Top 5 Players to Score the Most Runs in a Debut Test Match

Top 5 Players to Score the Most Runs in a Debut Test Match

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The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most entertaining and popular T20 cricket tournaments in the entire world. One of the main ideas and primary objectives behind the establishment of IPL was to promote the sport of cricket not just throughout the country, but also around the entire world. It also aimed to scout and nurture various young talents and genius players from all parts of India and other major cricket-playing regions. IPL has been around for a while now and as of 2022, it is on its 15th ongoing season. Throughout the course of this tournament, it has given the world of cricket, plenty of golden and breathtaking moments in the history of this sport. One of the toughest parts for players, in this T20 format of cricket, is to score centuries (100 runs). However, in the entire history of IPL, there have been quite a few moments where players have reached this significant milestone with utter ease. In this article, we have listed the top 5 players to have hit the fastest century in IPL of all time.

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A Table of Players with Most Runs in Test Debut

The list of players with the most runs in Test debut matches, along with statistics are mentioned below:


Player Name

Total Test Debut Match Runs

1st Innings Runs

2nd Innings Runs




LG Rowe




West Indies



RE Foster







Yasir Hameed







KR Mayers




West Indies



DP Conway




New Zealand


Top 5 Players to Score the Most Runs in a Debut Test Match

1) LG Rowe

Lawrence Rowe was a top-order batsman for West Indies who started his international cricket career with his team in a Test match against New Zealand, at the Sabina Park on February 16th 1972. This was LG Rowe’s debut match in Test format cricket, where he scored a massive total of 214 runs in the first innings. And he came back to strike with the same intensity and scored a century not out in the second innings of the game. In total, LG Rowe scored 314 runs in that game, which is the most runs in debut Test match that has ever been scored. In his total Test match career of 30 games, Rowe went on to score a total of 2047 runs with 302 being his personal best in an innings.

2) RE Foster

English cricketer Reginald Erskine Foster, who was popularly called Tip Foster, is the second player on the list of scoring the most runs in debut Test match. He played his first Test cricket match against team Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground, on December 11th 1903. In the very first innings, Foster made his impeccable impact on the game by scoring a total of 287 runs, which was one of the highest of that time. This was followed by a 19-run strike in the second innings, tallying the total score in the game to 306 runs. His cricket career was cut short due to his early demise and he is also the only man to this date to have captained England’s cricket and football team.

3) Yasir Hameed

The third player to have scored the most runs in debut Test match is none other than Pakistan’s former top-order batsman, Yaseed Hameed. He played his first international cricket in a Test match against Bangladesh at the National Stadium on August 20th 2003. His first-innings batting was phenomenal as he scored 170 runs, which was followed by a 105-run knock in the second innings. With these, Yasir Hameed had scored a total of 275 runs in his first debut Test match, claiming one of the top three spots for most runs in Test debut. In the 25 Test matches that he played, Hameed scored a total of 1491 runs with a strike rate of 57.61.

4) KR Mayers

Kyle Mayers is a batting allrounder player for the West Indies, who has just recently secured the fourth spot in the list of the all-time most runs in debut Test match ever scored. His first Test cricket game was against team Bangladesh on February 3rd 2021 at the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium. He had a slow start in the game and scored a decent total of 40 runs in his first innings. But the story was totally different in the second innings, where he came onto the pitch and showered runs for his team with a double-century in his debut Test game. He ended his second innings with 210 runs not out, making his debut Test cricket grand total of 250 runs.

5) DP Conway

New Zealand cricketer Devon Conway, who is a top-order batsman and an occasional wicketkeeper for his team, is at the fifth spot on the list for scoring the most runs in Test debut. His entry on this list also happened very recently with his debut Test game against England at the Lord’s cricket stadium on June 2nd, 2021. In the first innings, he began by scoring a double century for starters. With this, he became the second New Zealand cricketer to have scored a double-century on their Test debut, only after the Legendary MS Sinclair (214). Conway’s first innings’ 200 runs score was framed with an additional 23 runs in the second innings. This made the total score to be 223 runs and along with this, DP Conway has become the fifth cricketer to have scored one of the most runs in Test debut in cricket history. As of now, he has played 9 Test matches for his country, with a total score of 881 runs, including 113 boundaries.

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