Status Of Cricket In Olympics

Status Of Cricket In Olympics

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The host for the 2028 Olympics has been decided and it is going to be held in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America (USA). The dates for the 2028 Summer Olympics event (LA28) are scheduled between the 21st of July and the 6th of August 2028. The Olympic games are spectacular, international, multi-sporting events where world-class athletes from all over the globe participate to earn medals for their nation. It hosts several different sporting events, where everyone can take part. However, cricket in Olympics 2028, has not yet been included on the sports list.

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Why Cricket Is Not Included in Olympics 2028?

The Internation Olympic Committee (IOC) thinks that the sport of cricket doesn’t fit the requirements to be added to the successful Olympic events list. Cricket is a very popular sport and is played by many players across different regions of the world. But, despite that fact, the IOC thinks that adding cricket as one of the Olympic events in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics would create various complex problems in the management and organization of the sport. The cost of hosting the sport also remains one of the major issues behind its exclusion from the event. It is true that not every country that plays this sport will be able to afford or has the proper infrastructure to send their cricket team to the 2028 Olympic Games. The IOC also included that they take the uniqueness and relevance of the game under consideration before deciding on including any sport in the program.

What Is the Procedure for Adding a New Sport to the Olympics?

The first and primary factor that is required to add a sport into the curriculum of the Olympic games programme is that it has to be governed by an international federation. Without a governing body for the sport, it can not be added to the event’s programme, as required by the Olympic Charter. The Olympic Charter also states that in order to add a sport to the event, it has to have a significant presence throughout the world, it has to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and meet some other important criteria, all in all.

When Did Cricket First Appear at the Olympics?

The thing is that the inclusion of cricket in Olympics did happen, however, only once. It was during the 1900 Paris Games, that the teams of Belgium and the Netherlands withdrew and a single match was scheduled between France and Great Britain. Both the teams played with only 12 players each and the match was not qualified up to the first-class cricket standards. It was Great Britain who had won that two-day, one-off cricket match in the Olympics by a margin of 158 runs. France only scored a total of 104 runs in their two innings gameplay.

ICC Bidding for Inclusion of Cricket in Olympics

The International Cricket Council or the ICC, is planning to create a bid for $3 million for including cricket in the 2028 Olympics. Cricket hasn’t been a part of the programme since 1900 and its exclusion from the currently selected 28 sports list for the 2028 Games, has been a major blow. However, there is no need to lose hope just yet as the final decision will be made in 2023 by the LA 2028 Local Organizing Committee when they would propose the inclusion of additional sports. It is news for all that the ICC and IOC were in talks about cricket being a part of the Games, dating back to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But due to the internal political conflict of ICC, the efforts are still fruitless. But they are working as a whole now, setting a budget of $3 million aside for the LA28 Games campaign. And at the pace they are going, the hopes for the inclusion of cricket in Olympics 2028 have a higher chance of coming true.

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