Top 10 Bowlers To Take Fastest 50 Wickets in ODI Cricket

Top 10 Bowlers To Take Fastest 50 Wickets in ODI Cricket

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The One Day International or ODI format is a 50-overs limited match played between two international teams. The ODI format of cricket is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of the sport since it brought the quick pace action to the game, which was absent in Test cricket. This format of cricket was first adopted and played back on January 5th 1971 and since then, it has given many iconic moments in the sport to cherish for ages to come. Every time a bowler dismisses a player the whole stadium goes berserk with the sheer competitive rush. So in this article, we will take a look at the iconic record of the top 10 bowlers to get the fastest 50 wickets in ODI.

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Top 10 Bowlers to take Fastest 50 Wickets in ODI.

A Table Including Statistics of These Players

Sl. No.

Player Name


Played Against

Total Matches


Match Date


BAW Mendis

Sri Lanka






S Lamichhane







AB Agarkar







MJ McClenaghan

New Zealand

South Africa


Mount Maunganui



DK Lilee







Hasan Ali


Sri Lanka


Abu Dhabi



Kuldeep Yadav


Hong Kong


Dubai (DSC)



SK Warne


Sri Lanka





MJ Henry

New Zealand






BJ McCarthy


West Indies




1. Ajantha Mendis

Ajantha Mendis.

The player who secures the top spot on this list by getting the fastest 50 wickets in ODI history is none other than former Sri Lankan cricketer Ajantha Mendis. Mendis was a bowler, who bowled right-arm off break for his team. He made his ODI debut with Sri Lankan Men’s cricket team against West Indies on April 10th, 2008 at the Queen’s Park Oval. And after playing in eighteen more ODI matches since his first game, he achieved the record of the fastest 50 ODI wickets.

It was during his 19th ODI match, where he was up against Zimbabwe at Mirpur back on January 12th 2009. This is where he claimed his 50-wicket milestone in the ODI format of cricket. With his brilliance in bowling, Mendis went on to play 87 ODI matches in total, where he took 152 wickets with an economy rate of 4.8 and a BBI of 6/13.

2. Sandeep Lamichhane

Sandeep Lamichhane

The second player on this list to claim one of the fastest 50 wickets in ODI is Sandeep Lamichhane, a right-arm leg-break bowler from Nepal. Sandeep was born in 2000 and made his ODI debut at the age of 17 years and 364 days with the Nepal Men’s cricket team. In his debut ODI matchup, he played against the Netherlands on August 1st 2018 at the VRA Cricket Ground.

His edition of the fastest to 50 wickets in ODI came very recently while playing against Papua New Guinea on March 26th 2022 at Kirtipur. Sandeep is a very talented player and his achievement of one of the fastest fifty wickets in ODI cricket in just 22 matches surely speaks a lot about his potential in the sport. As of now, he had played 27 total ODI matches where he dropped 62 wickets with an economy rate of 4.03.

3. Ajit Agarkar

 Ajit Agarkar

Former Indian cricketer, Ajit Agarkar, currently sits at the third spot on this list. He was an outstanding right-arm fast-medium bowler, who had claimed numerous wickets during his time with the national squad. Agarkar’s debut ODI match was against Australia on April 1st 1998, at the Nehru Stadium.

He made several bowling records, including the feat of getting one of the fastest 50 wickets in ODI cricket, which he completed in 23 matches. It happened when team India was up against team Zimbabwe in Harare on September 30th, 1998. Agarkar is also the third-highest wicket-taker in the ODI cricket format from India with 288 wickets in 191 matches.

4. Mitchell McClenaghan

 Mitchell McClenaghan

New Zealand cricketer and left-arm fast-medium bowler, Mitchell McClenaghan is the fourth player to get the fastest 50 wickets in ODI of all time. Mitchell started off his ODI career against South Africa on January 19th, 2013 at Boland Park.

In Mitchell’s 23rd One Day Internationals match against South Africa on October 24th 2014 in Mount Maunganui, he excelled once again with his bowling and claimed his 50th wicket in that game. He went on to play 25 additional ODI games after achieving this record and dropped 82 wickets in 48 total matches, with an economy rating of 5.94 and a BBI of 5/58.

5. Dennis Keith Lillee

Dennis Lillee

Dennis Lillee is an Australian cricket legend, who was famous for his lightning right-arm fast bowling style. Lillee’s ODI debut was against England in Manchester on August 24th 1972 and he out-shunned numerous bowlers during his over a decade-long career.

With his fast and precise deliveries, Lillee managed to claim his 50th wicket in ODI during his 24th matchup, which was against team India in Sydney on December 18th 1980. Lillee remains the fifth player to get the fastest 50 wickets in ODI of all time and tops the Australian chart of the fastest ODI 50 wickets ever taken.

6. Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali

Another currently active player to be on this list of fastest 50 wickets in ODI is Pakistani right-arm fast-medium bowler, Hasan Ali. Ali’s first-ever career ODI matchup was played at The Village on August 18th 2016, against Ireland and it took him 24 matches in total to get his fifty wickets in One Day Internationals cricket.

It happened during the Pakistan versus Sri Lanka matchup in Abu Dhabi on October 18th 2017, and he gained a lot of praise for achieving this record. As of now, Hasan Ali has actively participated in 60 ODI matches with Pakistan and claimed a total of 91 wickets with an economy rate of 5.75 and a BBI of 5/34.

7. Kuldeep Yadav

 Kuldeep Yadav

Indian left-arm chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav has made a significant impact on the cricket scene of the country. He made his ODI debut with the national squad against West Indies at the Queen’s Park Oval on June 23rd 2017. Yadav stole the eyes of spectators and cricket fans around the world with his bowling style and wicket-taking capabilities.

It only took him 24 total matches to get the seventh fastest 50 wicket taker in ODI cricket history. He achieved this remarkable milestone during a matchup against Hong Kong at Dubai (DSC) on September 18th 2018.

8. Shane Warne

Shane Warne

There would hardly be a bowling record list in cricket without the name of the legendary Australian cricketer, Shane Warne. He played a total of 194 ODI matches with team Australia and took 293 wickets with a BBI of 5/33 and an economy rate of 4.25. Since his debut ODI game against New Zealand on March 24th 1993 at Basin Reserve, it only took him 25 total matches to reach the milestone of being one of the fastest to take 50 wickets in ODI.

He reached this milestone during a match against Sri Lanka in Colombo on September 13th 1994. Warne currently ranks eighth on this list and his influence has changed the bowling sector of this sport forever and for the better.

9. Matt Henry

Matt Henry

New Zealand cricketer, Matt Henry, is a right-arm fast-medium bowler for his country’s side. He started his one-day international career playing against team India at Sky Stadium on January 31st 2014. Henry earned the title of one of the bowlers to get the fastest 50 wickets in ODI during his 25th career one-day internationals match.

New Zealand was up against Australia on February 8th 2016 in Hamilton, which the former had won by 55 runs. In this very match, Matt Henry sealed his name among the greatest bowlers by reaching this wonderful record. As of now, he had played 58 ODI matches in total and claimed 104 wickets with an economy rate of 5.28 and a BBI of 5/30.

10. Barry McCarthy

 Barry McCarthy

Irish cricketer Barry McCarthy, is a right-arm medium bowler for the Ireland men’s cricket team. He started his ODI career by playing off against Sri Lanka at The Village back on June 16th 2016. In his 25th ODI match, he was playing against West Indies in Dublin on May 5th 2019.

In this match, McCarthy achieved the record of the ODI fastest 50 wickets ever taken in cricket from Ireland and in the international list, he ranks tenth. McCarthy had played a total of 38 ODI matches in his career and secured 61 wickets to his name with a BBI of 5/46 and an economy rate of 5.77.

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