Fastest Centuries on Test Debut

Fastest Centuries on Test Debut

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Test cricket is the oldest and longest cricket format that is popularly played across the world. It is also regarded as the highest standard of cricket, where only the players with a strong mindset, endurance level, and skills shine the brightest. Discipline and patience are a key part of success in this format and runs are made slowly and carefully. But there have been some players, who have shown the cricket world that a skillful player can score giant numbers quickly and gracefully, even in the hardest cricket format, that too in a debut game. Here are the top 5 cricketers who have achieved the fastest Test century on a debut match.

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Top 5 Cricketer's Fastest Test Century on Debut with Brief

1. Shikhar Dhawan - 85 balls

Shikhar Dhawan

Indian batsman, Shikhar Dhawan made his Test cricket debut with team India in a match against Australia on March 14th, 2013, at the Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium. Instead of being nervous on the field during his first ever Test match, Dhawan was roaring with his batting ability and made use of the given opportunity to its full extent.

He started to strike as soon as he came to the pitch and showered runs and made even the slow-paced and boring Test match feel enormously interesting to the cricket fans. And in just 85 deliveries, Dhawan achieved his first ever Test century. This has been the fastest Test century on a debut scored by a cricketer of all time. Also, he didn’t stop there and went on to finish his innings with a massive total of 185 runs, beating another record for the highest runs scored in a Test debut.

2. Dwayne Smith - 93 balls

 Dwayne Smith

West Indies batting allrounder, Dwayne Smith, made quite an impact with his ferocious striking capability in Test cricket format. Smith began his international cricket career with the national cricket squad through his Test debut against South Africa. The match took place back on January 2nd, 2004 at Newlands, and the fact that the West Indian debutant was going to make history that day was not something anyone expected.

Smith couldn’t get the grip of the game right in the first innings of the match, however, he turned the situation in the second innings of the game. He made brilliant plays and struck outstanding shots to reach the remarkable milestone of a century in just 93 balls. Smith is currently the player with the second fastest Test century on a debut of all time.

3. Prithvi Shaw - 99 balls

Prithvi Shaw

The Indian right-handed batsman, Prithvi Shaw, made his Test debut with the Indian men’s cricket team against West Indies at the age of 18 years and 11 months. The match was played at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium back on October 4th, 2018. He was a key part of the 2018 World Cup victory of the India U19 cricket team and everyone was eager to witness how this youngster was going to perform with the senior team.

And Prithvi Shaw showcased his skills in front of thousands of cricket fans and his strikes were gaining major runs for the team. He ended up reaching 100 runs in his debut match by facing 99 deliveries. He ended his innings with 134 runs and his century out of 99 balls is the third fastest Test century on a debut in cricket’s history.

4. Matt Prior - 105 balls

Matt Prior

English wicketkeeper-batsman, Matt Prior showed the entire world what he was capable of with his amazing debut performance in Test cricket. Prior played his first ever Test match against West Indies at Lord’s on May 17th, 2007. He entered the pitch to strike with his mighty bat in his hand and scored a massive individual total of 126 runs in his innings.

He became the first wicket-keeper batsman to score a century at Lord’s in a debut Test match. Prior’s century in just 105 balls is truly remarkable, which makes him one of the players on this list with his version of the fastest Test century on a debut.

5. Abul Hasan - 106 balls

 Abul Hasan

Bangladeshi bowling allrounder Abul Hasan made his Test debut against West Indies at the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium on November 12th, 2012. He came to bat in that game at very last but showed a tremendously unexpected performance with his furious striking ability. Hasan scored his century in that match by facing just 106 deliveries. This has been recorded as the fifth fastest Test century on a debut ever.

Also, this is the third time a “fastest Test century on a debut” has been made against West Indies out of the top five entries. Hasan only went on to play two more Test matches in his international career and hasn’t been a part of the national cricket team for Test cricket since his last match back in March of 2013. The last time he played in the lineup was in a T20 match against Afghanistan back on June 3rd, 2018.

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