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Casinos are an extremely popular platform where people can play gambling games such as cards, slots, roulette wheels, spinning wheels, baccarat, and enjoy loads of sources for entertainment and earning.

While these aspects do contribute to a lot of fun and opportunities to earn real cash, there is a black cloud upon the lines of casino India legal laws and sorts. India passed a Prevention of Gambling Act back in 1867, which prohibits participation in gambling games and activities.

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In recent times, this law has experienced a paradigm shift, thus raising an important question, is a casino legal in India?

Let us take some time to discuss this so you can play games in a casino in India legally without any consequence.

legal casinos in India

Is casino legal in India?

The ambiguity in the Gambling Act has enabled several states to make a physical and an online casino legal in India. However, the country is divided on the decision of whether or not a casino in India legal.

To start with, states like Daman and Diu, Goa, and Sikkim have introduced both a physical and online casino in India legally. Their state governments have passed the Public Gambling law that allows people to partake in casino games on land-based casinos. Furthermore, they also address the issue - are online casino games legal in India.

Other states are also working towards making a casino legal in India, with the exceptions of Gujrat, Orissa, Assam, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu have strict rules against gambling. Aside from these exceptions, most states have already recognized Poker as a legal game so an online casino is legal in India if they host poker games and not much else. Rummy has also lined up on that platform and the federation has introduced self-regulations to allow people to play the game legally.

The answer to the question of whether or not a casino is legal in India is hard due to the diverse laws put in place by different states. For the most part, there are legal casinos online, legal casinos in India, however in most states physical casinos are illegal.

Top casinos in India

When we talk about the top casinos in India, we need to take into account all the legal online casinos in India and the states that make a casino legal in India. Here’s a list of the top online and offline casinos where you can partake in gambling games legally:

Physical casinos in states where a casino in India is legal:

  1. The Deltin casinos in Goa namely Deltin Jaqk, Deltin Royale, Deltin Caravela, and the Deltin Royale casino ship
  2. Casino Pride in Goa
  3. Majestic Paradise in Goa
  4. Casino Golden in Goa
  5. Big Daddy Casino and its subsidiary Casino Strike in Goa
  6. Crown Casino in Goa
  7. Adda52 Live in Goa
  8. King’s Casino in Goa
  9. Casino Carnival in Goa
  10. Deltin Denzong in Sikkim

These physical casinos practice legal gameplay thus making a casino in India legal to some extent.

Legal online casinos in India:

  1. BetWinner
  2. BetTilt
  3. Genesis Casino
  4. Shangri La
  5. Europa
  6. Royal Panda
  7. Spin Casino
  8. MegaRush
  9. Pure Win
  10. Casino Days

These are purely online casinos with the licenses required to host legal games.

Apps and sites that are licensed to host a legal online casino in India and offer other gambling and earning opportunities:

  1. GetMega
  2. BetWay
  3. Casumo
  4. ComeOn
  5. Parimatch
  6. 22Bet
  7. 10Cric
  8. Fun88
  9. Melbet
  10. Bet365

Not only are these casinos legal in India but these platforms have more to offer than just casino games. You can play microgames, partake in fantasy sports, and place legal bets on sporting events.

legal casinos

What is the current situation of casinos in terms of legalities?

As we have mentioned, to declare that a casino is legal in India, it needs to fall under the jurisdiction of the states that allow gambling and casinos. There are several legal online casinos where you can play gambling games without any hindrance but you need to make sure that they are properly licensed to support gameplay in your specific state or make online casino games legal in India.

The current situation of casinos in terms of legality is somewhat on thin ice. On the one hand, the states that allow physical casinos are booming. Seeing this, other states that are not opposed to a little harmless gambling action are also considering making casinos in India legal, at least in some states.

Website developers, app developers, and casino launchers, in general, are petitioning constantly to make online casino India legal. In terms of physical casinos, to experience the same benefits may take time though.

What is the future of gambling on a legal casino online in India?

If we make a casino legal in India, it will prove that it has the appropriate license and abides by the gambling laws of our country. Similarly, a legal online casino in India also signifies that they are authorized to host gambling games by the government of India.

Therefore, if you are playing gambling games in a legal online casino, the future seems quite bright. Not only will it open up doors to alternative methods of earning but you can socialize with people across the country and play games together.

If the online casino in India legally hosts games of chance as well as games of skill, it is even better. This will mean that games of chance have also been removed from the list of prohibited games so people can win a substantial amount of cash on them.

So, if we consider that an online casino in India is legal, it means that you can play a lot of neat games in the future, including craps, keno, baccarat, etc. alongside games like Rummy, variations of poker, Blackjack, and more without having to use VPN apps.

Benefits of playing games on GetMega

GetMega is an online platform and a haven for game lovers. This online multiplayer site has a lot to offer in terms of different games, earning opportunities, and means for socializing.

For starters, the GetMega platform has a designated section for licensed casino games, which is why it is pivotal to verify your profile. The site only allows genuine profiles to play games in order to eliminate scammers, colluders, and people who try to hack the program with bots. The security team is extremely alert and takes every measure to ensure that the gameplay is fair and beneficial to all the participants.

GetMega starts you off with a welcome bonus once you finish your registration and verification. You will also receive a referral code that you can use to invite your loved ones, friends, and everyone on social media. You earn a lot of bonuses this way that you can use to play the various games.

Now that you know how to earn from bonuses, let’s talk about the wide range of games on GetMega. As we have mentioned, the site has legal online casino games namely Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Rummy. As you know, you stand to win a lot of cash from these games with proper strategy and getting a read on your online opponents. But that’s not all.

All the games on GetMega are available in the form of cash games and the site also hosts contests and tournaments where you can compete against both amateur and professional players. The games start from Rs. 5 but can go up to hundreds, sometimes thousands in stakes. You can choose the ones that most appeal to you.

Aside from these incredible earning opportunities, you also have access to special paid leaderboards that offer additional earnings. All you need to do is maintain your ranks among the top players in these lists that are updated on a daily, hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. In return, the top players receive surplus cash prizes and sometimes even goodies like mobile phones, gold coins, etc. Talk about a big win!

GetMega offers too many benefits to list, including a section on their user-friendly interface where you can learn to play the games that you don’t know. Just register on the platform and access all the benefits it has to offer, which includes access to a legal casino online, India.


  1. Is an online casino, India legal?

Yes, in most cases if the platform has a valid license to host casino games legally all across the country, then the online casino is legal in India. Of course, on legal online casinos, you will need to provide proof of identification so the platform can determine whether or not you are above the legal age to participate.

2. What makes an online casino legal in India?

In order to make an online casino legal in India, they need the appropriate licenses. In some cases, these licenses need to specify practicing casino games in states that disallow gambling. For the most part, though, if the legal online casino is regulated under the federations of gaming and Rummy, and includes provisions to allow poker games, then they are good to go.

They also need to specify in their terms and policies the different requirements to be met by the players. This includes proof of identity and access to the player’s location. It comes in handy to ensure that the game is not accessed in any location for which they do not have a valid license.

3. Are online casino games legal in India on a non-casino site?

Yes. Presumably, these games are held on authorized gaming sites that have their own set of rules. As long as the gaming site files for a license to host the specific casino games with special mentions of the technique, rewards, and player identification protocols, we can safely assume that the online casino in India is legal.

GetMega Rummy is an amazing platform that lets you play rummy with friends & family with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega rummy app now!.
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