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Boxing is one of the popular sports along with cricket and football that attracts a lot of bets from players worldwide. A bet can be placed on many aspects of a boxing match. You can bet on who will win, how long will the match last, how will a player win, and more. Generally, bets for Boxing are placed online. Although boxing betting is not as popular as its counterparts like football and baseball, it still includes heavy amounts of boxing bets online placed against professional players. Boxing matches are not played as frequently as in other sports. Hence, the opportunities for boxing betting and winning are slightly lower. Matches are usually limited to five to seven times a year for each player.

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List of best boxing betting sites

Being aware of the best sites for a particular sport is essential for smooth money-related transactions and getting access to better odds. Following are some of the best places for boxing betting.

1. Betway

It is a widely trusted sportsbook globally. It offers live and in-play wagering opportunities. They have around 30,000 boxing betting markets. It provides mobile boxing betting opportunities to both Android and iPhone users. It gives out deposit bonuses and has deposit options in Visa, American Express, and more.

2. 22Bet

Availability of Esports is a plus. This site also provides a good number of bonuses to its customers. It has a user-friendly and straightforward interface with clean graphics. Since it offers multiple options to make deposits and payments, money transactions run smoothly for customers. You can use the mobile app for better access to this betting website.

3. Betsafe

This is also one of the most trusted sportsbooks, with 45,000 users in over 100 countries worldwide. They offer betting options on various different sports other than Boxing too. There is no need to download any kind of software to use this app/website. They hand out deposit bonuses such as candy.


An additional destination to bet on Boxing in the US or any other country is The site is known to offer a great welcome bonus for its customers. It also ticks all the other required aspects of a good betting website such as a smooth user interface and betting flexibility.

5. Bovada

It is the top website especially for betting in Boxing. The site provides good welcome bonuses, has a user-friendly and smooth working interface, and quickly transfers the earnings. It also provides great boxing odds. It is also a household name for games other than Boxing such as poker, casino, and more because of its high reliability.

6. BetOnline

This site is gaining increasing popularity due to its huge four-digit welcome bonus. But the bonuses do not stop once you join the website. This site offers deposit bonuses. BetOnline offers wagers on almost all small or big boxing cards.

Tips and strategy on boxing betting

1. Do not trust the hype

The promoters of Boxing betting tend to hype a fight. They will try and convince you that a player who seems to have a low chance of winning will beat the other player in a particular match. The promoters do this simply because they want to sell tickets. As a bettor in Boxing, you must avoid such hype and stock facts and statistics while placing your bet.

2. Be aware of these statistics

The important variables to look for while making predictive analysis are- number of punches that are thrown or landed, the number of jabs per round, and the number of power punches per round. A busier fighter who throws more jabs will most likely win the match. Another aspect to look out for in order to decide on a player is to look at his past performance record. Do not focus only on the number of losses a player has had in the past; instead, look for how he has fared with a particular type of opponent. This will give you a better idea of the skill of a player. Also look at aspects such as the style, strengths, and tempo of a boxer.

3. Compare risk and reward

Every real money boxing bet is not equal. Hence, before you decide to make a wager, you should analyze the bet's payouts. You need to compare the approximate amount of compensation you will earn for every ounce you bet. In some situations, this might make you pass a bet even though that player's chance of winning is relatively high. In other cases, it may mean betting on the player who has a chance of losing but the odds are favorable.

4. Do not let emotions come in the way

It is normal to have favorite players, but that should not tempt you to bet on the player when the odds are against them. You should look out for other important qualities in a player such as weight, any recent injury, past KO percentages, and more.

5. Study the characteristics of the boxer and his opponent

Look at the boxer's physique since there is a greater possibility that a heavyweight player will likely win the match in the heavyweight division. Next, you can try and search the weaknesses of the opponent and look out for players who have the ability to take punches and who have a long reach. Such players are the most likely to win matches.

Different ways to bet on Boxing explained

Listed below are different types of online bets for boxing that you can place in Boxing

1. Moneyline betting

Moneyline is one of the traditional methods of boxing betting in sports. Under this, the punters bet on the player that has a higher chance of winning the match according to them. The players are displayed with odds against their names. A player who is anticipated to win by the majority of the bettors will have a negative sign attached to the odds and the player who is expected to lose will have a positive sign attached to his odds.

If an opponent has boxing odds that are displayed as -150, it implies the bettor will need to bet on boxing online $1.5 to win $1. For the underdog, if the boxing odds are +110 then the bettor is required to spend $1 to win $1.1

2. Over/Under bets

The next popular method of boxing betting is over and under bets. You are essentially online boxing betting on the number of rounds that the match will require to come up with a winner. Let us understand this with an example.

Over 8.5 rounds- +110 (bet $100 to gain $110)

Under 8.5 rounds- -$150 (bet $150 to gain $100)

If the game lasts for more than 8.5 rounds, the bettor can cash his bet and will receive $1.1 for every $1. If the match is over before nine rounds, then the bettor will receive $1 for every $1.5.

3. Other betting categories betting

Knockout or Stoppage is specific to the sport of Boxing. The wagers are made to expect a particular match to end with a knockout or a stoppage. Other boxing betting methods include major victory, round group betting, go the distance markets, and more. Under the method of victory, the bettors bet on who will win the match and how they will win. In the case of round group boxing betting, the bettors bet on which round a player will win the match. You can also bet on other aspects of a match, such as judges' final verdict or whether the winner of a match will be decided based on points. Thus, you get several opportunities to bet on Boxing. A range of aspects is available for betting.

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