Top 10 Cricket Best Moments

Top 10 Cricket Best Moments

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It can not be denied that cricket has given the world of sports numerous moments to cherish forever. The game might not be the number one popular sport in the world, but it is among the top contenders and is one of the oldest sports in history. Through the long and historically enriched era of the game, there have been many moments that had changed the course of this established sport and given the fans many memories to admire and appreciate forever. However, it should be noted that most of these moments are great, some are very sad and a few are driven by controversies to this day. In this article, we will focus on the happier moments in the history of cricket, that has put a smile on millions of fans’ faces. So to get an informative cruise through some of cricket best moments, go through the article down below.

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List of top 10 Best Moments in Cricket

1) The First Double Century in ODI Cricket by a Batsman

The First Double Century in ODI Cricket by a Batsman
Credits: Firstpost

This happened back on 24th February 2010 at Gwalior where none other than our mighty ‘Master Blaster” had created something magnificent for the whole world to see. This popular limited-over cricket format, ODI was created back in 1971, and since then, numerous international 50-over matches were played and completed throughout the world. It is rather difficult to score higher figure numbers in limited over matches, where the stakes are high and scoring a double-century, which is 200 runs in a single ODI match, was something unheard of until India’s very own Sachin Tendulkar took the charge. In a bilateral series against South Africa, Sachin scored and completed his double-century (200*) in the very last over of the innings. With this incredible performance, Sachin Tendulkar became the first Indian player, as well as, the first batsman in the world of cricket to have scored a double century in a single ODI match. This moment in the sport is regarded as one of cricket best moments of all time.

2) One of MS Dhoni’s Greatest Finishes in Cricket History

 One of MS Dhoni’s Greatest Finishes in Cricket History
Credits: The SportsRush

After the 1983 Cricket World Cup, team India failed to regain the throne of the champions, time after time. But it was different back in 2011, the Indian cricket squad was looking more promising than ever, with players like Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar, Goutam Gambhir and many other icons, all playing under the leadership of captain cool, MS Dhoni. Everyone gave their all out, including the “Player of the Tournament” Yuvraj Singh, who was battling cancer back then. While chasing a set target of 275 by Sri Lanka, Team India had a shaky start in the finals. But they managed to pull back quickly with the efforts of Gautam Gambhir, who scored 97 out of 122 deliveries, and MS Dhoni, who made 91 out of 79 balls. And in the second to the final over, the team needed 4 runs to win and MS Dhoni was at the striker’s end. He swung the ball with his mighty bat and sent the ball flying for a six and finished the game in his iconic style. He has made many finishes throughout his career, but this one, which resulted in winning the 2011 ICC World Cup, will forever be special and among the top cricket moments of all time.

3) The Creators Winning Their First World Cup

 The Creators Winning Their First World Cup
Credits: India Today

England is widely regarded as the birthplace of cricket and they have been playing the sport longer than any other country. But they had never won a World Cup title ever, until recently. In the tournament’s final match, they were up against New Zealand at the 2019 World Cup, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest World Cup and ODI matches in the history of cricket. The whole game was full of nail-biting moments and it was hard to even predict which team was going to win. The game progressed to a tie, followed by a super over, which once again, ended up in a tie. But even after this result, it was team England’s victory which was awarded to them by the rule of boundaries. Yes, after the tie-in the super over, the team with the most boundaries had won the World Cup final match and the championship. Their win is regarded as one of the best moments in cricket history.

4) The First-Ever Day-Night Test

The First-Ever Day-Night Test
Credits: Cricket Australia

Following the tragic demise of cricketer Phillip Hughes, precisely a year after, the first-ever day-night Test match was played between Australia and New Zealand at the Adelaide Oval. This innovative form of cricket was invented and implemented by Australia, the team which is well-known for its dominance in international cricket. Alongside the introduction of the day-night Test games, Australia also came up with the idea of colour kits, DRS, Hotspot and Snickometer. Apart from this first iconic game that took place on 27th November 2015, Australia also introduced the Pink Ball Test, in order to spread the game more to a wider audience. This day-night Test introduction is genuinely one of cricket best moments ever.

5) West Indies’ Second T20 World Cup

 West Indies’ Second T20 World Cup

Since the dawn of the ICC Cricket World Cup, team West Indies had always been one of the most dominating cricket teams in the world. They were the first team ever to have won the World Cup twice, the first in 1975 and the second title in 1979. But their dominance in international cricket didn’t just stop there, they continued with their incredible performance and won the 2016 World T20 Cup, which was their second title. This made West Indies the first team to have won the World T20 Cup two times. One of the most iconic moments in the history of cricket comes from the final match of this championship, where Carlos Brathwaite pulled off his majestic series of four consecutive 6s to end the match and win the title for his team. This second World T20 Cup win for West Indies with Brathwaite’s stylish finish will forever be one of cricket best moments in history.

6) Pakistan’s Victory in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy

 Pakistan’s Victory in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy
Credits: TRT World

Team Pakistan was the last team that had qualified for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy but with enormous efforts and magnificent plays, they secured a spot in the championship final against team India. The final match was surrounded by enormous hype around it, and the India-Pakistan match at the finals of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy had drawn a lot of attention to it. In the final game, India won the toss and chose to field first. Pakistan’s Fakhar Zaman made 114 runs out of 106 deliveries that day, which contributed to their final score of 338/4, alongside Azhar Ali’s 59, Babar Azam’s 46 and Mohammad Haffez’s 57. With a target of 339, team India began batting but had a rough start with Rohit Sharma getting out for a duck, followed by Virat Kohli for 5 runs, MS Dhoni for 4, Kedar Jadhav for 9 and Ashwin and Bumrah for 1. Team Pakistan managed to shut their opponent’s batting that day at just 158/10, and lifted the Champions Trophy title with grace.

7) South Africa’s Defeat at the Hands of Australia in 1999

 South Africa’s Defeat at the Hands of Australia in 1999
Credits: ICC Cricket

The semi-final match of the 1999 World Cup between Australia and South Africa ended up in a tie at the Edgbaston. South Africa went back and forth at the time of their batting while chasing the target of 214 runs set by Australia. Both team Australia and team South Africa had lost all their wickets at the score of 213 runs. It was indeed a nail-biting match in the history of the cricket World Cup, where even after coming so close to the target, Australia managed to get a hold of the game near the last moment. Defying all odds, however, it was Australia who had advanced forward in the game by being placed over South Africa in the Super Sixes. They went forward to defeat Pakistan in the final match and lifted the 1999 World Cup.

8) Gibbs’ Iconic Six 6s Hits

 Gibbs’ Iconic Six 6s Hits
Credits: IOL

It was during the 7th game between group A at the ICC World Cup on March 16, 2007. The match was being played between South Africa and the Netherlands where something iconic took place, that had graced the world of cricket best moments for eternity. With batting first, South Africa had scored a gigantic total with the contribution of Graeme Smith’s 67 runs, Jacques Kallis’ 128* runs, Mar Boucher’s 75* runs and Herschelle Gibbs’ 72 runs, including his stunning feat of six consecutive 6s in a single over in international cricket, making him the first cricketer to have ever achieved this record. Gibbs and his team eventually won the match by 221 runs.

9) Shane Warne’s Ball of the Century

 Shane Warne’s Ball of the Century
Credits: Times of India

This happened during a match back in 1993 at the Old Trafford Stadium between team England and Australia. As the match progressed, the Ashes rivalry between the two teams seemed to have taken charge. The highlight of the match however came when Shane Warne was at the pitcher’s end, bowling against England’s Mike Gatting. Warne delivered his ball, which initially seemed to have come straight but started to deviate from its course and towards its new goal. This delivery caught an experienced batsman like Gatting to have misjudged its course. The end result was the ball hitting Gatting’s bat and striking through the top of the off-stump wicket. This delivery came to be known as the “Ball of the Century”, as well as the “revival of leg-spin”, which is considered one of the top cricket moments of all time.

10) The Cricket World Cup’s Bravest Moment

The Cricket World Cup’s Bravest Moment
Credits: IndiaTimes

This has been often described as one of the bravest and most famous cricket moments in the history of this sport. This happened back in 2003 in Harare, where the Zimbabwe Cricket team’s players Henry Olonga and Andy Flower came to the field wearing black armbands at the first game against Namibia, in protest of the oppressive regime created under Robert Mugabe. They revealed a statement to the press in relation to this matter as the “Death of Democracy.” This has been regarded as the bravest moment in the history of cricket and following the consequences of their stand, Ologna had to flee the country after his arrest warrant was out for treason, while Andy Flower kept on playing with the support of his teammates.

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