Top 10 Best T20 League In The World

Top 10 Best T20 League In The World

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Cricket is a very popular sport which is played in many different regions. The traditional Test cricket match format is very long and seems boring to the fans who are new to the game or the ones who are into fast-paced, nail-biting action and thrill. So, to attract more fans and provide a shorter version of the Test and ODI, the all-new format of Twenty20 cricket, popularly known as T20, was introduced. The T20 format was first introduced back in 2003, and since then, it has become the most popular cricket format. It is also the reason behind the enormous growth in popularity of the game in the world. This format is played in two settings, one is international and the other is domestic.

The world of domestic cricket leagues took a massive turn with huge popularity gains after the T20 format was implemented. Countries like South Africa and England were among the first to host tournaments under this format, and its success spread among the other major cricket-playing regions, unleashing the Cricket’s best T20 league in the world. Let us look into the ongoing scene and figure out the current best T20 league in the world of cricket leagues and other competing and emerging ones.

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List of Top 10 Cricket Leagues in the World

  1. Indian Premier League
  2. Big Bash League
  3. Caribbean Premier League
  4. Pakistan Super League
  5. T20 Blast League
  6. Bangladesh Premier League
  7. Sri Lanka Premier League
  8. Mzansi Super League
  9. Global T20 League
  10. Everest Premier League

1) Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indian Premier League (IPL)
Credits: India Today

The Indian Premier League, popularly known around the world as IPL, is without a doubt, the no 1 cricket league in the world right now. With the introduction of IPL back in 2008, the scene of domestic cricket and the sport in general, has changed for the better. The Indian domestic T20 league features plenty of domestic talented players, as well as, a number of international cricketers from major cricket-playing countries. As the world’s no 1 cricket league, IPL is not only the most popular T20 league in the world, but it is also one of the most entertaining, commercialized, and high-grossing domestic cricket leagues in the world. The most popular cricket league, IPL ranks among all of the sports leagues as the sixth most attended event. Currently, the IPL is on its 15th ongoing season as of 2022 and it is as popular as ever. It also tops the list as the T20 cricket league with the highest prize pool. All these together make IPL the most popular cricket league in the world. IPL 2021 winner Chennai Super Kings is considered to be the best T20 league team in the world.

2) Big Bash League

Big Bash League
Credits: Cricket Australia

The Big Bash League, also popularly known as the BBL, is the professional twenty20 (T20) cricket league of Australia. It is one of the most popular and ranks as one of the most attended sporting events in all of the world. The Big Bash League was founded by Cricket Australia back in the year 2011. It soon caught up to the other competing domestic T20 leagues with emerging popularity. The BBL has successfully completed its eleventh season with the last 2021-22 edition of the league. The BBL also features a great prize pool and as of the last season, the champions received the prize money of $ 450,000, worthy of the title of Australia’s gift as the world's best cricket league. Some consider the BBL as the best cricket league in the world out of Australia.

3) Caribbean Premier League

Caribbean Premier League
Credits: CricTracker

The Caribbean Premier League, otherwise popularly known as the CPL, is a world famous cricket league. It is a professional cricket tournament under the Twenty20 (T20) format held annually in the Caribbean. The Caribbean Premier League or the CPL was first founded in the year of 2013 by Cricket West Indies. It is a very popular league in its region and can easily be ranked in the list as the third-best T20 league in the world of cricket. As the Caribbean’s most famous cricket league, the CPL features a lot of talented domestic players, including the likes of Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, and such, and also features some of the most talented overseas players.

4) Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League
Credits: CricTracker

The Pakistan Super League, also popularly known as the PSL, is the official professional cricket tournament of Pakistan, under the Twenty20 (T20) format, held on an annual basis. The Pakistan Super League was founded in the year 2015 by the Pakistan Cricket Board and has become one of the world's best T20 leagues. The PSL has successfully covered seven official seasons, with the very first season of the league being played in 2016 and the latest edition being played in 2022. The major players from the country participate in the league and good overseas players are also featured in this league. The PSL is the biggest T20 league in the world that originated in Pakistan.

5) T20 Blast League

T20 Blast League
Credits: The Cricketer

The T20 Blast League is a professional cricket tournament under the Twnety20 (T20) format held for English and Welsh counties. It is the oldest and the very first professional Twenty20 cricket league which was founded when the T20 format of cricket was introduced and has been previously considered to be the best cricket premier league in the world. The league was established by the England and Wales Cricket Board in the year 2003. As England is known as the birthplace of Cricket, it didn’t take a while for the tournament to become popular, all around the world. The league has completed nineteen successful seasons, starting from 2003 and the latest T20 Blast League 2022 is scheduled to be held from 25th May onwards.

6) Bangladesh Premier League

Bangladesh Premier League

As the other regions were getting started with their successful versions of the domestic T20 cricket league, Bangladesh also took its turn and created one of the world’s most popular cricket leagues out of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Premier League, also known as the BPL, is a professional cricket tournament under the twenty20 (T20) format in Bangladesh. It falls among the three professional cricket leagues in the country and was founded in 2011 by the Bangladesh Cricket Board, and its first season was held in the following year 2012. It has completed eight successful seasons, with the latest one being held in 2022. Bangladesh’s best T20 league, BPL has large winning prize money for the champion and is one of the most attended premier leagues in the world.

7) Lanka Premier League

Lanka Premier League
Credits: ESPNcricinfo

The Lanka Premier League (LPL), is a professional Twenty20 (T20) cricket league in Sri Lanka. The league was officially founded in the year 2018 by the Sri Lankan Cricket (SLC) board. The very first season of the LPL was held in 2020 and the latest one dates back to last year, 2021. The LPL had two successful season run, the first of which was won by Jaffna Stallions in 2020, and the second one was won by Jaffna Kings in 2021. The LPL has become quite a popular league, following the failure of SLPL. It is surely a prominent T20 cricket league for Sri Lanka. The LPL has the potential to become the best T20 league in the world.

8) Mzansi Super League

Mzansi Super League
Credits: myKhel

The Mzansi Super League or the MSL is a professional cricket tournament held under the Twenty20 (T20) format on an annual basis in South Africa. Just like England, South Africa is also one of the countries that adopted the T20 domestic cricket league with its beginning. The MSL was first founded in the year 2018 by Cricket South Africa, with the very first season being held in the same year. To date, the MSL has completed two successful seasons and currently is in talks for the third season to take place. As one of the major T20 cricket leagues in South Africa, the MSL has accumulated quite a lot of domestic and international audiences. The MSL is the best premier league in cricket in South Africa.

9) Global T20 Canada league

Global T20 Canada League
Credits: India Today

The Global T20 Canada league is a professional cricket tournament under the Twnety20 (T20) format in Canada. Cricket is not a very famous sport in North America, and the introduction of the Global T20 Canada league has surely unlocked possible growth in the region of North America. The league is the first-ever, official cricket T20 league in North America sanctioned by ICC. The very first edition of the league started in the year 2018 and the latest was held back in 2019. Among domestic players, some prominent international cricketers that played in this league include the likes of Shoaib Malik and Yuvraj Singh. This league is surely the most popular T20 league in the world of North American cricket.

10) Everest Premier League

Everest Premier League
Credits: SportsUnfold

The Everest Premier League, also known as EPL20, is a professional cricket tournament played in the Twenty20 (T20) format in Nepal. It is the most popular T20 league of domestic cricket in the country and its first edition was played in the year 2016. The Everest Premier League has accumulated quite a growth in numbers during these years. The league has successfully hosted four eventful seasons with the latest one being held in 2021. The league definitely falls within the top 10 list of best T20 leagues in the world of cricket.

Other Popular Cricket Events

Cricket, as a sport, has evolved miraculously in recent years. The sport has seen some major changes in effect that have made it more popular than ever. Initially, the conventional Test match format had been the sole driver of this sport but with the invention of new and shorter formats like the ODI, which is 2 innings and 50 overs each, and the T20, which is 2 innings and 20 overs each, the sport has become much more popular within a short time. But it doesn't end here, apart from the ever-popular T20 cricket, there are many new and popular cricket events being held all around the world. To name a few, some other popular cricket events are;

The Australian Beach Cricket

The origin of Australian Beach cricket dates back to the 1960s, and it has its own set of rules and guidelines. Instead of playing on grass and proper pitch, beach cricket is enjoyed and played on sand and it is mainly centered around having fun.

T10 Cricket

After the development of the T20 format, another shorter version has caught up among the other cricket-playing regions. The T10 format, as it sounds, is a game of cricket that is played among two teams with a solo inning, consisting of 10 overs on each side.

Hong Kong Cricket Sixes

The Hong Kong Cricket Sixes event is officially sanctioned by the ICC and is a 6-a-side match league that includes teams between 8 to 12. The maximum overs per innings is set to 5 and all players, except for the wicket-keeper, have to bowl. This means, that every player in the team, except for the wicketkeeper, has to ball a single over. Another interesting rule of the league is that the batsman has to retire from the match after scoring 31 runs in a game.

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