All About Roulette Wheel-Their Types and Purpose

All About Roulette Wheel-Their Types and Purpose

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About roulette wheel and its history

Roulette is an exciting gambling game that involves equal measures of chance and skill. The game has become very popular in recent times, but do you know how it all started?

Roulette is French for ‘little wheel’ which is a game possibly inspired by Italian ‘Biribi.’ The roulette wheel combines the characteristics of both in its components.

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Blaise Pascal is credited to have devised the original but much more primitive version of the roulette wheel back in the 17th century when he was seeking to develop his machine for perpetual motion. However, by the turn of the 18th century, Roulette was rediscovered and came into action so that people started playing it.

The game became so popular all over France, particularly Paris that Jaques Lablee introduced its description in his book ‘La roulette, ou le jour.’ Back then, the 0 and 00 were colored red and black. As the game and its components evolved, the color green was used to represent these two roulette wheel numbers in the 1800s.

Since then, the roulette wheel has become a popular choice for gameplay among gamblers and it celebrates the cultural differences across the globe in regards to gameplay.

Types of roulette wheel selections

The game of roulette may have spread through the globe but the gameplay, particularly the rules and the layout of the roulette wheel and board still differ. There are 3 distinct types of roulette wheel selections available and based on the type of wheel, the rules may differ slightly.

Let’s take a look at the types of roulette wheel selections:

1. French

Since the roulette wheel was initiated in France, it is only fair that they still maintain their status of significance.

The French wheel there is only one 0 among the roulette wheel numbers that are marked green and serve a special purpose. If the players made bets on even odds then they have a 50-50 chance of winning. However, if the 0 appears as the winning number then these gamblers will receive half the amount that they wagered. This system is called La Partage and makes it highly beneficial for both the players and the casino.

2. European

Much like the French Roulette Wheel, the European wheel also has a single 0 amid the roulette wheel numbers, however, the payout plans here differ greatly. Contrary to the French wheel, if the ball lands on 0 in the European wheel then the players who bet on other numbers lose all their wagers.

This is a great technique for the casino to get a house edge and they do allow people to bet on the single green 0 too. The problem is, seeing as people may lose a lot of money betting on other numbers, this puts them at a disadvantage. This is called ‘en prison.’

There is an edge in this roulette wheel though. Players have the option to leave half the chips on their slots for the next bet, and the house edge is lower at the European wheel.

3. American

The American roulette wheel is not only a variation but a development on the European roulette wheel and board too. This particular wheel, though popular among roulette gamblers, makes it disadvantageous for the players.

The American roulette wheel has two green slots among the roulette wheel numbers. One is a single 00 and the other is a double 00. Much like the European wheel, if the ball lands on any of the zeroes then the players who bet on other roulette wheel numbers lose their bets.

You do have the option to wager on the 0 and 00 on the roulette wheel but beyond the rational rules, you will lose more money playing on this roulette wheel.

The logic behind the roulette wheel layout

The layout of the roulette wheel is as unique as the game itself. You will find that the numbers are all marked black or red with one or two green ones based on the type of roulette wheel and board in use. The 36 numbers are divided equally with 18 numbers colored red and the other 18 colored black.

These numbers are spaced in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction such that there are no consecutive numbers on the wheel. All the roulette wheels use different spacing options to keep the game fair.

The logic behind spacing the roulette wheel numbers this way is that the game allows people to place line bets and longer odds. If the numbers were to be consecutive, a person’s chances of winning would be higher if they placed line bets while the gambler who bets on single longer odds will find it much harder to win.

This conflict would leave most gamblers losing their money, plus the casino’s edge would be much lower. The spacing of these numbers on the roulette wheel makes the game fair and provides good House Edge as well as excellent chances for the gamblers to make money.

Tips to use while selecting a roulette wheel

For the most part, winning at a roulette wheel is a lot easier if you can spread out your bets. However, since the French, European, and American roulette wheel and board differ in their layout as well as the payout, you need to select the wheel at which you want to play more carefully.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • The French Wheel is the best for gamblers who want to reduce their risks. Since there is a rule in place that if the ball lands on the green 0, then any player who bet on the other numbers may receive a 50% payout on their investment, it seems like a good choice.
  • The French Wheel is also more beneficial as compared to the American roulette wheel since there is only one green 0 to worry about.
  • The layout of the French Roulette wheel makes it easier to earn from even bets and sixaine bets.
  • The European roulette wheel has a single green 0 which makes it ideal as compared to the American roulette wheel.
  • The house edge is lower on a European roulette wheel.
  • You can bet on single numbers with a 36 to 1 odds on the European roulette wheel which offers a decent payout when you win.
  • The spacing of the Roulette Wheel numbers on the European wheel increases the odds of earning from split bets and corner bets.
  • The American wheel offers 37 to 1 odds when you wager on single numbers, therefore, the payouts are a lot higher when you win.
  • The house edge on American roulette wheels is higher, which puts the player at a disadvantage.
  • It is easier to win 2 to 1 bet on the American wheel layout due to the 5.26% advantage.

You see, choosing a roulette wheel requires a considerable amount of forethought but you have to be prepared to play at the ones that are readily available at any given casino that you visit. For the most part, the European roulette wheel is prevalent in non-American casinos and online casinos. You may even find a few of them in Las Vegas if you look hard enough.

The American roulette wheel is less popular than the European one due to its higher house edge and the use of two green slots for 0 and 00. However, since the roulette wheel numbers are higher in the count, the odds offer higher payouts.

The French Wheel being the oldest design, not to mention offering a decent payback against the house edge with ‘La Partage’ makes for the best choice. However, it is not available everywhere, therefore, your chances of playing and winning are slim, to begin with.

In conclusion, it is best to play on the European wheel if you have access to it since it reduces the house edge and provides more benefits for the players.

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How many numbers on a roulette wheel are there?

Based on the type of wheel you play at, the roulette wheel numbers may differ.

On the French wheel: 1 – 36 black and red numbers and a green 0, i.e., 37.

On the European wheel: Numbers marked red and black from 1 to 36 and a green 0, i.e., 37

On the American wheel: Red and black roulette wheel numbers from 1 to 36 and two green numbers 00 and 0, i.e., 38.

Why do people prefer the European Roulette wheel over the American?

The American roulette wheel has a higher House edge, not to mention, it has two green slots marked 00 and 0. If the ball falls on the green slots, then the players who bet money on the other numbers are at a serious disadvantage. Some tables do have the option for ‘surrender’ but it is rare.

The European roulette wheel, on the other hand, has half the house edge at only 2.98%. It has only one green slot marked 0 and the odds of the ball landing on it is as much as for any other number, i.e., 36 to 1. Additionally, on European wheels, you have an option to continue the bet with half the original wager from the last round if the ball landed on 0.

Thus, the European roulette wheel provides better odds for gamblers to earn, which makes it a more popular choice than the American wheel.

What makes a roulette wheel biased?

A roulette wheel is designed such that the ball has an equal chance of falling into any of the 37 or 38 slots based on which wheel is in play. From time to time when a roulette wheel is constantly in use, the wheel may undergo wear and tear. This makes the ball slide into some numbers more than others due to the textural difference.

The phenomenon where you can identify these roulette wheel numbers where the ball lands frequently is a kind of advantage. The wear and tear cause bias which inspires some people to earn a ton while the ones who play un-observantly don’t win much.

Joseph Jagger identified one such table and tripled his bankroll on a single night, making him one of the most famous gamblers.

Which roulette wheel can I find in Indian casinos?

Indian casinos usually have the American and European roulette wheels based on which casino you visit. You will also find the European roulette wheel on online Indian casinos too.

What kind of betting odds provide higher chances of winning?

There are 3 types of betting odds that you can use when placing your bets on a roulette wheel:

  • The even bets allow you to bet on whether the ball will go into a red slot or black slot, a number higher or lower than 18, and whether or not it will be an even or odd number. In any case, the odds of your win are 50-50.
  • The 2 to 1 odds where you can place line bets or column bets that cover at least 12 numbers at a time, therefore your odds of winning are still quite high.
  • The longer odds where you can choose inside bets, i.e., on 6 or fewer numbers. Here, since the count of roulette wheel numbers you bet on is fewer, the odds for the payout are higher.

If you like to play safe with higher chances of winning, even if the amount is small, you can go for even bets and 2 to 1 bets. However, if you desire a high amount in payouts with high risk then the longer odds are a better option. You may lose money in a few rounds but when you win, you earn big.

Which roulette wheel betting strategy should I use?

There are 9 different roulette wheel betting strategies used by gamblers all over the world. Some of them are good for beginners such as the Martingale strategy and the D’Alembert strategies which are both progressive betting methods.

However, if you want to play safe but also improve your chances of earning then the reverse martingale, Labouchere, and Fibonacci strategies are better choices.

There is also the James Bond strategy which is a form of non-progressive, flat betting. This is probably the best strategy that you can use at the roulette wheel since it covers a lot of ground on the roulette board, thus increasing your chances of winning. Your bets are spread among numbers between 13 and 18 with a small amount, between 19 and 36 with the largest amount, and the smallest bet on the 0s. Thus, you are likely to win at least one of these bets, including from the 0, which cuts down your losses in the house edge.

Why do the roulette wheel and board have different sequential patterns?

The roulette board carries all the numbers in a sequence so you can choose your line bets and cumulative bets easily. However, on the roulette wheel, the numbers have to be non-sequential so that any gambler who places a large number of bets on a row, column, or even bets does not get an edge on those who play the single numbers.

Additionally, the odds of the single numbers are 36 to 1 or 37 to 1. This gives the casino a higher chance of earning than the gamblers.

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