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Ice hockey is a contact winter team sport played on ice skates on a rink with specific lines and markings for the event. Two opposing teams are required to use ice hockey sticks to handle, advance, and shoot a closed, vulcanized rubber disc known as a 'puck' into the other team's goal in one of the quickest team sports. One point is awarded for each goal. The winning team in ice hockey is the one that scores the most goals. In a formal game of ice hockey, each team has six skaters on the ice at any given time, one of whom is the goaltender unless there are any penalties.

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Ice hockey is a modern sport that originated in Canada, particularly in Montreal, where the first indoor game of ice hockey was played on March 3, 1875. Some aspects of that game have survived to this day, such as the length of the ice rink and the use of a puck. Ice hockey leagues for amateurs started in the 1880s, while professional ice hockey started around 1900.

How to bet on ice hockey?

Ice hockey, like soccer, is played with the goal of defeating the opposing team by scoring more goals than they do.

As a result, practically all ice hockey betting markets that you are familiar with in soccer betting can also apply to ice hockey betting, including outright league or cup winners, individual game-winners, first goalscorers, both teams to score, over/under, next goalscorer, and so on. Ice hockey is generally referred to simply as 'hockey' in the United States, although this should not be confused with the grass-field sport known as 'hockey' in the United Kingdom, which is primarily played by girls at the high school level.

Here is a list of the most popular ice hockey markets in ice hockey betting.

  • League/tournament outrights
  • Match result (end of regulation)
  • Match result (including OT)
  • Puck line handicaps
  • Goal totals over/under
  • Correct score

How to bet on ice hockey leagues?

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has some 74 members. Ice hockey is played at both amateur and professional levels in many parts of the world, and while it is most popular in regions with cold winters, such as Eastern Europe and North America, it is also popular in portions of Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. In a calendar year, there are numerous ice hockey tournaments and contests. The following are the most significant ones:

  • Winter Olympics
  • World championship
  • Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)
  • Swedish Hockey League (SHL)
  • American Hockey League (AHL)
  • NCAA Ice Hockey Championship

How do ice hockey odds work?

In effect, the odds associated with the sporting event you select represent the likelihood of that outcome happening.

What does it mean in terms of probability if the United States is given 2.50 odds to win an Ice Hockey World Championship game against Russia? Ice hockey betting odds describe the possibility of a specific event occurring - sometimes known as the 'implied probability.' As a result, if the USA is favored by 2.5 to win a game versus Russia, these odds reflect the bookmaker's assessment of the team's chances of winning that match.

To be successful in sports betting, you must first understand the implied probability indicated in betting odds. Knowing how to convert odds into implied probabilities will improve your long-term betting success in any sport, including ice hockey.

Only a 40% possibility exists that the United States will defeat Russia in this game. For example, you've looked at the teams' form guides and they appear good for the USA, you know Russia has important injuries, ice hockey betting experts’ top ice hockey tipster is predicting a win for the USA, and so on.

Ice hockey betting – power plays and penalty killing

In the NHL, power plays are a big aspect of the game. A Power Play occurs when a team is penalized and must play with one fewer man than their opponent for a predetermined period of time. The way teams play in this situation determines their chances of winning a game. As a result, keeping track of these figures is beneficial.

When playing with a man advantage, how successful is a team? How frequently do they manage to score? Similarly, how effective is a squad when they are down a player? How frequently do they give up goals? Despite their deficit, how often are they able to keep a particular side from scoring? You'll be able to stay ahead of the game if you pay attention to these crucial techniques and statistics.

Ice hockey betting strategies

Having a strategy in place for your ice hockey betting, like with any other kind of sports betting, will greatly improve your success with the bookmakers. An ice hockey betting method and strategy can be as basic or as sophisticated as you like, but the more research you do on the sport, the more accurate your ice hockey predictions will be, and the more money you'll make betting.

With a mix of your own research and regular consultations with betting experts’ top ice hockey tipsters, as well as information from sites like Betfair's ice hockey strategy, you'll be able to discover hidden value in odds and wager on them properly in no time. These are some of the most popular ice hockey betting tips.

In-play betting markets on ice hockey

These are some of the most popular in-play ice hockey betting markets:

  • League/tournament outrights: Multiple outrights are available at the club level. In the NHL alone, there are two Divisional crowns to contend with, one in each of the two Conferences. After that, the top eight teams from each conference compete in a knockout format in the playoffs. The Conference Finals will be played between the final two teams in each Conference, with the Eastern Conference winner earning the Prince of Wales Trophy and the Western Conference winner receiving the Clarence S Campbell Bowl. These two clubs will then compete for the Stanley Cup, the most prestigious prize in professional ice hockey.
  • Match result (end of regulation): It is the safest bet of all, but it comes with a catch. You're picking the team you think will win an ice hockey game, but only if they can do so inside the sixty-minute time limit. 'Can you draw in ice hockey?' is a common inquiry from new players in the sport. While exhibition matches occasionally involve draws, competitive ice hockey does not, and games that are tied after 60 minutes are decided in overtime by the Golden Goal rule, which states that the first side to score wins the game.
  • Match result (including OT): This is the most basic bet of them all, as it is based on the game's actual winner, whether it is achieved during a normal time or overtime. You are merely placing a wager on the team you believe will emerge triumphant from the ice.
  • Puck line handicaps: The term 'ice hockey betting puck line' refers to a betting market that is specific to the sport of ice hockey but is essentially a variation on standard spread ice hockey betting. A point spread is assigned to the favorite and underdog, much like in spread betting. The puck line is usually set at 1.5, with the underdog receiving a +1.5 goal handicap, meaning that if you bet on them, they must not lose by two or more goals in order for you to win. The favorite is given a -1.5 goal puck line handicap, meaning that if you bet on them, they should win by at least two goals.
  • Goal totals over/under: In this case, the wager is on the total number of goals scored in an ice hockey game – either at least or at most. Your bet would be -5.5 if you predict there would only be five goals. Your wager will be +5.5 if you predict there will be at least six goals.
  • Correct score: You can wager on what you feel will be the accurate score at the end of regulation time, or you can bet on the scoreline if you believe the game will be tied at the end of ordinary time. If you think the Blackhawks will thrash the Bruins 6-1, you'll choose that scoreline for your wager. You pick a scoreline and bet on it if you think the Bruins will beat the Blackhawks 5-4 in overtime. Choose that scoreline as your wager if you anticipate the score will be tied at 4-4 at the end of the 60-minute regular time period.

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How to bet on ice hockey odds?

There is one essential law that applies to all wagers, regardless of the sport you choose to bet on or which market you choose for your wager: It's always important to consider the odds. The amount you win from a sports bet is always determined by the odds. This regulation also applies to ice hockey.

The odds for a sporting event are displayed in one of three ways on the vast majority of sports ice hockey betting websites: infractions, which is common in the UK and Ireland, in decimals, which is common in Europe and the Southern Hemisphere, and in the form of a Moneyline, which is mostly seen in North America.

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