Best and Original Apps To Earn Real Money At In India

Best and Original Apps To Earn Real Money At In India
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Locked up in our homes and stuck between two stages of life where on one hand, you’re preparing for life and on the other, you’re still processing the learning from the previous time you were outside, either at college or your workplace. Proceeding through to the next can seem overwhelming.

But not to worry; there are real money earning apps in India that serve as a good motivator for both passing time and subtle income, and solid sites to help you power through real learning for a corporate job.

GetMega is India's favorite real-money gaming app with best in class interface and real players. With 10,000+ daily players on the app, you can win up-to Rs 1,00,000 everyday. Download the app now!

How Do Money Earning Apps Work?

The less commonly known facts about money making through apps is that the money made is often through gift vouchers, coupons, codes, discount offers, etc. All of these contribute to  lessen the total amount spent. Other forms of money earned is through points that bunch up and can be converted into currency and credited to the bank account. Some merely provide an interface to connect the ones providing and needing the service.

The process to avail all of this starts with a mere signing up with the real money earning apps in India, following which you browse through it. Depending on what app it is, the earning process starts with basic rewards or points that are earned by completing tasks, browsing through various pages on the app, sending out referrals, playing and playing music, and more. Others ask your input via surveys, or connect you to the appropriate people dealing with your kind of work.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Money Earning Apps

There are merits to how real money earning apps in India facilitate personal growth and in making ends meet for people.

For one, most real money-earning apps don’t require a huge sum as an investment. A simple smartphone does the work; all you do is download the chosen app, skim through how to earn and you’re through.

That brings us to flexibility and simplicity. Unlike more pressing jobs like freelancing, simple money-making apps don’t require you to majorly upskill yourself. It is advisable to seek improvement since it may also favour your chances. But it is not a steadfast necessity, which makes it very flexible for people from countless walks of life.

Even for freelancing, the idea is to provide a service that you’re already good at, or have an interest, experience, or both in. This means that you’re working with real money earning apps in India that go two ways in benefitting both you and the end customer.

The downside is that the people really in need of money may fall prey to scam sites and unverified spaces that will take advantage of the data being provided by them.

Some money paying apps pay in vouchers and codes, which often go to waste if not used before a deadline. Such apps also pay very little, unlike freelancing.

Five Sites and Five Real Money Earning Apps in India


Ever thought earning through gaming is impossible? Well, time to discard that outdated idea away because you can totally earn a fortune through simply gaming on the app. And this isn’t like other real money earning apps in India that offer gaming as another tool of earning money; GetMega is a solely gaming dedicated app.

Historically, many gaming apps have always garnered curiosity but never a proper customer base due to either being overrun by bots or undue payments or simply having a weak user interface. But GetMega surpasses all those challenges by condensing the best gaming experience with a solid interface, a fool-proof, secure money management system that pays out money whenever you need. The amount credited is sufficiently and properly maintained in your account for you to withdraw. And you earn money by playing games!

Google Opinion Rewardsgoogle-opinion-rewards

Starting off with the one that’s most renowned and available to many users. Google Opinion rewards puts up notifications when surveys are available. These surveys are quick and simple and quiz you mostly about your daily life experiences and stats. In return for participating in the survey, Google credits a cash-of-sorts (called Play Credits) to your Google account that can be redeemed when purchasing paid-apps/books/movies etc. on the Play Store.

Roz Dhanroz-dhan

Translated from Hindi, Roaz Dhan means ‘daily money’, and the app is designed that way. The most tasks you’re doing are watching some promotional videos, reading the news, making referrals to other people and bringing in some users to the app, completing surveys, etc. Simply even signing up with the app gets you Rs. 25/- and the overall earnings are credited as PayTM cashback. It’s a popular and most sought after real money earning app in India.


Meesho has been around for a while, taking the world by storm everytime a new user joins. It’s a reselling app where if you are a product maker yourself, you can earn real money by putting the products up for sale.

Say, another user wants to help expand the reach of your product to an audience that they know, they’ll become a mediator of sorts to help you sell your brand-new or reselling products. You log in, browse through the range of products, share them on various media or within the app, and quote a margin. When the customer places an order, you receive the margin amount.


UserFeel is a usability tests app. The tasks on the app are usually ones about critically looking at how a website or an app is functional, accessible, has a good interface and gives optimal user experience. The remote usability tests are usually long and they are important for developers to see their work from the perspective of a user using the sites or apps.

The only small drawback is that you need to verify that you're eligible for becoming a tester, and this can take a while. But even for this, there is a small qualification test that can be easily passed. The test also checks if the phone is able to handle the app weight and functions and if there are any bugs in the operations on the app.

The better your rating gets, the more tests you’ll receive that will pay you real money.


SwagBucks has offered exciting rewards for all its users who complete the tasks listed on the app. It is both a real money earning app in India as well as a website. It is primarily a loyalty based reward program. Tasks include answering surveys and questions, playing games, daily polls and watching videos. In return, you earn SB points that can be converted into real money or as cashback. Additionally, there are cashback offers, coupons and codes that come as rewards for the user.


You can also earn money by teaching students and your juniors if you’re a college student. Nothing beats an in-person, honest review by someone you know to do anything; and as seniors, you will have more experience and know how to help ease the stress and guide your juniors. Sites like SuperProf are online tuition providing sites that let you arrange classes that people can further look into and join, thereby earning you money.


In the same vein as the previous, Internshala is an interface that connects you with employers seeking your services. All you do is to apply for the internship and work part time in your area of work and earn money.

Why Is Gaming The Best Way To Earn Money Online?

Gaming is entertaining and exciting, and the easy, expressive interface really draws you into the game. There is little investment necessary for gaming too; just a smartphone is enough, though some do also prefer gaming on their laptops and dedicated PC sets if they already have it or they are a pro gamer. So that’s the thing— gaming has a career path that many people can pursue, that can give you an income when needed.

But a lesser-known truth is that none of these games are guaranteed to give you victory all the time. You need to hone your skill and dedicate enough time and energy for it to truly, properly shine as well. And that itself is supremely engaging. Gaming brings stories, characters, and landscapes to life, making it an immersive world. And so real money earning apps in India, dedicated to gaming, like GetMega for example, is taking on the world with their ease and excitement.

GetMega is an amazing platform that lets you play varities of games with friends & family on video-chat with real money. Sounds fun, isn't it? Download the GetMega app now!
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I have tried almost all of their games & I really like their Card games. One thing I can say say that if you want to win big, practicing matters. Took some time to study Poker and Rummy, but now I am winning about ₹75,000 a month.
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