is illegal in India. Gambling games are illegal under the Gambling Act because of their unpredictability, which inspires criminality in many individuals.

However, after close consideration, the governments of various states have declared that poker is not an illegal activity except in the states of Gujarat, Assam, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. It also answers the question, ‘Is online Poker legal in India? People have petitioned for years so not only is online poker in India legal but it made poker legal in India in general.

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List Of 5 Websites That Offer Legal Poker Online In India

Several sites allow poker to be legal in India. These sites have attained the licenses to facilitate online poker in India legally. Here’s a list of the 5 top websites where you can play legal poker online in India:

1. GetMega

One of the best platforms to play legal poker online in India is GetMega. It is a veritable, licensed site that allows you to play the engaging card game with friends, family members, and even strangers across the country.

To start you off on a positive note, GetMega offers handsome signup bonuses and provides an opportunity to earn more bonuses through successful referrals. You can play games, and if you run out of cash or withdraw all your winnings, you can easily deposit cash into your GetMega wallet using verified payment gateways like PayTM, Google Pay, etc. You can use the same channels to withdraw your cash too. You can play Texas Hold ‘Em variants of Poker on GetMega with amateurs and professionals alike. The gameplay on the platform is fair and completely legal since the security team takes extreme measures to ensure safe play.

2. PokerStars

A website that makes poker legal in India and across international waters is PokerStars. The app starts you off with a substantial signing bonus, especially if you use the special promotional codes. You will also have chances for free spins to accumulate more playable cash before you get started.

What makes online poker legal in India is the licensing and PokerStars has a license to host games across the globe. The website is available in many languages, which makes it that much more fun to play the games against competent players worldwide.

3. Adda52

If you are starting in the high-stakes world of Poker, you can partake in legal poker online in India on Adda52. The site is unbiased and provides equal support to amateurs and professionals alike. They have a stringent security policy that eliminates scammers and bots. The program runs solely on a well-developed algorithm.

Adda52 provides a signup bonus to get you started and an additional means to earn bonuses with your referral code.

The site hosts several poker tournaments about different types of gameplay. There are many tables to buy in and play a spirited game against beginners and professionals.

4. PokerBaazi

A decent website to develop your poker skills for when you play on platforms that make poker legal in India is PokerBaazi. The site allows you to partake in Poker games for free using fake cash, which ultimately makes it a forum for legal poker online in India in every state.

Of course, the platform also offers legit real-money games as well. Not only can you play online poker in India legally but you also receive signing bonuses with real cash of Rs. 100. If you deposit Rs. 500 into your PokerBaazi account, you can also win various promotional offers, MPL tickets, and a lot more exciting offers.

The app provides a fair platform for legal poker online in India and is good for amateur players and professionals alike. Everyone stands to win here with no certain biases toward their level of gameplay.

5. Khelo365

Another platform that makes poker legal in India is Khelo365, which is launching new variants to make the game accessible on different platforms with diverse operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and even HTML 5 Instant Play platforms.

They offer several poker variants as well including Texas Hold ‘Em, Texas 6+, Omaha, Reverse Hold ‘Em, Pineapple, etc. You can play multiplayer quick games or heads-ups with fewer participants. They hold several tournaments to facilitate large earnings and provide cashback offers for loyal gamers.

Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Engaging In Online Poker In India Legally

Even though Poker is a legal activity in most states of India, the game does provoke criminality from time to time, especially if you engage in poker games where you can pay your dues later. Some people engage in poker games by borrowing cash, and when they lose, it leads to criminal activity from the lender or suicides, which is also a crime.

poker legal in india

Thus, there are some important factors that you need to bear in mind before you partake in online poker in India legally.

  • Make sure that the gameplay is legal in your state of residence. If not, play on online platforms that support the rights of making poker legal in India by getting a license for all the states.
  • Ensure the site you are engaging in a spirited game of Poker lacks bots and scammers. Several people log onto Poker platforms through multiple devices or generate bots that are exquisitely designed, or collude with friends to loot other players. Not only does this violate the app's policies, but it can bankrupt skilled players, eventually leading to suicides. This goes against the policies of playing legal poker online in India. Playing the game on platforms with stringent security standards is important to avoid such unsolicited activities.
  • Play on platforms that support captcha verifications to keep out the bots and integrated programs.
  • Maintain two separate bank accounts to play legal poker in India but make sure that both are synced to your Aadhaar and PAN cards. This is to keep poker legal in India by not trying to cheat the Income Tax department. You must pay taxes on your earnings from legal poker online in India.
  • Keep a cap on your bank accounts to prevent using your savings and money for a livelihood when playing online poker in India legally, and don’t take loans. This is an important factor in preventing suicides that are skyrocketing in India, which is important in keeping poker legal in India.

Poker is a nice skill-based game to win a lot of cash. Playing safe and legal poker online in India will remain an earning opportunity for a long, long time.

Why Is GetMega The Best Site To Play Legal Poker Online In India?

As we have mentioned above, GetMega is a licensed platform that is a prerequisite for online poker in India in legal games. The site makes it incredibly easy to earn substantial cash from your winnings, thus facilitating safe play.

GetMega is the best site to play legal poker online in India for another major reason. At the same time, other sites focus on high-stakes poker tournaments, which, if not played with good strategy, could still end up with someone going bankrupt. Instead, GetMega follows a relaxed policy on its platform.

This alternative method of earning reduces the pressure in poker games. You can earn a lot of cash then join a poker table to use the winnings as stakes. That way, you are not using much of your bank cash. This prevents the kind of gameplay that leads to criminal activities, thus restricting legal poker online in India. GetMega is a safe and highly rewarding site that plays a major role in keeping poker legal in India.

GetMega Poker is an amazing platform that lets you play Poker with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega Poker app now!.


Question Answer
Is online poker legal in India? Yes. After close scrutiny of the Gambling Act of 1867, Poker was eliminated from the list of gambling games since it involves innate skills to play. The Gambling Act does not ban skill-based games, which makes Poker legal in India.
What makes online poker legal in India? To begin with, poker games are legal in India since they are not entirely gambling games. They share some of the concepts but Poker is a skill-based game.

Given the special predicament, Poker is entitled to be legal, therefore, it makes online poker legal in India too. Additionally, if the sites and apps that host online poker games are licensed, then the game can be enjoyed by people from all the different states, including the places where it is banned at the time being.

How to check if a site is offering legal poker in India? This is particularly applicable in places where Poker is still considered a violation of the Gambling Act. If you want to play Poker in these states, check that the site is licensed to host poker games. The licensing covers various aspects, including which areas are allowed to partake in games on the given platform.

The site will usually have the policies and licenses easily available for players to have peace of mind and to prove their legitimacy.

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