Basketball Betting-Lines, Tips, And Strategies To Win


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Basketball is an activity we all enjoy, be it playing on the school grounds or behind the gym, or simply watching the matches on various streaming networks. The popularity of the game has inspired a lot of additional activities aside from the gameplay.

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Sports betting is a viable source of income. Combining the art of earning with the nail-biting gameplay has provided people with the means to use their knowledge of basketball to make a lot of cash. The sports betting sites offer betting options on NBA games as well as varsity games. Since NBA basketball betting is more beneficial and widespread, let us discuss that today.

Basketball lines explained

Basketball betting is very similar to Football betting since they both involve point spreads and over-under for betting odds.

1. Basketball bet on the NBA on point spread:

The basketball betting odds are determined by identifying the handicap, which is essentially the point spread that separates the underdog team from the team that is favorite to win. The underdog is the team that has a lower chance of winning the match against its opponent due to the strength of each team.

Basketball betting lines are determined by the difference in the expected score. Let us understand that with an example.

Let’s assume that the New York Knicks are playing the Celtics. Now, the sportsbooks will compare the performance of the teams and determine the basketball odds in a plus-minus format. So, the Celtics may have +5 and the Knicks have -5 to their team name.

In order to place a bet on the New York Knicks and win, you need to calculate if the Knicks have a chance of scoring 6 points over the Celtics. Simply put, when you bet on the Knicks to win against the Celtics, the Knicks have to score 6 more points than the Celtics.

Similarly, bettors who bet on the NBA playoff in favor of the Celtics to win will only earn if the Celtics win the game or they lose by 4 points to the Knicks.

2. Basketball bet on the NBA with over-under

The over-under system is much simpler to follow. Assuming the above example for a match between the Knicks and the Celtics, let us also assume that the sportsbooks estimate a total score of 200. The total score includes the sum of the individual scores of each team.

Now, if a punter makes an over-bet on the NBA game then they will win if the total score of both teams is 201 or above. Similarly, if the punter makes an under-bet then they win if the total score at the end of the game is 199 or less.

Basketball betting lines are easy to follow much like football since the two main systems are pretty straightforward. There are also money-line bets available for basketball betting but they are less popular due to the advantage on certain teams against the underdogs.

How to bet on the NBA?

In order to bet on the NBA, you need to have access to websites, apps, or booking exchanges that allow basketball betting on the NBA specifically.

In India, we do have a few sites that let you partake in basketball betting but you need to ensure that these sites are adequately licensed since gambling is a serious offense in this country. Sites and booking exchanges that facilitate bet NBA options must acquire the license to not only allow people to bet on their site but also add the specific cities where gambling of any kind is banned.

If you bet on the NBA on an unlicensed site in states that disallow gambling, you could face fines or even time in prison.

Regardless, the sites that acquire the license can support basketball betting, even for the NBA games. Here are a few sites that allow you to bet on the NBA:

  • Bet365
  • LeoVegas
  • ComeOn
  • Unibet
  • Betinia

Before you start betting on these platforms, you need to register on the site as well as with the betting association. Once your registration is complete, you will find upcoming NBA games during the basketball campaign and the possible options on which you can place your bets.

Check the basketball odds and lines very carefully and make an estimate of the possible required score in order to earn your winnings. Make sure that you read the plus-minus system in point spreads and determine the total over-under system based on past performances of the team.

Basketball betting tips and strategies

Cricket betting comes easy to people in India since we all know the game like the back of our hands. When it comes to basketball though, even if you know the game very well, you need a strategy to place your bets for the sole reason that they use betting lines more than the basic 3 outcomes of the game, i.e., win, lose, or draw.

You will need to develop the strategy before you place the bets so we have the basketball betting tips to help you out. Here goes:

  • The first thing you need to do is learn everything about the game. The point system in basketball games is pretty straight forward but there are tangents such as free throws, travels, etc. that influence the score.
  • Watch a few basketball games beforehand and identify the aspects that you learned. You need to take note of the incidents that lead to special in-game events like free throws.
  • Check out the basketball odds offered by the available betting sites. Some may have better point spreads while others may provide money line betting or over-under betting. Select the types of betting that you understand really well or the ones that offer more earning potential.
  • Shuffle through a few basketball betting tips to develop a strategy or use an existing strategy by making it your own.
  • Take some time to observe which players and which teams rely heavily on scoring from 3-pointers. These baskets help them score faster so the team that takes 3-pointer shots often is more likely to win even if they are underdogs. However, bear in mind that it is not always an easy shot and it is unlikely that the opposing team won’t be making 3-pointers too. Therefore, check the basketball odds for the team, especially in points spread, and compare it to the data you accumulated from watching the matches yourself.
  • If a team is offered lower betting odds because they are favorite to win, check the team’s schedule before placing a safe bet. While they might have a huge points’ difference with the underdog, if the team is tired from a match on the previous day or in the last couple of days, it will affect their performance. Remember, basketball odds are set based on the likelihood of how much the two teams may score against each other. The calculations of the sportsbooks often do not factor in the human component.
  • Another thing you need to observe in live games is how well a team performs in their home arena vs how they perform when they are on away grounds. Some teams have a tendency to do well when they are in their comfort zone while some teams take it personally on away grounds and try harder to win the match.
  • You must also check where the games are being held to identify if it is the underdog team’s home ground. They won’t take kindly to lose at home so the likelihood of enhanced performance is very high.
  • Keep an eye out for moving money lines. Once the game starts, you may notice that the money line bets have shifted focus based on the team’s performance. If you have the option, this would be an excellent opportunity to place second-half bets and matched bets.

These basketball betting tips are great tactics to incorporate into your strategy. Just remember to make it your own and you’ll be golden.

For the most part, basketball betting can be quite easy, however, you need a strategy that sits well with your bankroll and your understanding of the game along with its betting lines. Not only do you need to choose a viable strategy but you also need to identify the basketball odds that are more favorable to you.

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Is there a national basketball team in India?

Yes, there is a men’s national basketball team in India that represents our fine country in international events. They fall under the Basketball Federation of India.

Can I bet on the NBA in India?

Yes, if you have access to the betting sites or a betting exchange then you can definitely bet NBA in India. You just need to ensure that the site is properly licensed to host these bets without violating the gambling laws in India.

How does bet NBA differ from NFL bets?

Bet NBA differs from Football mostly in terms of the number of games. NFL games are held one game per week whereas the NBA hosts multiple games in a week. Another difference is that there is a higher number of games in the NBA up to 82 games during the campaign whereas the NFL hosts only 16 games during the Football season.

Is bet NBA more profitable than betting on the NFL?

Actually, yes. Since NBA games are more in number with the squads playing 82 games during the season, you can place multiple bets and identify a strong team in the campaign and bet more money on them.

NFL games, on the other hand, are fewer therefore you have fewer chances to place bets and earn big.

Which sites in India allow me to bet on the NBA?

There are a few online betting sites that are available in India to place bets on NBA. They are:

  • ComeOn
  • Bet365
  • Unibet
  • Betinia

What kind of basketball betting odds are commonly used?

Basketball games usually involve point spreads or over-under basketball odds. They are simple to follow and quite similar to football betting.

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