World Most Six In Cricket

World Most Six In Cricket

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Cricket is one of the most popular games history has seen. And, what makes the viewing experience more fantastic is the sixes. It not only adds enthusiasm to the audience sitting in the stadium, making the game more entertaining. The world most sixes in cricket is hit by West Indies player Chris Gayle.

In cricket, most sixes hold the game-changing ability. It can change the fate of the game. We all are fans of MS Dhoni's winning six. It still gives goosebumps to cricket fans. So to the viewers, it doesn't matter if the sixer is small or big; it is a masterpiece every time. With the ball flying above your head, it created a thrilling experience. It is a moment that both audiences and cricketers celebrate together. Cricketers score

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Let's dwell on the journey of identifying the cricketers who have hit the World's Most Six in Cricket -

Most Sixes by Cricket Players.

Chris Gayle:

  • The Jamaican Cricketer has a record of hitting the most sixes in an innings. Making his debut in Cricket in 1999, he hit 553 sixes in 483 matches he played in ODIs, Test Matches, and T20s. Gayle is the opener for the West Indies. He likes to call himself "Universe Boss," It is justifiable with his amazing track record. He also hit the most consecutive sixes in Test cricket, 98 sixes in 103 Test Matches. The Universe Boss also has the record for the world most six in cricket history, with 331 sixes in 301 ODIs. He also has the record for most sixes, with 124 sixes in T20Is. The Universe Boss also holds the record for most sixes in one innings in the IPL. He hit the world's most sixes in cricket, accounting for 17 sixes against Pune Warriors India.

Shahid Afridi:

  • The Pakistani All-rounder also holds records for hitting the most sixes in the test in an innings. His sixes have put him up on the list of the world's most sixes in cricket. Afridi is a middle-order batter and has played 524 matches. He has a record of hitting 52 sixes in almost 27 Test matches. The track record of this batsman is shown best with his ODI scores. He hit 351 sixes in 398 ODIs. Afridi has shown an amazing track record in the T20s, stomping 73 sixes in 99 T20Is.

Rohit Sharma:

  • The Indian "Hitman" has made the list of cricketers who have hit the most sixes in ODI career. He has hit the most sixes in Indian team. He has a record of hitting 245 sixes in 230 ODIs. Rohit Sharma made it to the world of Cricket in 2007. In his cricket career today, he hit a total of 461 sixes in 393 matches. He has a record of hitting the most sixes in the Indian team Cricket, 63 sixes in 43 test matches. Rohit Sharma also holds the record of hitting 150 sixes in 119 T20Is. He is also known for hitting the most sixes in one test match against South Africa. He also holds the record of hitting the most sixes in an innings in test matches. He hit 13 sixes, the world’s most six in cricket, in the first and seven in the second innings. He is one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

Brendon McCullum:

  • Brendon McCullum, a New Zealand Cricketer, scored the most sixes in test cricket. He holds the record of hitting 107 sixes in the 101 test. He is currently the captain of the New Zealand Team. He is a very destructive batsman and smashed 398 sixes in 474 innings. Brendon has the world record of the fastest test century in just 54 balls. The match was against Australia; he scored 145 runs, including 21 fours and sixes in 79 balls. He has hit the most sixes in an ODI series; 200 sixes in 260 ODI matches.





Chris Gayle

West Indies



Shahid Afridi




Rohit Sharma




Brendon McCullum

New Zealand



Martin Guptill

New Zealand



Sanath Jayasuriya

Sri Lanka



Eoin Morgan




AB de Viliers

South Africa



Ross Taylor

New Zealand



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