Learn About All Trophy of Cricket In India

Learn About All Trophy of Cricket In India

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Since the dawn of cricket in England, the game has spread around the world and is currently played within major regions. These cricket-playing regions such as India, Australia, South Africa, etc. have developed massively in this sport, both internationally and domestically. It is the most famous sport that is played in India and since the rise in popularity of the game, there has been the birth of plenty of new leagues, tournaments and championships, where talented players from all over the country, come to show their true potential.

The Indian cricket scene has achieved such a level of improvement, that they are sending two official national cricket squads to participate in games across the seas in two different countries, simultaneously. All thanks to the Board of Control of Cricket in India or BCCI, who have managed such a feast. It is usual for international cricket fans to think that the reason behind all these successes is the Indian Premier League but that is not the full picture. There are plenty of domestic cricket tournaments that are hosted and played in India and this has been the case even before the introduction of the IPL.

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Let us have a look at some of the important cricket tournaments and learn about all trophy of cricket in India, along with all of the major Indian cricket trophy names.

List of All Cricket Trophies In India

Trophy Name

Initial Season

Ranji Trophy


Duleep Trophy


Irani Trophy


Deodhar Trophy


Vijay Hazare Trophy


Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy


Indian Premier League


Women’s Senior One Day Trophy


Senior Women’s One Day Challenger Trophy


1. Ranji Trophy

Ranji  Trophy

The Ranji Trophy was founded by BCCI as the “cricket championship of India”, back in July of 1934. It was later renamed after Ranjitsinhji, one of India’s first Test cricketers. The first edition of this tournament dates back to 1934-35, and the trophy for the tournament was donated by Sir Bhupendra Singh Mahinder Bahadur, the Maharaj of Patiala. In this tournament, teams come to represent the railway, services and the states of India.

The format of the tournament follows the round-robin with knockout stages. As of current times, about 38 teams participate in the trophy, which is separated into two divisions. Two successful teams are promoted from the Plate League, while two teams are relegated from the Elite League. Throughout the history of this tournament, Bombay has been the most successful team with the possession of 41 titles to their name. The Ranji Trophy is one of the most important titles out of all trophy of cricket in India.

2. Duleep Trophy

Duleep Trophy

The Duleep Trophy championship is one of India’s first-class cricket competitions that was also founded by the BCCI and its first season was hosted back in 1961-62. The championship is named after Duleepsinhji, a former Indian cricketer, and was created with the aim to improve the competitive side of domestic games. This is because of Bombay’s massive domination in the Ranji Trophy, where they had won fifteen titles, consecutively, making the competition very predictable.

Initially, the Duleep Trophy was based on knockouts but the format of the league system was later adapted back in 1993-94. The original participating teams were zone-based with North, South, East, West and Central but as of now, it is played among three teams, Indian Red, India Green and India Blue. The Duplee Trophy is one of the most important parts out of all trophies of cricket in India.

3. Irani Trophy

Irani Trophy

In order to celebrate the silver jubilee year of the Ranji Trophy, the Irani Trophy was initiated in the 1959-60 season. The cup has been named after a late associate of the BCCI, Z.R. Irani. The first-ever match was played between the then champions of the Ranji Trophy and the Rest of India.

The Rest of India is the Irani Cup’s most successful team with 28 title wins. The Irani Cup holds a significant place of importance out of all trophy of cricket in India.

4. Deodhar Trophy

Deodhar Trophy

The Indian one-day cricket competition called the Deodhar Trophy was founded by the BCCI, with its initial commencement being in the 1973-74 season. The trophy has been named after D.B Deodhar, a late Indian first-class cricketer, and it initially followed the knockout structure of the round-robin.

The participating teams in this competition were divided into zones including North, South, East, West and Central zones, similar to the Duleep Trophy. As of now, the competition is played between India A, India B and India C. The North Zone has won the most titles in this competition.

5. Vijay Hazare Trophy

Vijay Hazare Trophy

This competition had initially started back in 2002-03 and was named after Indian cricketer Vijay Hazare by the BCCI. It is one of the most exciting 50-over domestic tournaments out of all trophies of cricket in India. All the participating 38-teams from the Ranji Trophy are featured in this tournament.

The initial format followed in this competition is a round-robin for the group stages, and then the format of playoffs comes into action for deciding the champion. Tamil Nadu is the most successful team in this trophy, with the defending champions being Himachal Pradesh.

6. Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

The Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy’s first-ever edition happened back in the 2008-09 season, right around the first-ever IPL season, and is named after the Indian Test cricketer, Syed Mushtaq Ali. It is one of its kind of T20 format competition, played by the participating teams of the Ranji Trophy.

This competition includes an incredible twist of competitive spirit between all the participating teams, where the best team performance on the field wins the spotlight. As of now, Tamil Nadu is the most successful team in this trophy with three titles to their name.

7. Indian Premier League

 Indian Premier League

In order to rival the popular domestic cricket leagues in the world and to nurture talented players from different parts of India, the BCCI came with the introduction of the Indian Premier League or the IPL. The first-ever edition of IPL took place in 2008 and since then, fifteen successful seasons have been completed.

In this league, teams generally represent the different states and regions of India, featuring Indian-capped and uncapped players, along with the inclusion of impeccable overseas players from around the world. Players are selected over a pre-season auction, with generally a total of 8-10 teams participating. The IPL is the most popular and successful domestic cricket league in India and the world, out of all trophy of cricket. It is also one of the most attended sporting events in the world, with the most offered prize pool in domestic cricket and Mumbai Indians are the most successful team in this tournament.

8. Women’s Senior One Day Trophy

 Women’s Senior One Day Trophy

The Women’s Senior One Day Trophy is a List A cricketer competition for female cricketers in India. The initial season of this trophy began back in 2006-07, with a total of 27 teams representing the different state-wise cricket associations of the country.

The latest iteration has seen 37 participating teams and it is one of the most popular competitions in domestic women’s cricket out of all trophy of cricket in India. The most dominating team in the history of the Women’s Senior One Day Trophy is the Railways Women team, with 13 title victories to their name.

9. Senior Women’s One Day Challenger Trophy

Senior Women’s One Day Challenger Trophy

This cricket competition first took place back in the 2008-09 seasons, with young and talented female cricketers from different parts of the country participating in order to show their skills and abilities. At the initial edition of the competition, three teams played against each other for the glory and the title, namely India A, India B and India Senior.

In the second season, these teams were renamed as India Blue, Green and Red. Indian Blue is the most successful team in this tournament with five title wins, and India green was made an under-19 team from 2012-13 to 2016-17 season. The latest edition of this tournament included four participating teams, they are India A, India B, India C and India D. India A are the current reigning champions of the competition, with their 2021-22 title win.

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