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The football betting India industry has witnessed fast-paced growth in the worldwide economy. The sports betting sector has gained the maximum popularity out of all the other gambling trends. The total valuation of the entire gambling industry reached 12.5 billion dollars in the year 2019 and is set to grow further in the coming five years. India is no exception to the increasing popularity of gambling and sports betting has taken center stage in the country recently.

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Despite legality problems, the sports betting sector in India is a huge business. The industry’s reach is widespread thanks to Indian’s love for sports and the introduction of football betting sites. The second most loved sport in India right after Cricket is Football. The citizens’ love for both sports has majorly contributed to the upliftment of India's online sports betting industry. According to statistics, almost 40% of Indians place bets specifically on Cricket or Football via their smartphones. Therefore, we can conclude that Football betting is one of India's popular sports betting.

Best football betting sites in India with pros and cons

1. Betway

It is one of the best football betting sites. Betway is one of the highly used and successful betting sites worldwide. It is a globally well-established online football betting site as it provides a simple and user-friendly platform for all users. It is a good destination for betting for beginners and slightly advanced bettors.

Betway comes in the form of a package that includes many features. In addition, Betway’s impressive selection of cricket betting options that provide the player with good odds easily makes it a favorite betting site among Indians. The betting site also has a live betting session and a live casino for players who like in-play online football betting.


  • It is simple to understand and user-friendly platform for football betting
  • It has a good selection of European & Indian football betting options
  • It has the top live football betting feature in India


  • Contacting customer support could be problematic
  • Only a few promotions are available

2. 22Bet

It is also one of the best football betting sites. 22Bet is a traditional bookmaker which focuses on ensuring the best betting experience for its players. They offer various betting options in different sports but their forte is Football. They provide the players with the opportunity to bet on numerous different football games and their football betting odds are also the best in the market. Placing money for betting on 22Bet is convenient and easy. They also offer regular promotions to their customers.


  • Specializes in football betting and is thus one of the best in the market
  • They offer attractive welcome bonuses


  • The website appears a little old and is not well-updated
  • It may take longer to withdraw money

3. Parimatch

Parimatch is a modern betting website that is now opened up for Indian players. Parimatch provides sports betting features and has an exceptional collection of casino games. Moreover, it has convenient methods for punters to deposit money, such as UPI, and has a unique user-friendly interface. Thus, making it a great betting site for Indian players.


  • It is one of the new-age betting sites for Football in India
  • Offers a wide range of promotions and bonuses


  • Contacting customer support can be troublesome

4. Bet365

This is the most well-known and well-established betting website in India. One can call it the Reliance of the betting industry.

They boast of one of the largest sportsbooks in the global market, including betting on cricket, Football, horse racing, and many more. Their facilities include live betting and live streaming. They also provide a large number of continuous promotions to their players.


  • Has the largest football sportsbooks
  • Provides its customers with live football streaming which is free of cost
  • Has a selection of high football betting odds


  • Does not provide online casino games for Indians
  • Contacting customer support can be tricky

5. MelBet

Melbet is a betting platform that operates on the international level. It is gaining popularity as it provides an extensive range of betting options for players, including both novices and experts. The site aims to expand its reach to Indian players. Hence, it features sports betting and has tons of casino betting options. The betting options range from cricket to teen Patti and even include Esports.


  • Vast sportsbook with a large number of football betting options
  • Offers appealing welcome bonuses for sports betting
  • It has a good quality platform for live betting for football betting


  • The live chat feature is not quick to resolve customer

6. BetWinner


  • High betting odds in Football
  • One of the good sites for live betting in Football
  • Good mobile betting interface under the Betwinner app


  • Too many games make the site feel cluttered
  • No live casino games

How to choose a Football Betting Site?

Variables to Consider When Choosing a Betting Site

  1. Availability- Check which sites are legally available for betting
  2. Betting features- Go through the facilities and features of each betting app and website. Look for points like live betting, bet builder ( allows you to make a personalized bet), Cash-out (allows the player to close a bet at live value), Stat Centre, and more.
  3. Customer support- It is an important aspect to look for in a betting site. Customer support should be prompt and proper.
  4. Coverage of sports- Check the range of betting options that the site provides on a sport and how many sports the betting site covers.
  5. Live betting- Punters prefer to bet when the action unfolds while making the bet.
  6. Mobile betting- It would be convenient to be able to place a bet from anywhere in the world at any time. Hence, mobile betting would be a beneficial feature to look for in a betting site.
  7. Odds -You want the best value from the money you invested and thus a site that provides high football betting odds is important
  8. Payment options- Look for websites that ensure a smooth deposit of money as well as fast withdrawals when you earn money.
  9. Promos- Promos and rewards are looking for in a betting site to avail their benefits. However, do not only focus on them since they are sometimes used purely for marketing purposes. A well-rounded site is always better than a below-average site that offers a long list of rewards.
  10. User experience- A good betting site ensures that all the steps that a player takes in betting are smoothly completed.

How to find value when betting on Football?

In mathematical terms, a value bet is equal to the probability of the occurrence of an event multiplied by its decimal odds and subtracted by one. If the end value is more than zero, that bet is considered a value bet. A punter will end up with a value bet after carrying out in-depth research and estimations about a particular sports team. We can take the example of a simple coin bet to understand the concept, let us assume that the bookie is offering 2.10 for the coin to land with heads. This is a value bet because the standard probability for a coin to land in heads is 0.5.

A value bet can only happen in the case of sports betting since many variables influence the outcomes of the game and cannot be accurately accounted for while calculating the value of bets. In other kinds of gambling such as card games and roulette, probability principles govern the outcomes.

You can find value bets in Football by learning about all the aspects of the sport, betting market, and league thoroughly to figure out the value of your bet compared to the odds that the bookie offers. It also helps if you figure out the different techniques that bookies use to come up with odds. This is how to bet football online.

Tips to remember while playing games on GetMega.

  1. Choose a sport or game that you are well-versed with
  2. Educate yourself about finding out odds and betting tips
  3. Be active on multiple betting platforms
  4. It is better to start betting with small wagers till you get comfortable
  5. Make and maintain records of your betting habits
  6. Be fully aware of the winning potential of a particular bet
  7. Set up financial models for betting purposes that are different from those you use for saving and investment.
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