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Gambling has been a source of income and social indulgence literally for centuries. After the Gambling Act, India was passed back in the 1800s to secure people’s finances and reduce criminal activity, gambling games were played in back alleys and unlicensed gambling houses.

It did make a comeback once people recognized it as earning potential and several petitions were filed to make gambling legal in India. Of late, the governments of Kolkata and Karnataka have declared that there are some gambling games that are no longer banned.

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Now, gambling games are classified into two categories. Any game of chance is restricted, however, a game that requires skills and logical decisions is classified as a skill-based game. The latter is a form of legal gambling in India now.

The question of whether or not is gambling legal in India is much deeply rooted in the gambling laws in India, which has an ambiguous framework. Let’s explore this topic little by little so we can come to a logical conclusion on the subject.

is gambling legal in india

What is the legal status of gambling in India?

The status of whether or not is gambling legal in India is contingent on various factors. Here’s what we have on the subject so far. We answer your question "Where is betting legal in India?"

  1. Gambling on games and sporting events based on skill is legal. Gambling on games and sporting events that are purely an act of chance is illegal in most states with the exclusion of certain games.
  2. States like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim, and West Bengal have made lotteries gambling legal in India.
  3. Places like Daman, Goa, Nagaland, and Sikkim declared that physical casinos and online gambling is legal in India only in these states though.
  4. Nagaland and Sikkim have added legal online gambling for games of chance.
  5. Under the Telangana State Gaming Act of 1974, games of skills and chance are both illegal in Andhra Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh.
  6. Maharashtra is still implementing the Bombay Prevention of Gambling ACT of 1887 thus making any form of gambling illegal in the state.
  7. All states except for Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Gujrat, and Assam have recognized Poker as a game of skill. Thus poker gambling is legal in India except for in the forbidden states.
  8. Lottery tickets and horse races are part of legal online gambling and physical destinations too since they involve forethought and skills of deduction.
  9. The various gaming federations adopted a singular set of regulation codes along with the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports.
  10. The Rummy Federation operates under self-regulation codes to make Rummy gambling in India legal.

The country’s stand on whether or not gambling is legal in India is divided. People and federations of games are petitioning constantly so we can only hope that in the near future the answer will be more decisive.

Is gambling a game of chance or a game of skill?

Whether or not gambling is a game of chance or skill is completely reliant on the gameplay.

Games of chance are those that involve no skills or forethought. They are purely based on the individual’s luck. Gambling games that require picking lucky digits, games that involve dice, spinning wheels, slot machines, are all games of chance. However, some of these games comply with the gambling laws in India, thus making them legal such as spinning wheels, lotteries, and online slot machines.

Games of skill are those that involve strategizing based on logical factors, analyzing various factors to make informed decisions, innate skills of psychology, and acquired skills of mathematics, detective reasoning, etc. These games are legalized in most states.

We cannot determine with absolute surety whether gambling is a game of chance or skill. However, if we take a look at the different games and how much skill and luck play a role in them, we can determine which games are legal online gambling games and good for physical casinos and which are not.

Is online gambling in India legal?

In a broad sense, online gambling is legal in India.

Several states have come to an agreement that online gambling is a safe manner of participating in legal gambling in India. However, the sites and apps that make online gambling legal in India need to be appropriately licensed and authorized.

The Gambling Act, India is further segregated for accommodation under each state’s gambling laws in India. Thus, if the state has declared gambling as a legal activity under the provisions of the Gambling laws in India, then partaking in these games is allowed.

Why legal online gambling needs to be regulated.

In all the states, online gambling does need to be regulated though, and here’s why:

  • Regulatory laws on legal online gambling in India will include provisions to prevent money laundering and external illegal apps. Thus, the Income Tax implications can be modulated and exercised so every individual will be required to pay the taxes.
  • It will help increase the earning potential of people in trying times, as exposed by the covid19 breakout. Individuals can partake in legal online gambling to keep up their finances by playing games from the comfort of their homes, thus making it mandatory to contribute to the GDP.
  • These are alternate sources of income that also support individuals and households to stay afloat, thus preventing depression and suicides due to financial turmoil.
  • The games of skills are articulately designed to help encourage strategizing and general camaraderie. This will invoke a sense of self and inspire people to develop entrepreneurship, as evidenced by accomplished gamblers like Tony Bloom.
  • Making gambling legal in India will also allow people to make money from sports bets, which is highly reliant on people’s knowledge of the games. Not just that but it will also inspire higher TRPs on game streaming channels and sports broadcasters. Thus, their contribution to the GDP will be higher.
  • Lastly, regulating legal online gambling will amend the stand of India’s divided approach on 6the subject.

Legal online gambling will help sort most economic crises thus inspiring a wholesome approach to gambling on both online and offline platforms. It is really important to take the petitions under serious consideration, especially in those states where people are disallowed to participate in gambling but still do. It will escalate the income thus influencing more income taxes, which help to pay for most of our countries immediate liabilities.

is gambling legal in india

What is the future of online gambling in India?

In the light of the recent pandemic that took many jobs and left people helpless for cash, online gambling has experienced a surge in the user base. Even in states where gambling is prohibited, people have found innovative ways to indulge in gambling games online.

Given the immediate need to find an alternative source of income, most regulatory bodies are looking the other way. However, with the increased popularity of the games and the need to keep up with the evolution of technology, government bodies are considering the possibility of making online gambling in India legal.

According to the reports as of 2020, the Indian population constitutes 15% of the gambling traffic on a global scale. If the governments of all the states make online gambling in India legal, the Indian gambling market will experience a much higher user base on local platforms, which will be good for the country.

With that in mind, the future of legal online gambling in India seems brighter. Several state governments have already consented to make gambling legal in India in both physical casinos and online casinos. Several others have joined the online gambling drive to improve their state earnings. Thus, we can safely assume that in the near future, legal online gambling will contribute a lot to the progress of our fine country.

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Once your profile is set up, you can choose to play several cash games or take part in low-stakes and high-stakes tournaments. These games start from Rs. 5 and range up to hundreds and thousands as per your inclination to invest.

If you wish to play a game that you don’t know, you can simply check out the rules, guidelines, and strategies on the GetMega site itself. This is a great way to learn games like Poker, Pool, Rummy, etc. that offer high-earning potential.

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The user interface on GetMega is quite simple and makes it easier for everyone to find what they are looking for. They use secure payment methods like PayTM, Google pay, etc. for all your deposits and withdrawals, so your money safely reaches your bank account.

Playing games on GetMega is a great way to indulge in legal online gambling. You can find high-paying gambling games and ones to help you relax, all on the same platform.


  1. What is the Gambling Act, India?

The Gambling Act, India has two main provisions. The Prevention of Gambling Act, India established in 1867 declared any act of gambling to be illegal and punishable by fines or imprisonment based on the severity of the activity itself.

In 1976, another addendum came into play when several states petitioned to make physical casinos and online gambling in India legal. Thus the Public Gambling Act was passed which allows people to partake in gambling games in physical casinos located in states of India where the activity is legal. Aside from that, online casinos with proper documentation and licenses are also allowed to host gambling games legally under the new Gambling Act, India.

2, What makes online gambling in India legal?

The thing that makes online gambling legal in India is proper licensing. No matter which types of games are hosted on the site or app, it has to acquire a legal license that details the facilitation of gambling games along with the relevant provisions. This license must be compliant with the gambling laws in India without any ambiguity or illicit support of clauses.

3. Which is the best site for legal online gambling in India?

GetMega is by far the best site for legal online gambling in India. Not only are they properly licensed to support the various types of gameplay but you can also find different earning opportunities to help you earn more.

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