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What is the Worst Chess Opening to Play

As a chess player, you always want to learn and improve every aspect of your game including the start, the middle, and also the endgame phase. That is where chess openings and defense moves come in. They are essentially a set of moves that help to achieve a certain outcome. However, there are some moves that are basically the worst chess openings and some of the most terrible moves that one can play and end up almost certainly losing. So in this article, we have brought together, some of the worst chess openings that you can possibly play that will most likely ruin your game and give your opponent an easy win.

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List of the Worst Chess Openings

None of these chess starting moves that we shall talk about in this article are advised to play in tournaments or even practicing them as opening moves in chess when playing recreationally.

1. Barnes Opening

Popularized in the early stages of chess theory, the Barnes opening was a move that worked back in the early days of the game because there were not really many skilled players at the game who knew their way around this opening and who could expose the weaknesses that this move possessed. The move involves the white pawn opening with an F2-F3 move which immediately reduced the king's defense, thereby giving black plenty of opportunities to directly target the king. The move is considered to be one of the worst chess openings because it not only exposed the king but also limits castling opportunities for the king.

2. BongCloud Attack

The Bongcloud opening that we shall be talking about now is probably regarded as the worst chess opening in the entire article, with no player ever having used it, regardless of their experience. What makes this opening so bad is that in the first 2 moves themselves, white is already getting their king out, thereby exposing the most crucial piece in the entire game to the enemy. The main aim of a game of chess is to take out the opposition king in order to win the game, hence, this makes the king the most important piece on the board which must be protected at all costs. However, in this opening, we come across a move that involves moving the king one step to the front, right after the king’s pawn in moved two steps forward. This move has never been played at any tournament and is an opening that can jeopardize the entire game.

3. Amar Opening

Talking about the worst chess openings, this is a move that will not cost you everything like the Bongcloud attack but is also not useful to any player in any sort of way. The move involves moving the knight from G1 to H3, only coming to realize that there is nothing much that the piece can do in that position anymore. In chess, every move will cost time and every bad move is an opportunity for the opponent team to make life hard for you. Hence, it is of crucial importance that you plan and think out every move before executing, with this move being one of those openings that will not provide white with any useful outcome. The only thing that the white knight can do after moving to H3 is either move forward to G5, where it has a good chance of getting captured by one of the black pawns, or go back to G1 which was its original starting position.

4. Kadas Opening

The Kadas Opening is not necessarily the worst chess opening out there, because some professionals can make it work in their favor under some situations. However, for most of the part, this is still not an opening most players would like to play. The move involves moving the rook's pawn from H2 to H4, thereby allowing the rook to play forward toward the start of the game. The disadvantage to this move is that if you want to castle, then you’re only making things harder for yourself by moving the H2 pawn because now there is no defense left there to protect the king after castling and black can now easily attack the king once castling is done. Another thing you could consider is to castle on the queen's side. The problem with that is that now black can easily understand that if the king's side is exposed, they will try to castle to the queen's side and therefore can set up traps on the other side as well.

5. Grob Opening

Last but not the least, the Grob opening is also not necessarily the worst chess opening out there, but it is definitely not something that amateurs are recommended because of the difficulty that this move brings to the table. This move involves moving the knight's pawn from G2 to G4, thereby weakening the right side for castling. Just like in the previous opening, we discussed that the king's side is better left at the starting point for the first couple of moves as it helps to keep the king protected. If white decided to move to say the queen's pawn or even the king's pawn for that matter, it will help take control of the center of the chessboard, which is a good strategy to develop stronger positions in the game. As we mentioned earlier, each move in chess costs you time and also a strategic advantage. Hence, every move made in-game must be thought out carefully before execution and soon enough, you will be able to perform complex moves and play out the best chess opening moves.

Key Takeaways from these Opening Chess Moves

Now that we have gone through the list of the worst chess openings that have been discovered by players over the course of the years, let us also understand some of the key takeaways from this article and how you can develop your chess strategy.

  • Corner Pieces- Never try and take out the corner pieces first, always try and take mid control so that an effective strategy can be built for winning games efficiently and effectively.
  • King Movement- King is the most crucial and the most important piece of the board and it is of utmost importance that you do not mess with the piece. Try and protect the king and you will have a greater chance of landing wins.
  • Think before you act- all of the worst chess openings that we discussed in the article are the result of acting before thinking. Think well and try to predict your opponent's moves before playing so that you can anticipate their playstyles and play your game accordingly.

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There are multiple tactics that you can enforce using the chess knight. While all of them are great, not all of the tactics may be lucrative. Fear not, though. We have the top 5 tactics that you can implement using the knight in chess:

1. Develop your chess knights early on in the game

Your chess knight is an important element, bring it out early onto the battlefield.

Normally, chess games start with a pawn opening move, ideally the C, D, or E pawn on either side. This is crucial since the bishops, rooks, queen, and king, cannot develop unless the pawn that is blocking their path is moved.

In the case of knights, though, that is not the case. Chess knight opening is the fourth-most common opening move in chess. This is simply because the chess knight is not constricted by the pawns.

It is good to bring the knight on the chessboard early to the center. Since the chess knight movements are uncanny, you can take over a major portion of the central chessboard. It also brings you one step closer to castling your king.

2. Bring the knight to the center of the chessboard

The center of the chessboard is where all the action takes place, therefore, your chess knight needs to be in the center in order to block and threaten your opponent’s pieces.

There is a conceptual understanding in chess that if you have control over the center, you can dominate several squares not only in the middle of the chessboard but also subsequent squares on both sides of the players.

Bringing the chess knight to the central positions allows you to make a lot of important squares vulnerable to your opponent. Therefore, you could easily prevent an attack on one or more of your pieces or even provide a double flank for some of them using your chess knight opening moves.

3. Identify the ideal outposts to keep your chessboard knight safe

As beneficial as it is to bring the knight to the center of the chessboard, you also need to consider its safety. We cannot stress enough how important the knight in chess is to gameplay.

You need to find an ideal location for the knight in the center of the chessboard since, while it provides a lot of advantages, it is also the most vulnerable in the center.

Take a look at the possible threats on the squares where you can create an outpost for your chess knight. Ensure that it is not in the direct line of sight of your opponent’s bishops and rooks. The uncanny movement of the knight is what makes it vulnerable since it cannot capture a piece in adjacent and diagonal squares.

Ideally, find an outpost on a file where the opponent’s pawns are hanging one behind the other or with a gap. That way you can block the opponent’s pawns from moving forward with your chessboard knight and since there are no pawns on either side, there are no direct attacks. Just ensure that the knight is not standing diagonally to the opponent’s bishop which may attack it in 2-3 moves. Also ensure that you flank the chess knight for any unprecedented attacks from the rooks, queen, or even the opponent’s knights.

4. Use the paired chessboard knights attack strategy

You may have heard a lot about the paired bishops and rooks. You can do the same with chess knights as well. As individual entities, the cavalry is quite strong but a minor piece. As a pair, the chess knights become major pieces on the chessboard.

Pair your knights together and create double-weakness squares in the center of the chessboard. When moving the knights from this position, make sure that they flank each other so you can advance into the opponent’s territory with both knights in subsequent moves.

You can smother the opponent’s pieces by tactfully playing the chess knights.

5. Use the fork attack strategy to your advantage

Speaking of attacking with the knights, you can also implement the fork approach to threaten and capture your opponent’s pieces.

Take a look at the chessboard and identify possible squares where playing your chess knight strategy would challenge more than one of the opponent’s pieces. Make sure to flank this knight adequately with multiple pieces too.

Using the forking chess knight strategy will allow you to capture at least one of the opponent’s major pieces, thus weakening their defense and attack strategy.

Using these simple chess knight tactics you can strengthen your own attack and defense strategies while ripping apart the opponent’s existing strategy. Thus, you should never attempt to sacrifice your chess knights during the early stages of gameplay.

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